Way back in the early 00’s, the calcount team set out to make an online resource for Australia’s calorie counters. This the result!

Who are we?

We are a group of friends and we live in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Our lifestyles differ wildly but we share one common, burning interest: food calories and nutrition. We like food very much, and because we like it so much we try to control it.

Control is ultimately what life boils down to. We take control of the air when we take it out of the space around us and trap it in our lungs. We control our destiny when we exercise our free will. We gain control of our families and friends when we offer ourselves to be controlled by them.

 We understand that, to control our body weight, we must control our calorie intake. We know that, to control our health and well-being, we must understand our food.

We are the guy at the barbecue who knows where the basted ribs came from and how to do a dead-lift. We are the girlfriend at the baby shower who can tell you which chip dip to avoid and how to monitor your circadian rhythm. We are the calcount team.

What do we do?

We care deeply about what is in our food, and what impact different activities and lifestyle choices have on our wellness.

Our team researches and shares a massive database of food information. 

We make tools available to people who want to take control of their food calories.

We write articles to inform, motivate, and entertain the thousands of people who read our blog.

We have fun and learn along the way!

What we do not do

We do not offer all of the answers and we do not profess to know everything there is to know about calorie control.

If you know of any magic weight control system or potion which allows a person to effortlessly drop the kilos, please let us know, because we certainly do not!

Nothing we publish is medical advice, so please speak to your doctor before doing anything we​ might recommend. 

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information we publish, but we try very hard to make sure that all of it is correct. Everything goes through our comprehensive verification process and we don’t publish anything we are not confident in.

Contact Us

Please write to us at theteam @ caloriecounter.com.au to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. All welcome!