Foods starting with W

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter W. Waffles, Watercress, Wheat Bran, Wine, Wasabi, and about ten other foods make the list.

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Foods beginning with W w

Food NameFood Description
WaffleA flat, geometrically textured crispy cake-like disk made from ingredients including wheat flour, milk, egg, sugar, shortening, baking soda, water and salt.
WasabiEdible portion of the Japanese horseradish root. Commonly served fresh in Japanese restaurants, also used to prepare wasabi paste.
WaterWater H2O.
Water chestnutWater chestnuts that have been canned in water and are drained before consumption.
WatercressLeafy vegetable with small green round leaves that have a peppery flavour. Commonly used as a salad ingredient.
Wattle seed (acacia)Seeds of Acacia species, roasted, seed coats removed, ground, as supplied for culinary use.
Wax jambuPear-shaped fruit with bright to dark pink skin, white flesh and several large brown seeds. Also known as Java Apple; Rose Apple; Makopa; Wax Apple.
Wheat branOuter layers of the wheat grain which are removed during the early stages of milling, and do not undergo further processing other than packaging. Maybe coarsely or finely milled. Uncooked.
Wheat germSmall creamy flakes milled from the nutrient-rich core of the wheat kernel.
Whisky or scotchAlcoholic beverage prepared by distillation of fermented cereals.
WhitebaitSmall white fish (usually around 6 cm long) floured and fried or deep fried. The entire fish is usually eaten, including head, fins and gut.
WhitingUncooked king george whiting with or without skin.
WineAlcoholic beverage produced by fermentation of grape juice with prolonged grape skin contact to produce wine of a deep red colour. Approximately 12% v/v alcohol.
Wine coolerAlcoholic beverage produced from a mixture of approximately one third white wine and two thirds fruit juice, sometimes with added flavouring. Approximately 3% v/v alcohol.
WrapAll undefined untoasted filled wraps where the filling has not been identified.
Foods beginning with the letter W

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