Foods starting with Y

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter Y. Yikes, why are there not many foods beginning with Y. At least Yoghurt, Yams, Yorkshire Pudding, and Yabbies do!

Less common, global cuisine foods beginning with Y include Yucca and Yuca (not the same thing), Yacon and Yokan (also not the same thing), and Yiros and Yuzu.

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Foods beginning with Y y

Food NameFood Description
Yabby (yabbie)Flesh from a yabby (small crayfish).
YamIrregularly shaped tuber with white skin and flesh. Harvested in the wild and cooked with or without added fat.
YeastA cream or pale grey paste with a fine, smooth texture. Active raising agent used to leaven a wide range of breads, cakes and pastries.
YoghurtPrepared by pasteurising and homogenising skim milk and cream before culturing, resulting in a thickened, tangy yoghurt.
Yorkshire puddingPrepared savoury batter product prepared by baking batter adjacent to roasting beef.
Foods beginning with the letter Y

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