Calorie Deficit Calculator

This Calorie Deficit Calculator will give you an in-depth insight to what calorie deficit you need to create and maintain in order to reach a specific weight loss target. Enter your body details, a target weight, planned activity level and the date you would like to achieve your weight loss goal. Let calcount Calorie Deficit Calculator produce your projected progress chart and downloadable data sheet for different calorie deficit scenarios!


Calorie Deficit Calculator for Weight Loss

A key purpose of this calculator is to discover your required calorie deficit for weight loss. In other words, the number of calories your body needs per day in order to lose weight. If you are currently maintaining, or gaining weight, the calculated calorie level will be less than what you usually eat. In that case, the difference between our calculator’s calories and your usual calorie intake is known as your calculated calorie deficit.

What is a Calorie Deficit?

A calorie deficit happens when you use more calories than you eat. When in a calorie deficit, more energy is burned by activity than is added by eating food. In other words, more goes out than comes in. You can make a calorie deficit mainly because of the extra fat stored in the body. When there is a shortage of calories from food, fat is burned to compensate for the deficit. A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day will cause weight loss of about half a kilogram of fat per week. Simple!

Weight Loss Simulation

The advanced mode of calcount’s Calorie Deficit Calculator includes a personalised simulation of your projected weight loss, given the calorie deficit scenario. You can download the simulation to plan your weight loss journey, then plug your target weight into calcount Calorie Tracker. Use the reports in Calorie Tracker to compare your actual progress to the simulated model, and make adjustments accordingly.

How to Use the Calorie Deficit Calculator

Simply enter your details and follow the prompts to provide the necessary inputs. It is best to play around with a few different entries to get a feel for how best to use this Calorie Deficit Calculator. Check out our post on Weight Loss Tables for an example walk-through with screen shots from the tool.