Foods starting with F

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter F. From Fennel Frittata to Fish Fritter to Fromais Frais, you will find F foods here!

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Foods beginning with F f

Food NameFood Description
FalafelChickpea based patty with herbs and spices, deep fried.
FeijoaGreen fruit with wrinkled inedible peel, similar in size and shape to a kiwi fruit, with a sweet clear gelatinous seed pulp.
FennelA light green coloured, short, bulbous, aniseed flavoured celery-like shoot. Its feathery green leaves are used as a herb and its seeds are used in bread, pastries, pasta and pickles. Uncooked.
Fenugreek seedDried fenugreek seeds used as a spice
FibreThis food was developed to use as a recipe ingredient for foods containing added fibre, consumed during the Australian Health Survey.
FigSmall pear shaped fruit with seedy sweet pulp that vary in colour from green to yellow, brown, purple or black. Preserved by drying. Imported into Australia.
Filled bread rollA filled bread roll commonly containing roast pork or pork cold cuts, mayonnaise, pork pate, cucumber, carrot and herbs.
FishUncooked eel, with or without skin.
Fish ballSmall balls of minced fish, monosodium glutamate, salt, starch, vegetable oil, spices and sugar, as purchased in Asian style grocery shops and used as an ingredient in dishes such as soups.
Fish bite or cocktailRectangular-shaped skinless fish pieces, crumbed, purchased ready to eat from a takeaway outlet.
Fish burgerCommercially prepared crumbed fish fillet with cheese and tartar sauce in a white bun, as purchased in fast food outlets.
Fish fingerRectangular-shaped skinless fish pieces, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried before packaging. Purchased frozen.
Fish paste or spreadFish spread containing a minimum of 70% fish with other ingredients such as salt.
Fish patty or cakePatty or cake made of mashed potatoes, unspecified fish flesh, egg and onion, prepared from basic ingredients. Cooked by frying in an unspecified fat.
Fish roe (caviar)Fish eggs, black in colour, packed in spiced brine, then drained. Includes products described as lumpfish caviar or roe or German caviar and products imported into Australia. Other ingredients may include salt, peanut oil, spices and colours.
FlatheadUncooked flathead with and without skin.
FlounderRaw flounder or sole, with or without skin.
FlourFlour ground from the starchy roots of a number of plants.
FlowerWhole buds, red in colour, supplied commercially in frozen state.
FrankfurtCanned frankfurt containing meat (including pork), skim milk powder, salt, potato starch, flavour enhancer, mineral salt, spices, sodium nitrite and water. Heated as per can instructions and drained.
French toastThick slices of white bread soaked in an egg, milk and cinnamon mixture, then fried in a pan with fat.
FrittataSavoury frittata or quiche without pastry homemade from basic ingredients including egg, cheese, cream or milk and seasonings. Baked.
FritterBanana fritters commonly made by coating banana in a batter made from wheat flour, sugar, egg and water and then fried in unspecified oil.
Fromais fraisCreamy dessert of whipped yoghurt or fresh cheese blended with strawberries. Major ingredients include concentrated milk, sugar, strawberries and natural flavours.
Frozen mealFrozen meal containing layers of beef bolognese sauce, pasta and white sauce, formulated to be reduced in fat and energy compared to regular frozen meals.
FruitAll undefined fresh fruit weighted according to consumption patterns observed during the Australian Health Survey.
Fruit barSnack style bar containing dried apricot, mixed with other ingredients such as coconut, flour, sugar and citric acid.
Fruit drinkNon-alcoholic beverage prepared by mixing a dry powder base containing fruit flavours, with water. Dry beverage base does not contain added vitamins and minerals.
Fruit saladDiced unpeeled apple, peeled banana and whole or sliced mixed berries, with a small amount of added sugar, prepared in the home from basic ingredients.

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