Foods starting with U

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter U. It is a short list because there are not many common foods in the English language that start with U.

Technically, you could use words like “unbleached” or “unsalted” to name foods like “Unbleached Flour” and “Unsalted Nuts”, but doing so detracts from the fun of finding foods beginning with U.

However, if you consider global cuisines, there are many foods starting with U, like Urnebes, Uzska, Uunijuusto, and Uttapam. Also Utazi, Uzizia, Ube, and Ugali. For our list, we stuck to common foods eaten in Australia.

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Foods beginning with U u

Food NameFood Description
Udon NoodlesRelatively thick, usually oval cross-sectioned noodles served in clear broth or fried in soy-based sauce.
Ugli FruitCitrus fruit originating from the Carribean
Upside Down CakeCake, usually vanilla flavoured topped with fruit such as pineapple
Foods beginning with the letter U

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