Foods starting with V

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter V. A fine dinner might be Veal and Venison wrapped in Vine Leaf with Vegetables, followed by Vanilla dessert chased with a Vodka shot.

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Foods beginning with V v

Food NameFood Description
VanillaSolution containing the substance vanillin, used as a flavouring agent.
VealRaw veal fat from various regions of the carcase. Internal and external separable fat only.
Vegetable JuiceSolution containing blended vegetables, with or without fruits and cereal grasses.
Vegetable burgerCommercially prepared vegetable patty with cheese, shredded lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and tomato sauce in a white bun, as purchased in fast food outlets. Hungry Jack’s Veggie Burger is an example of this style of product.
Vegetable crisps or chipsSnack product consisting of cassava, tapioca flour, sesame seeds, chinese cabbage, garlic, shallots and sugar, deep fried in sunflower oil and salted. Ajitas Vege Chips are an example of this style of product.
Vegetarian meatA rasher made from soybeans, wheat gluten, starches, vegetable oil, thickeners, salt, sugar and flavours. Cooked by any method, with or without added fat.
VenisonRaw diced venison from the forequarter portion of the carcase, with all visible fat removed.
Vine leafVine leaf, rolled and stuffed with mince, rice, tomato, onion and herbs. As prepared in the home from basic ingredients.
VinegarSour liquid prepared by acetous fermentation. Balsamic vinegar is based on wine vinegar complemented by concentrated and cooked grape must, ageing allowing aroma to further develop. Commonly used in dressings and as a taste enhancer in various recipes
VodkaAlcoholic beverage prepared by distillation of fermented potatoes and/or grain.
Foods beginning with the letter V

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