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Thousands of Australians use our simple, powerful Calorie Tracker. Calculate your weight loss macros, track your meals, add photos and notes, monitor your weight, see progress charts, and much more. ALL FUNCTIONS FREE! 

How to use calcount Calorie Tracker

Five easy steps:

1. Log in or create a new account, fill out the form with your details, then come back to this page. Confirm your entries in the “Preferences” Tab.

2. Enter your current weight and confirm your target weight in the “Overview” section. Calorie Tracker will display your BMI, BMR and suggested daily calories and macro-nutrients by meal in the “Advanced” section.

3. Record your meals in the “Meal Tracker” section. You can use the Food Search Box to get calorie counts for foods not already in your personal food database.

4. Enter your weight once per week or month (or whenever your schedule permits) to see progress in the “Overview” and “History” Tabs. For best results, record your meals every day to count the calories and stay within the suggested meal limits.

5. See your progress in the “Overview” and “Photos” section. Change, delete, and review your information at will.

It is easy to use Calorie Tracker. You can set goals then track your progress towards them over time. Make notes against each measurement to keep yourself motivated as you self-experiment with different routines. The information you input is visible only when you are logged into your personal account.

Sign up for calcount FREE to get:

  • A super-easy to use food diary
  • Your very own personally created food database
  • Convenient mobile app (no app store or Play download required – just click the “add to home screen” button!)
  • Personalised recommended calorie and macronutrient intake by meal, based on your inputs
  • Searchable, sortable graph and table reports showing your progress towards target, with notes
  • Monthly in-app reminders to check in and record your weight and/or other measurements
  • The Photos feature: upload pictures of yourself to see a gallery of “before and after” results! Watch how your time and dedication pays off as you transform your body!

Hello Australia, this is the free calcount Calorie Tracker app! 

Australian Calorie Tracker

Use calcount Calorie Tracker App to record your daily meals and personal body measurements like weight and size. Counting calories and keeping track of your body is a good idea, no matter what your goals are, or whether or not you are following a specific nutrition or exercise plan. The tracker will help you to better understand how your body changes over time. Give your future self a few notes to remember what you are today! Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself to find out why thousands of Australians choose calcount.

Nutrition Tracking, Quick and Easy

Our calorie tracker makes it easy for you to record your meals and progress, fast! Leverage our huge database of Australian foods, then track your personal recipes and meal portions in your own food diary. Track all your key nutrients and water consumption, all saved in a wholly personal database.

Goal Tracking, Your Way

Few things can be more personal than deciding to change your own body. Our calorie tracker keeps things personal by enabling both weight loss, and weight gain targets. You choose a target to work towards, then revise it freely as you hit milestones along the way.

Reports Galore

This calorie tracker comes with charts and reports to keep you motivated. Watch the lines converge to your target weight, see your pie-chart colour change as your daily calories get used up. Use your own uploaded photos to see how far you have come, and how much further you need to go. Download your calories, kilojoules, and BMI data anytime if you want to get a spreadsheet view of your progress.

Calorie Tracker is Mobile!

 Yes, calcount Calorie Tracker turns into a mobile app when you “add to home screen” or “bookmark” on your tablet or phone. It works offline and there is no need to wait for updates!

Why choose calcount Calorie Tracker?

If you search the internet or your mobile phone’s app store for a calorie tracking app, you will find about a thousand options. Here’s 5 reasons why you should ignore all of those and choose calcount instead:

  1. Thousands of satisfied Australians have used calcount for years to help them manage their weight.
  2. We have no frills, bells, whistles, or upsells. Just a solid meal and weight tracker with awesome nutrition calculators and reporting.
  3. We do not send relentless spammy emails.
  4. We do not stuff millions of duplicate user-generated foods into our database.
  5. We keep your inputted data safe in our own secure, professionally managed server.
Oh, and calcount Calorie Tracker is 100% free!
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Lose Weight with calcount FREE!

Everyone knows that ultimately, the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. It sounds simple and straightforward, but the devil is in the details: How many calories to eat? Over what time period? Do the calories change over time? How do you know that you are making real progress? What does your weight change trend line look like? Does this or that meal contain more calories than the other? Are you losing real weight or are those just body water changes? Are you becoming more toned? Which part of your body is being affected by weight changes the most? Why did you lose one kilo in February but only half as much in March?

Well, you could crunch the numbers yourself, or you can use calcount Calorie Tracker for FREE instead! No cost, no commitment and best of all, no incessant marketing emails!

Our Calorie Tracker is super easy to use because the more you use it, the easier it gets! You get make your own personal database of foods and watch how the entries and note you use all come together to give you a meaningful understanding of your progress.

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Why Track Yourself?

When you track yourself, something almost magical happens. You gain an unmatched focus and a drive to succeed because you get into a competition with yourself! Self-tracking/self-monitoring has been called “… the cornerstone of behavioral treatment for weight loss …“!

Here is a quick summary of the main benefits of using calcount Calorie Counter App to monitor your weight and other measurements:

  • You are more likely reach your goal if you clearly know what the goal actually is in terms of a set of real numbers
  • Makes you more accountable to yourself, because the “self-talk” that occurs in the process of logging your details helps you to “keep it real”
  • Gives you timely cues when you need to change things up. You can judge your likely trajectory based on how you are tracking
  • It is motivating to record your present performance, based on your expectations and plans for the future
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