16 Best Australian Meal Delivery for Weight Loss

What’s the best meal delivery service in Australia for weight loss? The answer depends on which meal delivery factors are most important to you. Cost? Macros proportion? Portion size? Protein content? Tastiness? Each meal prep (or meal kit) company brings something different to the table (literally) so it can be a challenge to choose the right one for you. We’ve pulled up 16 of the best meal delivery companies in Australia and compared them for you right here!

If you want to get calorie-controlled meals delivered to your door for healthy weight loss at home, you’ll want to have a look at all the options laid out in this article:

Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery for:

Best For: Meal Delivery Company Choose Because:
Youfoodz: Meal Variety Over 60 meal options: Check Price
My Muscle Chef: Steady Weight Loss & Good Flavour Protein-rich calorie-controlled meals: Check Price
Soulara: Plant-Based Best for Plant-Based: Check Price
Be Fit Food: Nutritionist Support Free nutritionist consultations: Check Price
My Muscle Chef: High Protein Uniformly high protein content in all meals: Check Price
Workout Meals: Keto Diet Keto-specific options available: Check Price
Garden of Vegan: Vegan Options Made especially for vegans: Check Price
Be Fit Food: Rapid Weight Loss VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet): Check Price
EveryPlate: Home Chefs Prepped ingredients and detailed recipe cards included: Check Price
HelloFresh: Tastiness 4-plus stars for food taste on Trustpilot: Check Price
EveryPlate: Cost per Meal Consistently lowest prices per meal: Check Price

What is a Weight Loss Meal Delivery Service?

Meal delivery for weight loss is a service that delivers healthy, nutritious meals directly to your home with a promise to help you lose weight. With this service, you can enjoy a variety of healthy foods without having to worry about preparing them yourself. The prices for these services vary, but they generally cost less than going to a restaurant. While some of these services offer customisable menus and convenient delivery times,  others allow you to track your weight loss progress.

Difference between Meal Delivery, Meal Prep, and Meal Kit

Regarding meal delivery, meal prep, and meal kits, dieters need more clarity. Meal delivery services offer you pre-packaged meals that you have to heat up in the oven or microwave. This is different from meal prep services, which involve a caregiver arriving at a customer’s home to cook meals. Meal kits are the most similar to regular meals. They usually come with all the ingredients necessary to make a complete dish, but you must cook it yourself.

Australia’s Best Meal Delivery Services to Lose Weight

When seeking a nutritious and delicious diet plan that doesn’t require any cooking, meal delivery services are the perfect solution. Not only do they make it easy to follow a healthy diet, but they also allow you to indulge in your favourite foods without feeling guilty. Here are fifteen of Australia’s best meal delivery services for weight loss you can take advantage of.

Meal Delivery Comparison Table:

