Foods starting with I

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter I. You could add Ice or Iced before just about any food to come up with food that starts with I. Some people eat Insects.

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Foods beginning with I i

Food NameFood Description
Ice confectionAustralian produced flavoured ice confection on a stick. Major ingredients include sugar, skim milk/solids, whey and vegetable gums. Chocolate flavour only
Ice creamCommercially prepared Italian-style ice cream dessert usually containing fruit, nuts and chocolate. May contain alcohol.
Ice cream cakeRegular fat vanilla, chocolate or other flavoured ice cream cake with chocolate or confectionery additions.
Ice cream coneVanilla flavoured soft serve ice cream formulated to contain less fat than regular vanilla ice cream (~3%), served in a wafer cone. As purchased in fast food/chain restaurants (e.g. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks).
Iced chocolateBeverage prepared by mixing regular unfortified fat cows milk, vanilla ice cream and chocolate flavoured syrup, with a whipped cream topping, as purchased in cafes or restaurants.
Iced coffeeBeverage home made by mixing regular fat cows milk, ice, and cooled strong instant coffee.
Iced teaA homemade, unsweetened beverage prepared by mixing tea, juice, mineral water, mint and ice. Does not contain added sugar.
IcingCommercial rich chocolate icing made from compound chocolate and thickened cream.
Infant cerealCommercial dry infant cereal containing added vitamin C and iron.
Infant formulaCommercial infant formula, prepared to meet the nutritional needs of infants aged 6-12 months, and containing added vitamins and minerals. Prepared with water according to label instructions.
Infant ruskHard, unsweetened commercial biscuit, intended for teething infants. Ingredients commonly include bread flour, wheatgerm, skim milk and yeast.
InsectA variety of insects including bees and ants. Caught in the wild and eaten without any further preparation or cooking.
Intense sweetenerSweetening product in powdered formulation containing aspartame as the intense sweetener, also containing maltodextrin.

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