Foods starting with X

Sorry, but there are no commonly-eaten foods in the English language beginning with the letter X. Of course, you could say that something like Xavier Steak or Xavier Soup is a food starting with X, but it is a bit of a stretch.

Branching outside of English, you can use other languages to come up with foods starting with X. Xiaolongbao (Soup Buns from China), Xigua (Watermelon in Chinese), Xia (Prawn in Chinese), Xonocostle (Cactus fruit in Spanish), and Xiphias (Swordfish in Greek) are examples.

Bear in mind that the sound “X” makes in these languages is different from the sound it makes in English. In many cases, those languages do not conventionally use the Roman alphabet, so there really is no “X” in the first place.

Staying with other languages, some food names translate unchanged into English, so even though they may not be common, they do actually begin with X. Examples are: Xnipec, a Mexican salsa; Xacuti, an Indian curry; Xoi, a Vietnamese dessert; Xalapa, a South American cocktail; Xanthia, a Greek cocktail.

Finally, there are food ingredients not typically eaten in isolated form like Xylitol (a sweetener), and Xantham Gum (a binder) found in many processed foods.

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To find more foods with names starting with the letter X, use our Food Search Box or see the information in Wikipedia’s food page. Most of the food information on this page was sourced from FSANZ.