Foods starting with B

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter B. The list includes various meats like Bacon, Beef, and Black Pudding. Other food names beginning with B include baked goods like Bread, Biscuits, and Buns.

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Foods beginning with B b

Food NameFood Description
BabacoTorpedo shaped fruit with green yellow to golden yellow skin and golden yellow flesh. Imported from New Zealand. Also known as Champagne Fruit.
BabyccinoBeverage, commonly described as ‘babyccino’, prepared from heated and aerated cows milk and sprinkled with drinking chocolate. Includes fortified, unfortified, regular fat, reduced fat and skim cows milk. Does not contain coffee, added sugar or flavour.
BaconRaw, cured, smoked and cooked pork rasher containing salt, sugar, mineral salts, antioxidant, nitrite and water.
Bacon burgerBacon rasher, with cheese, with or without sauce, in a bread roll
BagelA ring of baked yeast dough with a chewy centre and a crusty outside. It is typically 8-10cm in diameter. Usually poached in water or steamed before being baked. Contains added folic acid and iodised salt. Ready to eat.
Baked beansNavy/haricot beans in bbq sauce, canned. Contains added salt, sugar, food acids, maize thickener and flavour.
Baking powderFine white powder used to chemically leaven baked goods such as cakes. Composed of 50% cream of tartar, 25% baking soda, and 25% starch.
Baking soda (bicarbonate)Fine white powder used to chemically leaven baked goods such as cakes.
BaklavaSweet slice made with layers of filo pastry and nuts then soaked in a honey syrup.
Bamboo shootTender young shoots of an edible bamboo plant, cream in colour with a fibrous texture. Sliced and canned in water. Heated in own juice, then drained.
BananaAustralian grown, long fruit with thick yellow skin and cream-coloured flesh.
Banana chipDried, thinly sliced banana product that is sometimes fried in oil and coated with a sugary film.
Banana splitA dessert commonly made from fresh banana split lengthwise and topped with ice cream, whipped cream, flavoured topping and nuts.
BarSnack style product whose major ingredients include rolled oats, sugars and vegetable oils, and generally have added dried fruits (typically apricot, sultana and apple).
Bar or biscuitCommercial bar or biscuit type product formulated to be high in protein.
BarleyGrain that has had the bran removed, then is steamed and polished. Uncooked.
BarleyMaxGrain that has been produced to be high in fibre. It has had the bran removed, then is steamed and polished. Uncooked.
BarramundiUncooked barramundi, produced under aquaculture and imported into Australia, with or without skin.
BasilLarge, green, oval-shaped, pointed leaves, with a distinct sweet smell and taste. Dried.
Bassa (basa)Uncooked bassa (basa), produced by aquaculture and imported into Australia, with or without skin.
Batter for coating foodAll purpose commercial batter made from plain flour, baking powder, water and salt. Uncooked.
BeanSmall white bean with smooth texture and nutty flavour. Beans boiled and canned in brine, then drained.
Bean pasteA jam like conserve made from mashed boiled red beans and sugar, often used as an ingredient in Asian cuisine.
BeefThick dark brown concentrated beef extract paste rich in iron, niacin and folate. Typically added to soups and stews for flavouring or to hot water for a salty beverage.
BeerAlcoholic beverage characterised by the presence of hops or preparations of hops, prepared by the yeast fermentation of an aqueous extract of malted or unmalted cereals (usually barley), using warm temperature fermentation. Greater than or equal to 5% v/v alcohol.
BeetrootRounded root vegetable with dark brown-purple skin and stems and purple flesh. Edible portion comprises flesh only.
Beetroot crisps or chipsSnack product consisting of thinly sliced beetroot, deep fried in vegetable oil and salted.
BerlinerProcessed delicatessen meat commonly used as a sandwich topping. Contains pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium erythorbate, spices, sodium nitrite and smoked.
Beta-caroteneThis food was developed to use as a recipe ingredient for foods containing added beta-carotene, consumed during the Australian Health Survey.
BeverageBeverage prepared by mixing cocoa powder with cows milk.
Beverage baseUnfortified dry beverage base used to prepare a banana flavoured beverage with the addition of milk. Typical ingredients include sugar, maltodextrin, flavour and colours (including riboflavin). Nesquik brand is an example of such a product.
BiscuitCommercially prepared, round or square, savoury dry cake, made from puffed corn and salted.
Biscuit fillingSweet chocolate flavoured filling often used in a commercial sandwich-style biscuit such as Chocolate Cream Oreo and Kingston biscuits. Ingredients include vegetable oil, milk solids and sugar.
Biscuit mixCommercially prepared dry mix used to prepare sweet biscuits in the home with the addition of other ingredients. Ingredients include wheat flour, sugar, salt, egg powder, glucose, flavour, raising agent 450 and emulsifier 481.
BittersA high-alcohol spirit containing spices and flavours such as gentian, and some sugar typically added to beverages in small amounts.
Black puddingSausage with major ingredients of meat, blood, cereal.
BlackberryRound fruit characterised by a collection of tiny, shiny, black drupelets around a central white core.
Blue grenadier (hoki)Uncooked blue grenadier (hoki) with or without skin.
BlueberrySmall, deep blue berry with whitish waxy bloom.
Blue-eye trevallaUncooked blue eye trevalla, blue eye code, warehou or bigeye, with or without skin.
Bok choy or choy sumAsian vegetable with white to pale green coloured stems, and rounded, dark-green leaves. Uncooked.
Braised steak & onionsCanned product commonly containing beef steak, onion, cereal, tomato, salt, spice and water.
BrandyAlcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of wine, or fermented preparations of grapes or grape products.
BrawnJellied meat mixture, also known as presswurst. Commonly contains pork, but may also contain chicken. Other ingredients include vinegar, spices, salt, thickener (gelatine), cereal, soy protein, sugars, antioxidant, mineral salts, sodium nitrate and water.
BreadA flat disc of Indian-style bread, generally unleavened, made from wholemeal wheat flour without added fat during mixing or baking. Contains added folic acid. Ready to eat.
Bread or bread rollCommercial yeast leavened, thin, soft-crusted white bread typically prepared from white flour, olive oil, water, yeast, sugar, salt and sesame seeds. Contains added folic acid and iodised salt. Ready to eat.
BreadcrumbsCrisp crumbs crushed from white bread which has been dried and packaged before sale. Contains added folic acid and iodised salt.
Breakfast cerealTypically flavoured, precooked dried and processed grains to which milk is usually added.
BreamA common fish.
BroccoliDeep green flower clusters which form the head, and pale green stems.
BroccoliniDeep green flower clusters which form the head, and pale green stems.
Brussels sproutLayers of small green leaves with white stems wrapped around a white base.
Buckwheat groatsHulled, crushed, roasted kernels, used in a similar manner to rice.
BuffaloRaw meat from the forequarter of a pasture-fed swamp buffalo.
Bulgur (burghulA quick-cooking form of whole wheat that has been cleaned, parboiled, dried, ground into particles and sifted into distinct sizes (fine, medium and course grinds).
BunCommercially prepared sweet bun made from yeasted wheat flour, sugar, water, oil and salt.
ButterA product derived exclusively from milk and products obtained from milk, principally in the form of an emulsion of the type water-in-oil, containing no less than 80% milkfat. Contains added salt.
ButtermilkReduced fat milk which has been fermented by the deliberate addition of bacterial cultures. Product remains a liquid and does not have flavours or other foods added to it.
Food names beginning with the letter B

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