Foods starting with K

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter K. K foods tend to be green, like Kiwifruit, Kale, and Kohlrabi. Another of the foods on this list is Kebab, into which you can put Kabana and Kangaroo meat.

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Foods beginning with K k

Food NameFood Description
Kabana or cabanossiProcessed sausage type meat commonly made from pork, beef, salt, seasoning, antioxidant, sodium nitrite and water.
KaleA vegetable with long, green to purple leaves that can be flat or crinkled.
KangarooRaw flesh from the rump portion of an adult kangaroo, all skin removed.
Kebab wrapCommercially prepared processed beef and lamb spiced meat with lettuce, tomato and onion, wrapped in a pita or lebanese-style flat bread, as prepared in takeaway-style outlets.
KiwifruitOval shaped fruit with thin, brown, furry skin and green flesh. Imported from New Zealand.
KohlrabiA round, turnip like, purple or light green globe, with several stalks that sprout green leaves. Uncooked.
Foods beginning with the letter K

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