Foods starting with G

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter G. Many foods have names which start with G, for example Gnocchi, Gravy, and Grape.

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Foods beginning with G g

Food NameFood Description
GarfishRaw garfish with or without skin. Also known as sea needle.
GarlicBulb made up of segments called cloves, covered by a papery shell. Uncooked.
Garlic rollProcessed and flavoured sandwich meat, commonly containing pork, mutton, meat, cereal, soy protein, milk protein, salt, sugar, herbs, spices, antioxidant, sodium nitrite and water.
GelWater-based gel containing sugars, other carbohydrates, minerals and caffeine, intended as an energy source during strenuous physical activity.
GelatineUnflavoured light yellow granular proteinaceous powder. Used to sweeten and thicken soups, sauces and desserts.
Gelato or sorbetGelato or sorbet ice confection containing fruit or fruit juice. Ingredients include fruit or fruit juices, sugar and water. Frozen prior to sale and sold in a tub, cup or cone. Does not contain dairy.
GemfishUncooked gemfish with or without skin.
GheeIndian-style clarified butter, at least 99.7% milk fat, used mainly in cooking.
GherkinSmall whole cucumbers, known as gherkins, pickled in acidified brine and drained before consumption.
GinAlcoholic beverage produced by distillation of fermented cereals and flavoured with juniper.
GingerDried and ground rhizome of Zingiber officinale, used as a spice.
GlucoseLiquid product containing glucose and other carbohydrates, produced from the hydrolysis of starch. Composition will vary depending on particular formulation.
GlutenProtein rich extract of wheat flour.
GnocchiHome prepared dish made from commercially prepared dumplings made from potato and wheat flour and mixed with a commercial beef bolognese sauce.
GoannaFlesh of a lizard of the genus Varanus, often large and dark skinned, with white oily flesh. Caught in the wild and traditionally cooked whole in the ashes of a fire or over hot coals.
GoatRaw meat from the forequarter portion of the carcase, with all internal and external fat removed.
Goji berrySmall oblong berries that range from dark pink to red in colour. Dried before packaging.
GooseRaw flesh from all portions of the goose. Flesh is typically dark red and oily.
Grain waves wheat snackCereal based snack product made from wholegrain wheat, oat and corn, without any added flavouring except salt.
GrainsA mix of boiled white rice, brown rice, barley, polenta and other grains, cooked without added salt, for use in mixed dish recipes.
Grains & pastaA mix of white rice, brown rice, wheat pasta and barley for use in homemade soup recipes.
GrapeFull bodied, seeded grape, with a crisp skin and juicy pulp.
GrapefruitLarge, slightly tart citrus fruit. The rind is mostly yellow, and often tinged with green or red, with white pulp.
GravyCommercial gravy containing added fat, flour and water.
Gravy powderDry mix for reconstitution as sauce to be served with meat. Typical ingredients may include wheat flour, salt, colour, spices and vegetable protein. Does not include products labelled as salt reduced or low salt.
GrouperRaw grouper, coral trout or red emperor, with or without skin.
GuavaRound to oblong shaped green skinned tropical fruit with pink flesh.
Foods beginning with the letter G

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