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So, you have your own Calorie Tracker, you’ve found out how many calories you need per day, and you’ve calculated your BMI. You’ve even converted kJ to calories, and worked out your body fat percentage and ideal body weight. Now, you want more information about how to really get into the calorie counter lifestyle? Welcome to the calcount blog! We write about food, and counting calories, and healthy living. We hope you like it!

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  • Calories and Protein in 52 Fish ranked Lowest to Highest
    Did you know that there is a huge difference in the calories and protein in different species of fish? Yes, the type of fish you decide to make your fish fingers from really matters when you are tracking your calories. This is an illustrated list of 52 commonly eaten fish … Read more
  • Favourite Maggie Beer Products Calorie Ranked
    Everyone’s favourite food guru from the Barossa, Maggie Beer, has some great products and we’ve calorie ranked them for you. If you’ve ever wanted to know how many calories there are in that quintessential Quince Paste or the ever-popular pate, just scroll down this list, ranked from lowest to highest … Read more
  • Red Rooster Burgers, Wraps and Rolls Calories Ranked Low to Highest
    Of course we have Red Rooster calories in our massive Australian Food List! Here are all of the wraps, rolls, and burgers ranked from lowest calories to highest, so you know what to order from the menu the next time you hear the call of the rooster! Red Rooster Salad … Read more
  • Low Calorie Fast Food: Takeaways with less than 500 Calories
    Is there such a thing as low-calorie fast food? Can you get a takeaway meal that won’t break the 500-calorie barrier? Yes, you can but it is not easy, especially when there are so many up-sizes, add-ons, and condiment extras when you order. There is not a fast-food chain which … Read more
  • 109 Muffin Break Muffins, Calories Ranked!
    Muffin Break has the largest range of muffins in Australia so they’re a good place to start when you want to know how many calories there are in a muffin. When you take a 100+ muffin menu and lay it out from lowest to highest calories, it is plain to … Read more
  • Banjo’s Bakery Pies, Calorie Ranked!
    Banjo’s are famous for their bakery pies so let’s look at the calories in their pie menu. We’ll start with the pie with the least calories and end with the most calorific. We hope you’ll learn two things: 1) bakery pies have lots of calories, and 2) Banjo’s pies range … Read more
  • McDonald’s Australiano Calories and Ingredients
    Maccas introduced a coffee/tea/wattle beverage called The Australiano and we found out what it’s made from and how many calories there are in it. Here’s your quick guide through both the hot and iced Australiano range so you know what to order the next time you visit a McCafe: Australiano … Read more
  • 16 Oat Milk Calories Ranked Lowest to Highest!
    Oat milk is made differently by brand so the calories are all over the place. Some oat milks have more than twice the calories as others because, unlike cow’s milk which has a rigid skimmed/lite/full-cream classification, oat milk recipes are unique. This makes a calorie counter’s job a bit harder … Read more
  • Calories in Subway: All the Subs, Lowest to Highest!
    Have you ever wondered what happens when you take a list of all the sub sandwiches from Subway and arrange them by calories from lowest to highest? Well, wonder no more because that’s exactly what we’ve done here! Now you can see how your favourite footlong or 6 Inch compares … Read more
  • Recipe for Egg Custard (with Calories info!)
    Here’s a short and sweet post with a simple four-step recipe for homemade egg custard. Why? Because our post about Muscle Nation’s Protein Custard triggered a bunch of questions about how their packaged powder compares to the real thing. Rather than just let people know how many calories there are … Read more
  • Jamaica Blue Menu Calories, Ranked!
    With over three hundred items on the Jamaica Blue menu, its hard to choose what to get when you are counting your calories. We’ve tried to make it easier for you with this calorie-ranked list of Jamaica Blue’s featured menu. Their featured menu is a collection of the people’s faves, … Read more
  • Hungry Jacks Penny Pinchers Menu Calories lowest to highest!
    The Penny Pinchers options are on the menu at Hungry Jack’s, they’re low in price, but are they low in calories too? We’ve already had a look at the Whoppers, so now let’s examine the range of small burgers, slushies and sides that make up the Hungry Jacks Penny Pinchers … Read more
  • Muscle Nation Protein (Custard, yes Custard!)
    Let’s look at Muscle Nation protein supplements (including their famous custard): the range, their nutrition profile, and why you might give them a look-in. What’s Muscle Nation? It’s a popular and rapidly expanding Australian activewear and nutritional supplements brand. It differs from many alternatives because Muscle Nation, a Brisbane-based family … Read more
  • Healthy Vietnamese Food: 24 of the Healthiest!
