Foods starting with O

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter O. Orange is the obvious one, but Oat bran, Oyster, Onion, and Olive also start with O.

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Foods beginning with O o

Food NameFood Description
Oat branThe rough outer covering of the oat (located under the husk), that has not undergone further processing other than packaging.
OatsCrushed grain produced by steaming and flattening the oats with rollers. No further cooking. Includes traditional and quick cooking styles.
OctopusUncooked octopus.
OilEdible oil extracted from the almond (Prunus amygdalus).
OkraUncooked short, thin, green seed pod with pronounced ridges running from stem to tip.
OlivePickled fruit of the olive tree, preserved in brine and/or oil, and drained before consumption.
OmeletteOmelette prepared by beating the edible portion of chicken eggs, including both yolk and white (albumen), water (optional) and pepper. Cooked in a pan until set with no added fat.
OnionA bulb with thin outer layers of brown skin and layers of white flesh tightly wrapped together. Edible portion includes flesh only. Uncooked.
Onion ringOnion rings with breadcrumb coating, fried in an unspecified oil.
OrangeRound in shape with an orange waxy peel and orange flesh, that can be broken into segments. Include Washington, Lanes Late and Leng navel oranges and valencia oranges.
Orange roughyUncooked orange roughy with or without skin.
Oregano or marjoramDried, and sometimes ground, leaves of Oreganum vulgare, used as a culinary herb.
OstrichRaw meat from ostrich thigh.
OuzoAlcoholic beverage flavoured with anise.
OysterFlesh of oysters purchased in open half shell. Includes oysters described as Pacific oysters.
Foods beginning with the letter O

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