Foods starting with N

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter N. Nectarines, Nuts, and Nougat go well with Noodles which have been seasoned with Nutmeg.

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Foods beginning with N n

Food NameFood Description
NectarineSmall stone fruit with a reddish/orange skin and orange flesh. Peeled.
Nile perchNile perch, with or without skin, cooked at home by baking, roasting, grilling, frying or BBQ’ing without added fat.
Noodle snackDry noodles made from pregelatinised wheat starch and eaten as a snack.
NoodlesThin tubes of flour dough, dried or fresh, usually boiled.
NougatConfection made with honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg whites and whole nuts.
NutAlmond kernel briefly heated in boiling water to remove skin and ground to form a meal.
Nutgrass (nut grass)Uncooked small tuber vegetable with a dark reddish-brown rough skin and a cream flesh. Peeled before eating.
NutmegDried and ground seed of Myristica fragrans (M. officinalis or M. aromatica), used as a spice.

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