Foods starting with L

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter L. You could eat a healthy balanced diet with nothing but L foods like Lamb, Lentils, Lasagna, Lettuce, and Lychee.

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Foods beginning with L l

Food NameFood Description
LambRaw internal and external separable fat from 11 different cuts from various regions of the carcase.
LardPurified fat rendered from the carcass of pigs.
Lasagne (Lasagna)Home prepared pasta dish made from layers of pasta, bolognese sauce without added vegetables, savoury white cheese sauce and cheese (typically cheddar/mozzarella/parmesan).
LecithinPhospholipid-rich granular extract of soy beans, often used in baking and as an emulsifier, as purchased from supermarkets for domestic use.
LeekLong and cylindrical in shape, with thick white stalks and green fan-shaped leaves. Uncooked.
LegumesA mix of chick peas, kidney beans, cannellini beans for use in homemade soup records that contain legumes.
LemonTart citrus fruit, with a yellow rind and pulp.
Lemon butterSweet custard-type spread that is flavoured and coloured with lemon juice and lemon peel, and sugar.
Lemon peelThe peel (Limonis Cortex) and the rind (flavedo) of fresh lemons.
LentilThree types of uncooked, skinned and split lentils, labelled as being red, brown or green lentils.
LettuceGreen, crisp, elongated leaves, tightly wrapped to form an elongated head. Uncooked.
LicoriceAniseed flavoured confectionery covered in a layer of milk chocolate.
LimeOval fruit with light greenish-yellow pulp when ripe.
LingRaw ling with or without skin.
LiqueurAlcoholic beverage prepared from brandy and egg yolks.
Lobster or crayfishFlesh from lobsters cooked whole in water or steam prior to purchase so that the lobster is red in colour.
Lollipop or chupa chupHard confectionery made from sugars, food acid, flavours and colours such as barley sugar and made into a lollipop.
LollyHard confectionery made from sugars, food acid, flavours and colours such as barley sugar.
LoquatSmall round fruit, also known as Japanese Medlar; Nispero.
LycheeSmall round to oval shaped fruit with a scaly reddish to reddish-brown skin and off-white flesh.
Foods with names beginning with L

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