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A complete database with thousands of Australian foods including all your favourite Supermarket Deals – we’ve compiled these foods into an easy-to-navigate database that you can search.

Easily search nutritional information about your food, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and more. Both kilojoules and calories dispalyed. Search Now!

Not ready to sign up yet but want the non-personalised tools? We’ve got you covered. Check out our calorie calculator, calorie converter, and BMI calculator to get serious about counting calories!

Food Calorie Calculator

Each food page has a Nutrition Facts panel featuring a slider which allows you to instantly calculate the calories and nutrients in different amounts of the food! Even better, our calcount Calorie Tracker App lets you add up all the calories in your daily food eaten until you reach a set target! Stop guessing and start getting accurate with your food intake.

Weight Loss Tools

Convert kilojoules to calories, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), use our FREE calorie tracker and explore our blog for more tools and resources!

Weight Loss Tracking

Track your weight loss over time and count your daily calories. Run reports on your progress, nutritional reports and more. Use our photo diary to see progress. All this and more with your FREE Calorie Tracker account.

Why use a Calorie Counter?

The calcount team believes that calorie counting is the ultimate way to take control of your weight. We know that getting the calories in/calories out balance right is the underlying principle behind any form of body weight loss or gain. Find out about our reasons and methods for becoming a calcount calorie counter (calcounter)…

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