    There is a lot of healthy Vietnamese food. In Vietnam, people combine fresh ingredients and typical South East Asian flavours with… wait for it… French cuisine! If you enjoyed our exposition of Indonesian food, you’re going to drool over this list of the healthiest Vietnamese food we could find. Many … Read more
  • How to Get More Protein (12 Quick Ways)!
    Our bodies rely on protein for growth and to repair body tissue. Although our body produces some amino acids, to get the essential amnio acids we must keep topping up our supply through our daily intake of protein. Many people eat extra protein for a variety of reasons, such as … Read more
  • 25 Healthy (Low Calorie) Indian Food options
    So you want to know what healthy Indian food is? Well, finding low-calorie Indian food in a cuisine tradition that boasts the richest, creamiest, and tastiest delicacies can be a massive challenge, but there is hope! If you are trying to understand what low calorie Indian food looks like, we’ve … Read more
  • Healthy Indonesian Food (with low – ish calories)
    In this article we are going to be looking at some healthy Indonesian food. With Bali (yes, Bali is in Indonesia) being one of Australia’s favourite holiday spots, a bit of Indonesian food savvy has got to be a good thing. Although Indonesian food is some of the brightest and … Read more
  • Calories in Beef Larb (plus recipe!)
    How many calories are there in that Thai or Lao beef salad called “Larb”, “Laab”, “Larp”, “Laap”, or “Lahb”? The answer is there are 96 calories per 100 grams of beef larb, but you didn’t come here just for the dry facts, did you? Let’s take a quick look at … Read more
  • Chicken Treat Menu: Calories from Lowest to Highest
    Ever wanted to know how the Chicken Treat menu items compare to, say, KFC calories? Well, look no further than this illustrated list of their main offerings calorie ranked from low to high in terms of calories per serve! Yes, this post is written for our WA readers mostly, but … Read more
  • Should you try a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)?
    A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is a diet which restricts your daily calorie intake to between 450 and 800 calories per day. VLCDs  cause rapid weight loss and are usually prescribed by doctors to people who have a BMI of 30 and over. People who stick to their VLCD … Read more
  • Coffee Club Calories (ranked lowest to highest)
    Here’s a selection from The Coffee Club food menu, ranked from lowest to highest calories! If you’re watching your weight and counting your calories, use this detailed list to plan and order with confidence when you next eat at The Coffee Club. The Coffee Club Chicken & Sweet Potato Salad … Read more
  • Optislim! Your Ultimate Guide (Benefits Reviewed)
    What’s the deal with Optislim? Yes, it is a well-known Australian weight-loss products brand which markets diet shakes, nutrition bars, low-calorie soups, and meals, but what makes it different from all the rest? We think its time to review Optislim to find answers to questions like: Why would you choose … Read more
  • 15 Popular Toast Toppings ranked from Lowest to Highest Calories
    Toast toppings are an everyday staple, so when you’re watching your weight you need to know which has the lowest calories! In this article we provide an illustrated list of Australia’s most popular bread spreads ranked from lowest to highest calories, so you can choose wisely. 1.  Marmite Per 100g … Read more
  • 16 Popular Australian Breakfast Cereals Calories Ranked from Lowest to Highest!
    Looking for low calorie cereal? This is where we rank breakfast cereals from lowest to highest calories, based on their calories per 100 grams values. We also delve into some of the key ingredients and features of each cereal. So, whether you are looking for lighter options or just validating … Read more
  • Australia’s Top 22 Biscuits Ranked by Calories from Lowest to Highest
    Want to know what a low calorie biscuit looks like? This is an ordered list of popular biscuits in Australia, ranked from lowest calories to highest. Since we gave Tim Tams their own article, we thought we’d give the others a look-in. Biscuits are obviously a popular snack in Oz, … Read more
  • Your Ultimate Guide to The Man Shake (Ingredients Reviewed)
    We’ve written this Ultimate Guide to The Man Shake because, since our Man Shake VS Lady Shake post, several of you have asked for a review of The Man Shake, specifically. In summary, The Man Shake provides a healthy, low calorie replacement for a meal you would usually eat. The … Read more
  • Avalanche Hot Chocolate: Calories and Nutrition
    The Avalanche Hot Chocolate range of drinking chocolates comes to us from across the Tasman, courtesy of two Kiwis named Paul and Stefan. Hot chocolate powders from the supermarket are usually much of a muchness, but these guys seem to be onto something special, especially with their low-calorie options. Let’s … Read more
  • How Much Weight Loss is Noticeable?
