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pile of biscuits

Swap Carbs: Top 4 Ways

Read our top 4 ways to swap carbs for other nutrients! Carbs are the sugars, starches and fibres found in ...
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fish meal

Best 3 Fish

Our list of the best 3 fish you can eat in Australia. If you have read our post on the ...
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Christmas Food

Christmas Calories Survival Guide

This is a Christmas Calories Survival Guide for Australian Calorie Counters! Christmas in Australia almost always includes tradition, family, friends, ...
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calcount antinutrients

Antinutrients are a Real Thing but Don’t Worry

Antinutrients are a real thing but don’t worry about them too much unless you suffer from some specific diseases and ...
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Calorie Counter Australia best 3 fruits

Best 3 Fruits you can Eat

Wait a minute… what does that even mean? Best 3 fruits? Picking the best 3 fruits is literally trying to ...
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calcount healthier meals

Healthier Meals – 5 tips

Making better food choices is a daily challenge. It is not easy to plan and execute a perfectly healthy meal ...
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