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How to use calcount Calorie Tracker

Four easy steps:

  1. Log in or create a new account, then click the app’s menu bar to navigate to the “Settings” section. Record your height, gender, age, goals and current activity level.
  2. Enter your current weight and your target weight in the “Overview” section. Calorie Tracker will display your BMI, BMR and suggested daily calories and macro-nutrients by meal in the “Advanced” section.
  3. Record your meals into your personal meal tracker. You can use the Food Search Box to get calorie counts.
  4. Next, record your weight once per week or month (or whenever your schedule permits). For best results, record your meals every day to count the calories and stay within the suggested meal limits.

It is easy to use Calorie Tracker. You can set goals then track your progress towards them over time. Make notes against each measurement to keep yourself motivated as you self-experiment with different routines. The information you input is visible only when you are logged into your personal account.