    How much weight do you need to lose before people start to notice the difference? You’ve calculated your calories, stuck to your plan, and dropped some weight. You know that the kilos are shedding because you step on the bathroom scale, but is the change noticeable in your appearance? According … Read more
  • Why Do I Lose Weight After Cheat Day?
    You asked “Why do I lose weight after cheat day?” so we found out for you. Turns out, if you are finding yourself dropping a handful (or a big bunch!) of grams after directly your cheat day, you may be experiencing metabolism fluctuations. What (and Why) is a Cheat Day? … Read more
  • Zambrero Calories: All the Burritos Ranked!
    Zambrero is an inspiring Canberran company and the burritos are good and all, but what sort of calories are we in for when we order from the menu? Let’s take a look at their burrito favourites to get a sense of what these tortilla-wrapped Mexican-themed handfuls do for our daily … Read more
  • Tim Tams Calories, Ingredients, and the infamous TimTamSlam
    Tim Tams are incredibly popular so let’s take a look at their calories, ingredients, and consider what is to be done about the TimTamSlam. Why? Because with the possible exception of Anzacs, the Tim Tam is the most iconic biscuit in (or from) Australia. If you have biscuits in your … Read more
  • What does “Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine” mean?
    Some food products include the warning: Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine. If you have seen a nutrition label with these scary words and wondered what they mean exactly, this quick post is for you! Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine The warning contains three words, two of which are not in most peoples’ everyday language: … Read more
  • White Meats VS Red Meats, which is better?
    How do white meats compare to red meats in terms of calories, protein, iron and other nutrients? Time for a quick post with quick answers to a quick question! First up, let’s define which is which, that is, what’s a red meat and what is a white meat? White Meats … Read more
  • Hello Fresh Calories (from Lowest to Highest)
    What are Hello Fresh calories like? Since Hello Fresh is the world’s most popular meal kit with over 7 million customers and 15,000 employees, it is a question worth knowing. As you might expect, from a service which delivered more than 600 million meals per year, they have an enormous … Read more
  • Low Calorie Snacks from Woolworths (-100 Calories/serve)
    It’s a list of low calorie snacks from Woolworths, covering Woolies-branded snacks which fit into the sub-100 calories per serve bracket. We covered the same thing for Coles, so in fairness we’re doing it for Woolworths too! Woolworths Low Calorie Snacks (by Serve) Perhaps the most important thing to remember … Read more
  • Calories and Protein in 48 Cheeses ranked Lowest to Highest
    This is a list of popular cheeses ranked by calories and protein, from lowest to highest. Cheese nutrition varies widely by type and even brand, so it is good to know which cheese to choose before you get to the supermarket. We caution people about the calories in cheese, because … Read more
  • Calories in Nando’s 57 Menu Items
    How do the calories in Nando’s compare to other fast-food chains like McDonalds or KFC? Let’s stack their menu up from lowest calories to highest and find out! Out of Africa Nando’s was started by two friends in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1987. The key flavour used in most of … Read more
  • Foods High in Magnesium
    Magnesium rich foods are good for your health and help build and maintain muscle. Magnesium is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Most people get enough magnesium in their diets, but if you suffer from insomnia and/or muscle cramps, it can’t hurt to make … Read more
  • Do Fat Burners work without Exercise?
    Do Fat Burners Work without Exercise? Yes fat burners work without exercise, but don’t expect to take a fat burner today and reach your target weight tomorrow with zero effort. You see, the job of a fat burner is to give you a slight edge when you want to shred. … Read more
  • Berocca for Weight Loss? Good or Bad?
    The email asked is Berocca good for my weight loss plan? After a quick reply, we thought we’d share our answer here in case anyone else had the same nagging question. After all, Berocca is a massively popular supplement since its introduction in 1969 and loads of calorie counters take … Read more
  • MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, Meal by Meal!
    MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, how do they compare, on a per meal basis? Which of these pre-pack meal companies delivers the least calories and most protein per meal, on a like-for-like basis? Let’s find out with this quick visual guide: MACROS Beef Chilli compared to MYMC Beef Chilli Both … Read more
  • 21 Naturally Blue Foods
    Blue foods capture the imagination because they are so rare in nature. Who doesn’t know a kid who sticks their tongue out in glee after chewing blueberries? Let’s get to know some real blue foods and find out why they’re so few and far between! What makes food Blue? Naturally … Read more
  • Body Fat Percentage Calculator (with pictures)
    Use this metric Body Fat Percentage Calculator to calculate your body fat. Enter your weight in kg, height in cm, age, and choose man or woman to get your result. The calculator can help you to find your ideal body fat level based on your body mass index. Then, scroll … Read more
  • Lowest Calorie Cup A Soup, to Highest!
    Which is the Lowest Calorie Cup-a-Soup? Yup, this is another of our calories ranked posts! This is the Continental Cup A Soup range, listed from lowest to highest calories so you know what to have, and which one to avoid. Cup A Soup Calories Cup A Soup is an instant … Read more
  • The Man Shake VS The Lady Shake
    The Man Shake and The Lady Shake are probably the most popular gender-specific weight loss shakes available in Australia. These meal replacement products are made and marketed by Cranky Health, a NSW company founded by Adam MacDougall. Adam “Mad Dog” MacDougall is a former League player (Knights, Roosters, and Rabbitohs) … Read more

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  • Lowest Calorie Cup A Soup, to Highest!
    Which is the Lowest Calorie Cup-a-Soup? Yup, this is another of our calories ranked posts! This is the Continental Cup A Soup range, listed from lowest to highest calories so you know what to have, and which one to avoid. Cup A Soup Calories Cup A Soup is an instant soup product from Unilever, marketed under several ...
  • The Man Shake VS The Lady Shake
    The Man Shake and The Lady Shake are probably the most popular gender-specific weight loss shakes available in Australia. These meal replacement products are made and marketed by Cranky Health, a NSW company founded by Adam MacDougall. Adam “Mad Dog” MacDougall is a former League player (Knights, Roosters, and Rabbitohs) and the face of The ...
  • 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan
    Here’s your detailed 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan! You will lose weight with a 1500 Calorie Diet, so we’ve made this 1473 calorie plan for you. Why? Because unless you buy calorie controlled prepared package meals like the ones from MYMC or Youfoodz, it can be a challenge to design your own menu. This ...
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    Using weight loss tables and charts is a great strategy when you want to control your weight, and making your own can be inspirational. What’s a weight loss table? It is a set of diet results (planned and/or actual), showing fat melting off over time, displayed in tabular form. In this post, we’ll take you ...
  • How Many Calories in a Cup of Rice?
    It seems like a simple question: how many calories are there in a cup of rice? It is a simple question, but the answer is a bit tricky. Whomever asks the question probably has some assumptions which might not be shared by the person who answers. Variables like cup size, rice type, the condition of ...
  • Lowest Calorie Chocolate in Australia
    When you just cannot resist indulging, it is good to know what the lowest calorie chocolate in Australia is. Time for another calories ranked post, this time we’ve selected from 292 chocolate bars and blocks to make this easy reference list of chocolate sorted by calorie count. As usual, we’re sticking to chocolates that are ...
  • Chickpeas VS Chicken Calories, Protein, Nutrition
    It’s another of our comparison posts, this time chickpeas vs chicken! Why chickpeas compared to chicken? Because chickpeas are known as the high protein vegetable, and chicken is meat, and both chickpeas and chicken have “chick” in their names. It is a bit of fun and we think it might be insightful to see the ...
  • Orange Fruits (the colour orange)
    Orange coloured fruits (including oranges) get their hue from carotenoids, also known as carotenes. There are 1100 different carotenoids, the most prominent of which are beta carotene and lycopene. Carotenes have been linked with better eye health, but also higher risks of lung cancer.  We covered them only partially in our carrots post, so here’s ...
  • Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments, from Lowest to Highest
    This is a list of common sauces and condiments, ranked from low calorie to high calorie. If you’ve read any of our other calories ranked posts, you know that we are interested in everyday foods for normal, everyday people. When you want control of your calorie intake, keep an eye on the condiments. Because sometimes, ...
  • Pork VS Beef, the Difference is Clear!
    Pork versus beef, let’s compare which meat is better! When you want to maximise nutrition and minimise calories should you choose a juicy scotch fillet steak, or a tender slice of roasted pork loin? According to a famous Australian scientific study comparing beef to pork diets for weight loss, they’re the same. But let’s delve ...