Foods starting with S

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter S. It is a long list which includes Sausage, Semolina, Stew, Sushi, Sardine, and Syrup.

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Foods beginning with S s

Food NameFood Description
SageDry leaves of Salvia officinalis used as a herb.
SagoA starch extracted from the pith of the sago (and other tropical) palms that is processed into flour, meal and pearl sago. It is used as a thickening agent. Uncooked.
SaladSalad filling specifically for use in homemade, takeaway and restaurant hamburger recipes. Contains mixed greens, tomato, onion and beetroot.
SalamiProcessed, fermented meat, served in circular slices. Contains pork, beef, salt, sugar, spices, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate.
SalmonUncooked Atlantic salmon, produced by aquaculture, with or without skin.
Salmon patty or cakePatty or cake made of mashed potatoes, drained canned salmon, breadcrumb, egg and onion, prepared from basic ingredients. Cooked by frying in any type of fat or oil.
SaltCoarse grained salt sold in a form suitable for cooking.
SaltbushVery small, shiny round fruit usually bright red in colour. Primarily eaten fresh from the bush as a snack.
SamosaFried pyramid/ triangular shaped puff pastry shell filled with mixture of minced meat (usually beef or lamb), boiled potato, green peas, onions, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and cashew nuts, as served in Indian restaurants and takeaway shops.
Sandwich or rollToasted sandwich or roll made from bread, canned spaghetti in sauce, and table spread.
SardineRaw Australian sardines.
SauceCommercial apple sauce made from apples, sugar and water.
SausageSausages made from chopped, minced, or blended vegetables and/or legumes and other ingredients such as spices, sugar and salt.
Sausage rollCommercially prepared meat filling (usually beef and/or lamb) rolled in pastry, purchased ready to eat.
SaveloySaveloy pork sausage, coated in commercial batter and deep fried. Batter may contain self raising flour, plain flour, bicarbonate of soda, water and egg.
ScallopFlesh and roe of uncooked scallop.
Scallop with or without roeFlesh and roe of a scallop cooked by grilling, frying, baking or BBQ’ing without added fat.
SconeCommercially prepared, dough-like product made from flour, water, cheese, oil, skim milk powder, sugar, salt, chive flakes, and then baked.
Seafood or fish stick (surimi)Uncooked seafood pieces (predominantly pollack) mixed with ingredients such as starch, cereals, salt, sugar, flavours and colours and reconstituted into small cylinders or as flakes. Purchased frozen. Product imported into Australia from Japan or Thailand.
SeaweedDried edible seaweed brought in round or square sheets. Commonly used for making sushi.
SeedsA mix of sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, poppy seeds and linseed.
SemolinaCoarsely ground starchy product from the inner endosperm of durum wheat. It is granular in appearance and ranges from clear to yellow in colour. Uncooked.
ShallotImmature onion with a thin cylindrical white base, and long dark green stalks. Uncooked.
Shark (flake)Uncooked shark or flake (typically Gummy, School and Black Tipped shark) with or without skin.
Sherbet powderSugar based confectionery, flavoured powder with food acid. Also contains sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate and flavours and colours.
SherryFermented grape juice to which additional alcohol is added and with a low sugars content (approximately 1%). Approximately 14% v/v alcohol.
ShorteningAn edible shortening made with animal fat, containing 100% edible fats (beef dripping). This is a harder-style shortening for commercial baking and is most suited to short pastry (sweet or savoury), pie bases, tarts and flans. It contains added Vitamin A.
Silver perchUncooked silver perch produced in Australia by aquaculture with or without skin.
SilverbeetVegetable with, large white stem and frilly dark green leaves. Sometimes known as spinach. Uncooked.
Smoked fish (including eel & trout)Fish preserved by salting and smoking over a fire. Includes smoked skate, snook, eel, barracouta, flake, morwong and trout.
SmoothieBeverage prepared by blending cows milk with fresh banana and other ingredients such as honey, ice cream or yoghurt. With or without topping or flavouring.
Snack mixSavoury snack mix commonly containing fried noodles, dried green peas and peanuts, seasoned with spices.
Snack packCommercial snack pack containing corn and rice based crackers with salsa.
SnapperUncooked snapper with or without skin.
Snow peaA flat green edible pod, containing small round green peas. Uncooked.
