calcount Australian Food List

Australian Food List

Here it is, the calcount Australian Food List! It is the Grand List of all commonly eaten foods in Australia. We ought to know our food because, as Jean Savarin once said, “The fate of a nation depends on the way that they eat”. Well, this is what we eat. Take your time, browse through the list or simply use the handy calcount Food Search Box to find a specific food.

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About our Australian Food List

The information comes from food labels, food manufacturers’ published records, food markets’ merchandising displays, and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) public educational resources. Each food item comes with an interactive Nutrition Facts box. Simply drag the slider to change the food weight and display nutrition information for different quantities of the selected food. You can return by clicking the “Back to Food Search Box” link to get back to this Australian Food List.

If you live in Australia and regularly eat a food that you cannot find on this list, please let us know . We will be happy to research it and add it to our ever-growing collection.

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