TDEE Calculator

Use calcount Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator to find our how much energy you use per day. It is a simple tool which applies the Harris Benedict formula to your physical dimensions, gender, and age, then factors in your activity level to calculate how much energy you use in an average day.

How to Calculate TDEE

This TDEE Calculator gives you an accurate estimate of how much energy you burn in a day. Your body’s basic makeup (age, gender, height, and weight) determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). By adding the energy burned doing exercise, daily chores, work, and leisure activities to the BMR we get Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). We use a formula to estimate how much energy you use doing activities.

How to Increase your TDEE Calculator result

TDEE can be increased in two related ways. By far the most effective way is to increase your rate of metabolism, so that you burn more energy even whilst not purposefully exercising. The second way is to become more active during the day, perhaps by including a brisk walk in your routine. By becoming more active, you naturally increase your rate of metabolism, leading a virtuous cycle. Muscle-building activities like weight-training are most effective at raising metabolism levels.

TDEE Calculator factors in Weight Training

Got my TDEE, Now What?

Having calculated your TDEE, you are now in a position to start counting calories. Your TDEE is the line in the sand, the high water mark, the current state. From here, you can eat less energy than your TDEE to lose weight, or eat more than your TDEE to gain weight. Read this to understand how energy expenditure affects body weight.