Foods starting with J

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter J. Examples include Juice, Jam, and Jerky. Fried Jellyfish makes the list as well, although it is something of an acquired taste.

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Foods beginning with J j

Food NameFood Description
JackfruitRough fruit with light-green to yellow skin, composed of small spiny segments with a short stem and yellow flesh. The flesh is sweet and fragrant with a somewhat stringy texture.
JamAn fruit based jam or conserve made with an equal weight of either whole apricots or large apricot pieces and sugar cooked in water.
JellySemi-solid water based dessert product prepared from packaged crystals.
Jelly crystalsColoured and flavoured dry crystals of sugar. Main ingredients include sucrose, citric acid, sodium and artificial colours and flavours.
JellyfishJellyfish, battered or crumbed and cooked by baking, roasting, grilling, BBQ’ing, frying or stir-frying with any type of fat or oil.
JerkyA snack product made from lean beef that has been salted and dried, and flavoured with sugar, herbs and spices.
John doryRaw John dory, with or without skin.
JuiceCommercially prepared product made from apple or pear juice or puree, water and food acids.
Foods beginning with the letter J

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