Meal Service Has Weight Loss Plan? Has Dietitian / Nutritionist R&D? Typical Protein per Meal Fresh or Frozen Typical Customer Testimonial
EveryPlate Yes. 780kcal calorie/day plan No 20g Fresh Easy recipes, quality produce and delicious family meals.
YouFoodz Yes. 5-day weight loss bundle with meals under 400 calories Yes, dietitian-approved 30g Fresh, never frozen Fresh, great service, convenient delivery
Soulara Yes. “Calorie Controlled Plan” Yes, Plant-based Dietitian Formulated 31g (for high protein range) Fresh, never frozen So hard to find good plant-based, but Soulara delivers!
WeightWatchers ZeroPoint™ foods. 1500 calorie/day plan Developed by health professionals 30g Fresh, never frozen Effective diet tool
HelloFresh Calorie Smart meals that average about 600 calories Yes, dietitian-approved 35g Fresh Recipes are easy to understand and taste great
Garden of Vegan Yes, restrict calories with meals under 450 calories Yes, nutritionist designed recipes 40g Fresh Well-seasoned and has a ton of flavour
Thr1ve Yes. 8-week nutrition and training program Chef-designed and Nutritionist-approved 31g Fresh Snacks are great, meals are great, Delivery on time
Be Fit Food Yes, 800-900 calories per day Yes, with Dietitian consultation available 20g Snap Fresh Frozen Best ultra low-carb meals available
Lite ‘n’ Easy Yes, 2-week meal plan combining intermittent fasting Designed by Dietitians 25g Fresh Best way to eat well, regain health and save money.
Macros Yes, 300g meals under 350 calories Yes, Dietitian-designed meals 25g Fresh, never frozen Delicious, extensive variety
Chefgood Yes, 350 perfectly portioned calories meals Yes, Nutritionist designs recipes 15g Fresh, never frozen Variety of flavours and ingredients
My Muscle Chef High Protein (50), Low Calorie (400) meals available Friendly in house Nutritionists 41g Fresh, never frozen A good and balanced diet meals
Workout Meals High protein, Low-calorie recipes available Developed by restaurant Chefs & certified Nutritionists 42g Fresh Filled with micro and macronutrients
Jenny Craig Low calorie/day recipes available 1100 – 1300 calories Dietitian and Nutritionist designed 24g Fresh Patient and, supportive service, does not pressurise a dieter
Dietlicious Low calorie/day recipes available 1200 – 1500 calories Nutritionist endorsed 52g Fresh Flavoursome and filling
Fitness Muscle Meals Low calorie/day recipes available 1200 – 1500 calories Nutritionists support 50g Fresh blast freeze Excellent variety of muscle building meals

Now, let’s take a look at each weight loss meal delivery company in detail:

Every Plate

1.   EveryPlate

Typical Cost per Meal: $4.44

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 20

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: No vegan options

Typical Meal Serving size (g): Not available

Key Benefit: Family-friendly

Key Disadvantage: Contains allergens

With meal plans starting at the lowest price, EveryPlate is one of the most affordable options. You have 22 different weekly menus to choose from, including vegetarian and family-friendly foods. Plus, recipe cards and components are included each week to make it easy for you to prepare home-cooked meals that only need a pot and 30-45 minutes of waiting time.


2.  YouFoodz

Typical Cost per Meal: $9.95

Typical Protein per Meal (g):  30

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 250 – 300g

Key Benefit: Halal-certified meals available

Key Disadvantage: Do not cater to food allergy

YouFoodz is Australia’s largest meal delivery service, delivering meals to more than 100 towns and cities throughout the nation. The meals delivered by YouFoodz are low in calories and between 300 and 500 calories per Dish meal. As with all their meals, they offer a Clean Eating Plan to make these dishes even healthier. You can also use their calorie calculator to plan your diet for the week.

Weight Watchers

3.   WeightWatchers

Typical Cost per Meal: $7.99

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 30 

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 330

Key Benefit: helpful WW app

Key Disadvantage: it can be expensive if you sign up for the subscription

Weight Watchers is one of the most well-known systems for weight loss. More than 100 million people worldwide have joined Weight Watchers in some shape or form since its inception. It launched a new initiative, PersonalPoints, in 2021 to give members even more options for building a sustainable program that works for them. It also comes with the bonus of platefuls of delicious food designed by creative chefs and health experts. You’ll find a choice of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, light suppers, proteins, vegetarian dishes and even plant-based dishes.

Hello Fresh

4.   Hellofresh

Typical Cost per Meal: $7.49

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 35

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Yes. Three vegetarian options can be turned vegan by excluding dairy ingredients.

Typical Meal Serving size (g):

Key Benefit: Budget-friendly (for four)

Key Disadvantage: high Shipping rate ($10)

HelloFresh is a meal kit company headquartered in Berlin. It strives to provide accessible, convenient meals that stay within your budget. They started in the early 2010s and have spread to the US, the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. They acquired their competitor Green Chef and added variety with more meal choices and healthy recipes. Prices start as low as $8 per serving in their online store, making it one of the most inexpensive meals in town.

