Foods starting with D

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter D. Sweet treats including Danish and Doughnut, two types of Dumpling and traditional bush tucker Dugong.

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Foods beginning with D d

Food NameFood Description
DanishPuff-style flaky pastry folded around a custard filling.
DatePitted dates that have been dried.
DevonProcessed sandwich meat containing pork, beef, starch, soy protein, cereal, sugar, spices, antioxidants, sodium nitrate/nitrite and water.
DillFresh slender stems with fine threadlike leaves, with a distinct sweet smell and taste.
Dim simCommercially prepared, Chinese-style pastry with an unspecified vegetable and meat (generally beef) filling, purchased frozen, then cooked in the microwave.
DipA dip typically containing neufchatel cheese, avocado, canola oil, potato paste, spring onion, garlic, lemon juice, and salt.
DoughnutBatter shaped into a ball, deep fried. A small amount of custard is then injected into the centre of the cooked doughnut.
DressingSalad dressing containing lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, soy sauce, chilli, garlic and a small amount of oil, typically added to Asian style salads.
DrinkBeverage commonly prepared using milk, cream, egg, sugar, alcohol (such as brandy or rum) and sweet spices.
DrippingFat rendered from the meat, muscles and bones of beef.
DuckRaw flesh from all portions of the duck. Skin removed.
DugongRaw flesh from a large marine mammal with dark brown-grey skin and a large horse shoe-shaped upper lip. Fatty dark red flesh is similar in appearance to red meat such as beef. Caught in the wild.
DumplingBread-style bun made from wheat flour, butter and milk, mixed into a dough, from which small balls are rolled and cooked by adding to a mixed dish such as casserole or stew. Dumpling does not contain any fillings or flavourings.
Dumpling or wontonWheat flour based dough enclosing a chicken filling that has been fried in unspecified oil.

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