Foods starting with P

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter P. Pizza, Pancake, Peanut Butter, Popcorn, Potato, and about 60 other foods share the same beginning letter!

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Foods beginning with P p

Food NameFood Description
PaellaSavoury rice dish commonly containing white rice, chorizo, chicken, stock, wine, paprika, olive oil and vegetables such as onion, tomato, capsicum, green peas and garlic.
Pakora (coated & deep fried vegetables)Vegetables such as onion, capsicum and egg plant coated in pea flour and deep fried in vegetable oil, as served with sauce and fresh coriander leaves in Indian restaurants/takeaway shops.
PancakePancakes made from water, wheat flour and oil. Mixture is kneaded into a dough, rolled into balls and flattened gently to be cooked on a hotplate.
Pandanus kernelKernel of the indigenous screw pine, raw or cooked.
PanettoneTraditional Christmas sweet bread with added candied dried fruit and raisins.
Panna cottaA chilled, uncooked vanilla flavoured dessert commonly made from dairy milk, cream, yoghurt or buttermilk and set with gelatine. Usually sweetened with honey or sugar.
PappadamThin, dry wafer, generally made from legume flour. Requires cooking before consumption.
PaprikaDried red sweet chilli powder.
ParsleyLong stemmed herb with large flat bright green leaves. Uncooked.
ParsnipA white root vegetable shaped like a carrot. Peeled. Uncooked.
PassionfruitPulp and seeds of purple skinned passionfruit.
PastaThe dough made from grains other than wheat such corn and rice with added water. Cooked in boiling water without added salt or fat until firm to the bite. Drained.
PastePaste prepared by mixing flour with milk and sugar.
PastryBaked commercial pastry shell that is used to prepare cream-puff, eclairs and profiteroles. Ingredients include shortening, wheat flour, egg and salt. Cooked by baking.
PastyCommercially prepared vegetable based filling enclosed in pastry, ready to eat. Filling includes potato, carrot and onion.
PateMildly spiced pate made from blended liver, typically pork liver.
Pate de foie (chicken liver pate)Meat paste commonly containing chicken liver, pork, salt, herbs, spices, flavours, sodium nitrite, food acid and water.
PavlovaSweet meringue dessert made from egg whites, sugar, cornflour, white vinegar and vanilla essence, then baked.
Pawpaw (papaya)Orange skinned fruit with orange flesh with seeds.
PeaYellow or green field pea with husks removed. Dry and uncooked.
PeachSmall stone fruit with a reddish/orange furry skin and orange flesh. Peeled.
Peanut butterPaste made from roasted and ground peanuts. Available in two types with (crunchy) and without (smooth) chunks of peanuts. Contains vegetable oil, added sugar and salt.
PearLong pear shape with tapering neck, a green skin and yellowish white flesh. Includes averaged weighted results of Peckham’s Triumph, William Bartlett. Peeled.
PepinoSmall melon-shaped fruit, with creamy-green skin, purple stripes and pale yellow flesh with soft edible seeds.
PepperDried and ground unripe fruit of the pepper tree (Piper nigrum), used as a spice.
PersimmonRound to heart shaped fruit with bright orange skin and orange flesh.
PicklesThick, tangy preserve containing ingredients such as vegetables, sugar, vinegar, mustard, salt and wheat flour.
PieCommercially produced chicken and vegetable based filling enclosed in pastry, purchased ready to eat.
Pig (pork)Wild pig flesh and skin from all regions of the carcase, including the head, without the removal of internal and external fat. Caught in the wild and cooked with or without added fat.
Pigeon (squab)Raw meat from whole pigeon carcase, offal and bone removed.
PikeletCommercially prepared pancake. Typical ingredients include wheat flour and starch, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, skim milk powder, preservatives, thiamin, water, flavours and emulsifiers. Contains added folic acid, iodised salt and thiamin.
PineappleOval fruit with a thick greenish skin and yellow flesh. Leaves, skin, bracts and core removed, then cooked in light syrup until boiling and the simmered for another 5 minutes until tender.