Garden of Vegan

5.   Garden Of Vegan

Typical Cost per Meal: $7.90

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 40

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 300

Key Benefit: oil-free meals

Key Disadvantage: limited postcodes served

Do you want to eat great-tasting vegan food packed with protein and nutrition? Garden of Vegan has it, plus the freshly made plant-based dishes look tempting. Create your meal box by choosing between the Meal Box or Meal Box Plus Fruit to start, then finalise your order with the number of meals you want to be brought weekly.


6.   THR1VE

Typical Cost per Meal: $13.95

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 31

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 300-350g

Key Benefit: Free delivery to 4500 postcodes in Australia

Key Disadvantage: High Price

THR1VE focuses on top nutrition to help people lose weight and support healthy, sustainable weight loss. In selecting a diet plan, you can receive ingredients like customised meals and snacks, an 8-week weight loss program and recipes for cooking at home. THR1VE has a working guide based on your health challenges, including training sessions and dietary advice for 8 weeks.

Be Fit Food

7.   Befitfood

Typical Cost per Meal: $13.95

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 20+

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): Not available

Key Benefit: Free dietitian consultation

Key Disadvantage: Very limited meal variety

Be Fit Food in the Mornington Peninsula, started by two Founders- Kate Save and Geoffrey Draper- helps its clients achieve their fitness goals. Depending on how quickly or gradually you want to burn fat, its nutritionist-approved weight loss program is either “Rapid” or “Active,” with different meals included. They always have your back with their healthy meal bundles, snacks & extras, kids’ meals, and even gift cards!

Lite N Easy

8.   Lite ‘n’ Easy

Typical Cost per Meal: $25

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 25

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: No

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 400 grams

Key Benefit: Easy to follow and stick to

Key Disadvantage: high salt concentration in some main meals

Lite ‘N’ Easy ensures that you get the right meal in the right amount and at the right time to help you lose weight. You can cook these meals in your microwave or refrigerator, and within minutes, a delicious meal is ready without the hassle of planning out a week’s worth of meals. There are over 100 ready-made dishes, so there’s something for every taste, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.


9.   Macros

Typical Cost per Meal: $11.35

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 25

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 350

Key Benefit: MyFitnessPal integration

Key Disadvantage: Portion sizes are small for muscle gain

Macros weight-loss meal delivery service brings starches, proteins and vegetables to make it easier for you to eat healthy without having to do anything. There’s a wide array of delicious meal choices, with options even for those who want to lose weight. You can find a delicious plan that will work for your lifestyle, from 3 fitness plans and 4 daily meal plans at Macros.

Chef Good

10.                Chefgood

Typical Cost per Meal: $10.3

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 15

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 380 

Key Benefit: Good meal options for vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets

Key Disadvantage: Delivers to a few locations only ACT, QLD, NSW, VIC, and SA

Chefgood specializes in personalized meal plans and delivery, reflecting their commitment to providing high-quality meals for dieters, those who work out often, or those who want ready-to-go fare. They stay true to that commitment by sourcing regional produce from locally-owned farms in Australia. Business partners Shannon Martinez and Reynold Poernomo are a few of the elite chefs collaborating on new meals for the free regular guest chef series, which provides a healthy meal complete with recipe tips.

My Muscle Chef

11.                My Muscle Chef

Typical Cost per Meal: $10.90

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 46.1

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 300-400g

Key Benefit: Variety of recipes

Key Disadvantage: limited options in vegetarian and vegan meals

With a My Muscle Chef meal plan, you can take advantage of pre-made meals with instructions for preparing and microwaving. You can also purchase a bespoke plan online or take advantage of our subscription plans if you want something more consistent. And My Muscle Chef will provide accurate recommendations that fit your needs. Just reveal your gender and how frequently you work out to find the best price option!

Workout Meals

12.                Workout Meals

Typical Cost per Meal: $9.95

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 42

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 300

Key Benefit: Personalised nutrition and training program, halal certified

Key Disadvantage: Meals prepared in the commercial kitchen which means they may contain gluten, dairy, nuts or Crustaceans

Workout Meals is a meal service offering workouts-centric lunch and dinner options that don’t involve frozen or refrigerated meals. One of their most distinguishing features is that they have a Kulnura-based farm they partner with to source their vegetables and eggs. Various proteins are available on the regular menu, including chicken and beef. Note that they use chicken in 50% of the meals on their regular menu, with the remainder typically being fish, beef, turkey, or pork.

