Foods starting with T

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter T. Taco, Tahini, and Tamarillo are listed with many others like Tomato, Turnip, and Tapioca.

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Foods beginning with T t

Food NameFood Description
TacoVarious fillings such as beans wrapped in a corn tortilla
TahiniGround sesame seed pulp.
TamarilloSmall fruit with a smooth peel that can be purple, red, orange, or yellow. It has a black or orange flesh (the darker the peel, the darker the flesh) surrounding a nest of seeds
TamarindPaste prepared exclusively with the pulp of ripe Tamarindus indica pod seeds, commonly used in tropical cuisine sauces.
Tandoori chickenChicken commonly marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, chilli powder, ghee, cardamom, tomato paste, cumin seeds, vinegar, turmeric powder and paprika, as served in Indian restaurants.
Tandoori lambLamb-based Indian-style dish consisting of lamb chops flavoured with sultanas, almonds, garlic, cashew nuts, ginger and curry leaves. Cooked by baking in an oven.
Tandoori prawnPeeled large prawns coated in tandoori paste mixed with natural yoghurt, and baked or grilled, as prepared either in the home or in a takeaway outlet.
TangeloMandarin grapefruit cross. Cultivars include: Orlando, Minneola, Seminole and San Jucinto.
Tangerine or tangorMandarin orange cross.
TapiocaStarchy product from the cassava plant supplied in the form of small pellets (also known as seeds or pearls). Sometimes sold labelled as Sago tapioca or Sago. Imported into Australia. Uncooked.
TaroTuber vegetable with a light brown rough skin and a cream to pink flesh. Peeled. Uncooked.
TartHome prepared caramel pie or tart made with a home baked shortcrust style pastry using plain flour, brown sugar, butter or dairy blend and egg yolks. Then filled with a caramel filling made from condensed milk, brown sugar, butter or dairy blend, golden syrup and cream and baked further.
Tart or tarte tatinHome prepared apricot tart made with canned apricot over commercial puff pastry.
TeaDry instant tea powder, ingredient in chai latte commercial powder. Tea is flavoured and not decaffeinated. Does not contain added milk or sugar.
Tempeh (fermented soy beans)Soy beans fermented by Rhizopus oligosporus to produce a solid mass. Sliced and fried in sunflower oil, then drained of excess oil.
Tempura for coating foodAll purpose commercial tempura batter made from plain flour, rice flour and water. Uncooked.
TequilaAlcoholic beverage prepared by distillation of fermented blue agave (Agave tequilana).
ThiaminThis food was developed to use as a recipe ingredient for foods containing added thiamin, consumed during the Australian Health Survey.
ThickshakeBeverage prepared by mixing unfortified reduced fat milk, reduced fat soft serve ice cream and caramel topping, as purchased in fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks).
ThymeDried, and sometimes ground, leaves of Thymus vulgaris, used as a culinary herb.
TilapiaUncooked tilapia produced by aquaculture and imported into Australia, with or without skin.
TiramisuAn uncooked chilled dessert commonly made with sponge cake, eggs, mascarpone or other dairy cream cheese, cream, coffee and liqueur, homemade from basic ingredients.
Toddler milkCommercial toddler drink, prepared to meet the nutritional needs of infants aged over 12 months, and containing added vitamins, minerals and long chain omega 3 fatty acids. Prepared with water according to label instructions.
Tofu (soy bean curd)Soy bean extract, commercially prepared, that has set to a firm texture. Ingredients include water, soybeans, glucono-delta lactone, and nigari (magnesium chloride).
TomatoSmall and round in shape, with a bright red shiny skin and red pulp with whitish seeds. Uncooked.
ToppingA thick caramel coloured sauce. Used to pour over ice cream and other desserts and flavour milk.
Trevally or kingfishUncooked trevally or kingfish with or without skin.
TrifleA chilled dessert commonly made from dairy cream, dairy custard, plain cake such as butter or sponge cake, and fresh, frozen or canned fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries or peaches. Usually contains jelly and sweet sherry.
Tropical fruitTropical fruit such as durian, dragon fruit or star fruit.
TroutCoral trout with or without skin, cooked with or without added fat.
TunaUncooked yellowfin tuna with or without skin.
Tuna mornayHome prepared dish made with cooked unfilled pasta, canned tuna and homemade white sauce, topped with cheese and breadcrumbs before baking.
TurkeyRaw flesh from the breast portion of a turkey. Skin removed.
Turkish delightHome-made or traditionally-made sweet made from sugar, gelatine, wheat or corn starch, lemon juice, cream of tartar and rosewater.
TurmericDried and ground rhizome of Curcuma domestica or C. longa, used as a spice.
TurnipA white fleshed root vegetable with purple-flushed white skin. Peeled. Uncooked.
TurnoverSweet pastry made with puff pastry, apple, fat, sugar and cinnamon, then baked.
TurtleUncooked reptile with a soft body protected by a hard shell with oily white flesh. Caught in the wild.
Foods beginning with the letter T

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