Food Alphabet

Welcome to our Food Alphabet, a long list of common foods arranged alphabetically! Use this list to easily find foods which start with a specific letter of the alphabet. This list gives you a quick answer to the question “What food starts with _ (insert letter in blank)?”.

Food Alphabet, A to Z

From A to Z, a food is any consumed substance which provides nutrition to the body. For this food alphabet list, we stick to commonly-eaten, non-branded foods that are familiar to most people. Now, you could easily find a specific food by simply typing a name in the calcount Food Search Box, sometimes it is fun to read an A-Z list instead. That way, you might see foods which prompt you to think about different options and alternatives to unhealthy food.

Click a letter of the alphabet below to see foods with the corresponding beginning letter.

Please bear in mind that you will not find many non-English names in this list. If you are looking for world cuisines like Khachapuri and Vadapav you are out of luck. For a comprehensive exposition of global foods, see this Wikipedia page.