Jenny Craig

13.                Jenny Craig

Typical Cost per Meal: $13

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 24

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 28 (breakfast) – 180 (dinner)

Key Benefit: free of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and artificial sweeteners and colours

Key Disadvantage: Expensive

Many people are worried about weight loss because it can be difficult. But then there’s Jenny Craig launched Sid and Jenny Craig in 1983. It’s a simple, straightforward plan that can help lead to massive weight-loss success. The best part? You don’t have to commit for very long (earlier you did)! Just contact our customer service team, and you may be able to change your plan before processing your transaction. That peace of mind is invaluable!


14. Dietlicious

Typical Cost per Meal: $9.80

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 52

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: Available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): Not available

Key Benefit: work place friendly lunches

Key Disadvantage: expensive

A company called Dietlicious, with its headquarters in New South Wales, offers various gourmet, chef-prepared, home-delivered meals that are healthy and diet-friendly. In addition to snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner options for those following a specific diet plan or attending Weight Watchers meetings, Dietlicious also provides programs like their 4-Week Body Reset program, which includes nutrition and guidance from their experienced team.

Fitness Muscle Meals

15. Fitness Muscle Meals

Typical Cost per Meal: $8.95

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 50

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 200

Key Benefit: Personalised meal plans

Key Disadvantage: Min. order = 10 meals

Chef Tony has been cooking healthy, wholesome meals for over 25 years. His first restaurant opened in 1989 and was a success because of the amazing taste and nutrition he provided. Now, he oversees every detail of ANB Star Catering — from sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to delivering meals on time — so they’ll taste delicious, give you plenty of nutrients, and help you stay fit and trim.

16: Soulara

Typical Cost per Meal: $10.65

Typical Protein per Meal (g): 31

Has/Does Not Have Vegan Meals: available

Typical Meal Serving size (g): 320

Key Benefit: Plant Based, many Options

Key Disadvantage: Min. order = 7 meals per Week

Soulara is a plant-based meal delivery company that offers convenient and nourishing meals. Their meals are delivered fresh and ready-made, making it easy to eat more plant-based meals. The company has in-house dietitians who ensure that each meal is not only delicious but also provides plenty of essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health. The menu is globally-inspired, offering something special for everyone, regardless of taste preferences, lifestyle, or dietary requirements. With a new menu item added every week, customers can always discover something new and exciting to try. Soulara is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy convenient, delicious, and healthy plant-based meals.

Meal Delivery for Weight Loss: Summary

If you’re looking to lose weight and improve your health, meal delivery services can be a great way to do that. Not only are they convenient, but they also provide you with all of the food you need to reach your goals.

Plus, many meal delivery services offer additional benefits like dietary advice and support. If you’re interested in trying out a meal delivery service for weight loss in Australia, consider our list of the best options.


Do Weight-Loss Meal Delivery services really work?

Meal delivery services can be useful allies for multiple reasons in your weight loss journey. They can help you with portion control, improve the dietary variety, and eat the right nutrients in the right amount, thus providing a way to reach your caloric goal.

What’s the Difference between Meal Prep and Meal Kits?

Meal prep services provide ready to eat (heat and eat) meals, whereas meal kits give you access to pre-portioned ingredients and recipes so you may prepare healthy meals at home by yourself.

What is the most Popular Meal Delivery for Weight Loss?

HelloFresh for meal kits, and Youfoodz for prepped meals.

Are Meal Delivery services cheaper than eating out?

A meal delivery service may be cheaper than eating out if you eat out in restaurants often, or if you are planning to eat a single serving of a dish rather than feeding a group. A single serving costs less with meal delivery services.

What is the Best Meal Delivery Service for Weight Loss?

In our (calcount’s) opinion, My Muscle Chef is the best meal delivery service for weight loss.