Foods starting with Q

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter Q. There are more foods than just Quince, Quiche, and Quinoa starting with Q! Quail and Quandong also make the list.

In case you are wondering, Quandongs are wild bush fruit found in many of the drier parts of Australia. They are also known as “Desert Peaches” because they taste like a combination of peach and apricot.

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Foods beginning with Q q

Food NameFood Description
QuailRaw flesh and skin portion from a quail.
QuandongFlesh of the quandong fruit, supplied commercially in frozen state with kernels removed.
QuicheCommercially prepared savoury quiche made from short crust pastry and filled with egg, ham, cheese, cream, bacon and milk powder.
QuinceTart pome fruit, cooked by stewing in a sugar syrup.
QuinoaSmall beige seed which has a light, fluffy texture when cooked. Mild and slightly nutty flavour. Uncooked
Foods beginning with the letter Q

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