Soft drinkCarbonated, non-alcoholic beverage containing water, sugar, cola flavour, and colours, without added ice.
SouffleA baked dessert made from egg custard, lightened with whipped egg whites, flavoured with chocolate.
SoupAsian style soups that may contain rice, egg and chicken.
Soy bean curd skinsSheets of dried soybean curd, rehydrated in boiling water.
Soy beverageBeverage prepared from soy beans, purchased ready to drink. Does not contain added vitamins, minerals or artificial flavouring substances.
Spaghetti in meat sauceCommercially prepared canned pasta product containing spaghetti in tomato-based meat sauce.
Spaghetti in tomato & cheese sauceCommercially prepared canned pasta product containing spaghetti in tomato and cheese sauce.
SpamManufactured pork product containing chopped pork shoulder, leg ham, salt, sugar, mineral salts, sodium nitrite and water.
SpeltSmall uncooked grain from the wheat family with a nutty flavour. Uncooked.
SpiceGround mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, used to flavour various dishes.
SpiderBeverage prepared by placing scoops of ice cream into cola based soft drink.
SpinachLeafy vegetable with vivid green, slightly crinkled leaves on fine stems. Uncooked.
SpiritUndefined spirit used in cocktails and home mixed drinks. Spirits weighted according to consumption patterns observed during the Australian Health Survey.
Sports drinkNon-alcoholic powdered beverage base especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of sports people. Composition may vary significantly according to brand.
Spring rollCommercially produced unspecified savoury filling rolled in thin pastry, purchased frozen then baked.
Spring roll or rice paper rollChicken and vegetable filling (including lettuce or Chinese cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber, capsicum, onion and vermicelli) rolled in rice paper. Product is not cooked.
SquashSmall, rounded vegetable fruit, generally with a yellow skin. Uncooked.
Squid or calamariUncooked squid tubes.
StarchFine powder composed of polysaccharides derived from the potato tuber.
Steak sandwichGrilled or pan fried beef steak, with or without sauce, in bread, as prepared at home or from an independent takeaway outlet.
Steamed bunSteamed bun based on yeasted wheat flour dough made with flour, sugar, yeast or baking powder, milk and or water, salt and oil. Does not contain any filling.
StewChicken meat and vegetables (including tomato, onion, potato, carrot and peas) in a sauce, preserved in a can, ready to eat.
StingrayStingray with or without skin, cooked by baking, roasting, frying, grilling or BBQ’ing without added fat.
Stir-fryMixed dish containing a range of green Asian style vegetables with onion, garlic, and ginger, stir fried with oil, with added soy sauce and honey, as prepared in the home during the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey component of the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey.
StockConcentrated meat stock that is dried and supplied as a powder or compressed into a cube. Contains ingredients such as salt and flavours.
Stone fruitRaw, unpeeled peaches, nectarines, apricots and cherries weighted according to consumption patterns observed during the Australian Health Survey.
StrasburgA cooked and smoked processed meat, commonly containing pork, beef, starch, salt, cereal, sugar, spices, flavour, sodium nitrite/nitrate, preservatives and water.
StrawberryFresh, sweet red berry with small seeds on the exterior.
StrudelCommercially prepared sweet pastry dish, made with apple, mixed dried fruits, bread crumbs and cinnamon enclosed in commercial pastry.
StuffingCommercial bread-based stuffing cooked inside whole chicken. Typical ingredients include salt, herbs, spices and dried onion. Bread contains added folic acid.
SuetHard, white fat surrounding the kidneys of beef and mutton, sold mixed with wheat flour.
SugarA soft moist brown sugar with a fine crystal size.
SultanaDried green grapes, dark brown in colour.
SundaeVanilla soft serve ice cream with caramel flavoured topping as prepared commercially and sold in fast food/chain style restaurants (e.g. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks).
SushiJapanese style roll made of sushi rice and beef, wrapped in edible seaweed (nori).
SwedeRoot vegetable with yellow flesh and pale yellow skin. Uncooked.
Sweet potatoA long, large tuberous vegetable, with red skin and orange flesh. Peeled or unpeeled and uncooked.
SweetcornBaby (miniature) corn on the cob, purchased canned. Gently heated in packing liquid (salt and water), then drained.
SwordfishUncooked swordfish with or without skin.
SyrupSweet syrup extracted from the agave cactus plant.
Foods beginning with the letter S

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