PipiFlesh of wild caught pipis cooked with or without added fat.
PizzaCommercially produced thick pizza dough topped with bacon, egg, onion, tomato, barbeque sauce and cheese. Purchased ready-to-eat from fast food chain-style outlets.
PlumSmall round stone fruit with a deep purple skin and a reddish/purple flesh.
Polish sausageSalami containing pork, beef, salt, sugar, spices, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. Purchased ready to eat.
Pome fruitRaw apple and pear, weighted to reflect consumption patterns reported in the Australian Health Survey.
PomegranateRound shaped fruit, with hard, thick red skin, which is divided into large membrane segments containing bright red juicy seeds.
PopcornCorn kernels air-popped. Does not contain added fat, oil or salt.
PorkRaw pork from the belly of the carcase, as purchased without removal of internal and external fat.
Pork rind snackPackaged snack food produced from dried and salted pork rind.
PorridgeAsian style dish prepared from rice and water, simmered for a long time, and typically served for breakfast.
PortSweet, alcoholic beverage prepared from fermented grape juice to which additional alcohol is added. Approximately 14% v/v alcohol.
PossumFlesh from a small marsupial with a long fluffy tail and lean red flesh. Traditionally cooked by gutting and roasting on hot coals.
PotatoChips made from peeled potatoes. Long and rectangular in shape, approximately 1cm wide, deep fried in blended frying fat and salted after cooking. Purchased hot from fast food outlets.
Potato bakeHomemade baked potato dish consisting of thin slices of potato mixed with pepper, onion, garlic, dairy cream, bacon and cheddar cheese.
Potato crisps or chipsSnack product consisting of thinly sliced potato, deep fried in vegetable oil, to which salt, sugar, corn flour, cheese powder, food acids, flavours, colours and spices are added.
Potato scallopPotato slice coated with commercial batter, and deep fried in saturated frying fat. Salted after cooking.
Potato strawsSnack product consisting of thinly sliced potato, deep fried in vegetable oil, and flavoured as salt and vinegar. May also contains added salt, sugar, corn food acids, flavours, colours and spices. Snack Brands French Fries Salt and Vinegar are an example of this style of product.
PrawnFlesh from large, uncooked prawns, pale in colour with a greenish tinge.
Prawn cocktailHors d’oeuvre made of cooked and usually peeled prawns with a flavoured mayonnaise style dressing, often presented with some lettuce, avocado or mango in a cocktail glass.
Prawn crackerCrackers based on shrimp or prawn, tapioca flour, sugar, salt, egg, milk, starch, flavours. Deep fried in peanut oil to form crisp, irregular shapes.
Prawn toastSavoury toast made from white bread with prawn-based mixture spread on top then rolled in sesame seeds and fried.
PretzelsA commercially produced baked snack, usually made from wheat flour with yeast. Lightly salted before baking. Includes flavoured varieties.
Prickly pearSmooth skinned cactus fruit with clusters of tiny hair like spines, pulpy flesh containing numerous small black seeds. Also known as Indian Fig; Mission Cactus.
Processed meatProcessed meats for use in garden salad recipes. Includes ham, bacon, salami, prosciutto, chorizo and corned beef weighted according to consumption patterns observed during the Australian Health Survey.
ProsciuttoA dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced. Includes lean and fat portions. Uncooked.
Protein drinkDrink prepared by mixing water with a whey based, high protein, carbohydrate modified powder containing added vitamins and minerals.
Prune (dried plum)Dried plum, with the pit removed.
PsylliumA small seed which is high in dietary fibre. Uncooked
PuddingHome prepared dessert commonly prepared with slices of buttered white bread, covered with egg and milk custard and baked. Usually contains dried fruit such as sultanas or currants, and vanilla and spices for flavouring.
PumpkinShaped like an elongated pear, with a golden brown, hard skin and deep orange flesh. Uncooked.
Foods beginning with the letter P

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