Foods starting with R

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter R. Read on to see everything from Rabbit to Rye, including Rambutan and Rice.

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Foods beginning with R r

Food NameFood Description
RabbitRaw meat from whole rabbit carcase, offal and bone removed.
RadishA red-skinned root vegetable with crisp white flesh, unpeeled and uncooked.
RaisinDried red grapes, dark brown in colour.
RambutanSmall fruit with either red or yellow skin with soft spines.
RaspberryFresh unprocessed round berries characterised by a collection of tiny, shiny red drupelets.
RelishSavoury spread prepared from sweetcorn, celery, onion, capsicum, water, sugar, vinegar and salt.
RhubarbLong reddish/pink stem with large green leaves. Leaves removed.
RiceWhole brown rice sold mixed with dried fruit and sugar to be used to prepare a hot, porridge-style breakfast dish. Uncooked.
Rice branOuter layer of rice, removed during milling and reformed by extrusion. Uncooked.
Rice crisps or chipsSnack product consisting of processed rice deep fried in vegetable oil. May contain other grains (corn, tapioca) with added salt, flavours, colours and spices.
Rice paper wrapperThin edible paper used to prepare rice paper rolls or summer rolls, typically made from rice flour, salt and water. Sold dried in thin, translucent round or square sheets that are crisp to the touch. Soaked in water with no added oil or salt. Does not contain any fillings.
RisottoSavoury rice dish containing rice, ham, bacon, salami or sausage, with one or vegetables such as tomato, spinach or onion, garlic, with olive oil and parmesan cheese.
Rissole or pattyCommercial savoury rissole or patty made from vegetables and/or lentils and other ingredients such as milk, egg, soy protein, wheat flour, breadcrumbs and fat.
Roast chickenRoast chicken with fat and skin attached, served with stuffing and homemade gravy.
Roast dinnerSliced roast lamb served with roast potato and pumpkin and served with gravy.
Roast porkMixed dish containing roast pork, garlic and soy sauce, served with rice.
Rock cakeHome prepared sweet, baked product with a firm texture and containing dried fruit, usually sultanas.
RocketLong, soft green leaves with pronounced lobes and a distinctive peppery taste.
RosemaryDried woody herb with fragrant needle-like green leaves on small stalks.
RumAlcoholic beverage produced by distillation of fermented sugar. Includes both dark coloured and white coloured rum.
RyeA cereal commonly used for flour. Uncooked.

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