Foods starting with H

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter H. Fast food favourites Hamburger and Hot Dog start with H, as do sweets like Honey and Halvah.

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Foods beginning with H h

Food NameFood Description
HalvahA middle Eastern style confectionery commonly made from tahini, white sugar and liquid glucose.
HamCured leg ham containing pork, starch, salt, mineral salts, sugar, antioxidant, sodium nitrite, spices and water. All separable fat removed.
Ham & chicken rollProcessed, thinly sliced meat commonly containing pork, beef, chicken, cereal, salt, sugar, spices, soy protein, antioxidant, sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite and water.
Ham & salamiHam or salami used as a subway sandwich filling.
Ham steakSmoked ham steak containing manufactured meat, pork, salt, soya protein, sugar, potato flour, mineral salts, antioxidant, flavours, preservatives, sodium nitrite and water.
HamburgerCommercially prepared grilled beef burger patty, with processed cheese, pickles, sauce and onion, without bread.
HerbsMixture of dried herbs including thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, marjoram and sage, used to flavour various dishes.
HerringHerring fillets preserved by pickling in a brine and canning or bottling. Drained from brine. Imported into Australia.
HoneySugar syrup made by bees.
HoneycombConfectionery product typically made from honey, golden syrup, white sugar, water and baking soda.
HorseradishWhitish horseradish root grated and mixed with vinegar and salt.
Hot dogFresh bread or bread roll containing a frankfurt.

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