Foods starting with E

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter E. Aside from the obvious Egg and Eclair, you will find Emu and Endive.

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Foods beginning with E e

Food NameFood Description
Easter eggA confectionery product comprised of a milk chocolate Easter egg shell enclosing a fondant cream type filling.
EchidnaRaw flesh from a small mammal covered with coarse hair and spines and with a long pointed nose. Flesh is red and greasy. Caught in the wild.
Eclair or profiteroleCommercially produced baked choux pastry shell with cream and custard filling and chocolate icing.
EggEdible portion, including both yolk and white (albumen), of the egg of chickens fed a specific diet to increase the level of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Actual levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids may vary depending on the chickens diet. Uncooked.
EggplantA smooth, shiny deep purple-blackish skinned vegetable with a creamy white interior with many small light brown seeds dispersed through the flesh. Uncooked.
Eggs benedictWhole poached chicken eggs with grilled bacon (or ham) and generous dressing of hollandaise sauce.
EmuRaw meat from emu thigh.
EndiveA salad leaf vegetable made up of rosette of green curly leaves, darker at tips and lighter in the centre. Uncooked.
Foods beginning with the letter E

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