Foods starting with C

This is a list of common foods starting with the letter C. The list includes everything from Cabbage to Custard. Drinks like Coffee and Cider, pastries like Croissants and Crumpets, and vegetables like Carrots and Celery.

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Foods beginning with C c

Food NameFood Description
CabbageLarge and cylindrical in shape, with layers of tightly packed leaves. Each leaf has a long, fleshy, thick white stem and mid-green colour leaves. Uncooked.
Cabbage rollCabbage leaf stuffed with minced meat, rice, tomato, onion, herbs and baked.
CaffeineFood was developed to use as a recipe ingredient for foods containing caffeine, consumed during the Australian Health Survey.
CakeCake is typically made from flour, a raising agent, eggs, milk and fat, then baked. Ingredients for preparation vary depending on cake type.
Cake mixCommercially prepared dry plain cake mix. Typical ingredients include wheat flour, maize starch, sugar, salt, dairy products, vegetable oils, flavours, colours and baking agents. Includes cake mixes labelled as madeira, tea cake or vanilla cake.
Cake or cupcakeCommercially prepared banana cake typically made from ingredients including flour, banana, sugar, egg, commercial shortening and sour cream.
CalciumThis food was developed to use as a recipe ingredient for foods containing added calcium, consumed during the Australian Health Survey.
CamelRaw meat from the forequarter of a camel.
Camp pieCanned product containing beef, mutton, mechanically deboned meat, water, wheat starch, gluten, salt, spices, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite.
CannelloniPasta dish made from pasta tubes filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, and topped with a commercial tomato-based sauce and parmesan cheese.
CannoliHome prepared cannoli pastry, commonly made with flour, butter, egg and sugar and fried in oil.
CapersSmall round green berries of the caper bush. Pickled commercially and drained.
CapsicumCapsicum stuffed with minced meat, rice, tomato, onion and herbs and then baked.
CaramelsSoft caramel confectionery including soft toffees.
CardamomGround spice commonly used in Indian cooking and drinks, in Middle Eastern cooking and in Scandinavian baking
CarrotCrisp root vegetable with orange flesh and green leaves/stem. Uncooked.
CassavaLong, coarse brown tuber, with a fibrous flesh. Uncooked.
CasseroleMixed dish containing beef, gravy, oil, water, onion and garlic, as prepared in the home during the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey component of the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey.
Casserole baseDry mix for reconstitution as creamy sauce to be served with meat and vegetable dishes. Typical ingredients may include maize starch, thickeners, salt, herbs and spices, flavourings, colours and milk powder.
Casserole or curryCanned product commonly containing diced meat, vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas), thickener, wheat flour, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, flavour enhancer, spices, sodium nitrite and water.
Casserole or stewMixed dish containing wild caught meat such as magpie goose or buffalo, gravy, oil, water, onion, and a range of vegetables including potato and carrot, as prepared in remote Australian communities.
CauliflowerTight white flower clusters which form the head, with a white stem. Uncooked.
CeleriacA thick tuberous root with brown skin and white flesh, with a celery like flavour. Uncooked.
CeleryA green upright vegetable with long stems and green leafy ends.
Chai latteDry product that is a mixture of milk solids, sugar, instant tea powder and flavours. Used to produce a hot beverage by mixing with hot liquid, usually hot water or milk.
CheeseCheese product that is a blend of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, pre-grated, intended for placing on top of pizzas before baking.
Cheese fruitLarge tropical berry consumed green or yellow to white when ripe. Cheese fruit has a bitter taste and a strong rancid smell when ripe.
Cheese spreadCheddar based cheese spread. Major ingredients include cheese and cream with added salt, food acid and natural colour.
CherrySmall, deep reddish-purple stone fruit.
Chestnut pureePaste made with chestnuts, sugar and vanilla.
Chewing gumAll flavours of sugar sweetened chewing gum or bubble gum.
ChickenWhole chicken with skin, cooked in a commercial rotisserie oven. Chicken is generally rubbed with oil, spices and salt. Does not include stuffing.
Chicken burgerCommercially prepared grilled chicken breast with bacon, cheese, egg and sauce in a white bun, as served in fast food style outlets.
Chicken kebabChicken kebab sold on a stick with marinade, cooked by baking, roasting, frying, grilling or barbecuing with no added fat.
Chicken pieceChicken breast, thigh, wing or drumstick piece with skin and fat with seasoned coating, fried on the bone in unspecified vegetable oil, as prepared in fast food style outlets. KFC Original recipe is an example of this style of product.
Chicken rollCommercially prepared roast chicken with mayonnaise in a long white roll, as served in fast food style outlets.
Chicken wrapCoated chicken breast strips commonly topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, and often containing bacon and/or cheese, wrapped in a white flour tortilla.
ChickpeaSmall cream coloured, heart shaped beans with a nutty flavour. Dried beans soaked, then cooked by boiling in unsalted water and draining, by microwaving, or by steaming.
ChicoryA leafy vegetable with long white leaves, typically used in salads, stews and casseroles. Uncooked.
Chiko rollCommercially prepared filling of vegetables with some meat wrapped in thin pastry, and deep fried. Ingredients include flour, cabbage, carrot, barley, meat (5% – usually mutton), celery, wheat, green beans and onion.
Chilli (chili)Dried and ground red pepper, characterised by a hot sensation when consumed as a spice.
Chilli (chili) powderSpice mixture composed of dried ground red chillies, salt and sometimes other spices.
Chip or crispSoy based snack food also containing maize and tapioca starch, vegetable oil, salt and flavourings.
ChivesLong, thin, flattish, dark green stem which comes to a point at the top. Uncooked.
ChocolateCocoa-based product formulated for baking or other cooking purposes in which cocoa butter is wholly or partially replaced with vegetable oils. Generally dark in colour but also includes milk cooking chocolate.
Chocolate glazeA glaze or icing made from chocolate and oil, often used for cakes and pastries.
ChokoPear-shaped green vegetable which grows on a vine and has a single soft seed, and pear-textured pale green flesh. Peeled and uncooked.
Chutney or relishJam-like preserve containing fruit, dried fruit, sugar, vinegar, salt and spices.
CiderAlcoholic beverage prepared from fermented apples. Approximately 4% alcohol.
CinnamonDried and ground bark or quills of Cinnamomum verum, C. zeylanicum or C. aromaticum, used as a spice.
ClovesDried and ground, unopened flower buds of Syzyghum aromaticum, used as a spice.
CoatingCoating (including batter, breadcrumb, pastry and tempura) used for foods such as red meat and chicken. Uncooked.
CocktailAlcoholic beverage containing a combination of spirits and/or liqueurs mixed with milk and/or cream.
Cocoa powderPowder produced from the liquor extracted from cocoa beans. Typically used to flavour beverages and in baking.
CoconutLiquid extract of the flesh of mature coconuts, containing significant levels of fat so that it has a creamy appearance. Supplied canned or in UHT tetrapaks.
Coconut iceCoconut and sugar-based confectionery slice. Contains pink and white layers of coloured mixture.
CodUncooked fillet of Atlantic cod.
Cod or hakeUncooked cod or hake with or without skin.
CoffeeDried extract of coffee beans, used to produce a beverage by the addition of boiling water.
Coffee & chicory essenceThick paste containing extracts of coffee and chicory, used to produce a hot beverage by mixing with hot water.
Coffee & milk concentrateThick canned paste containing instant coffee, milk, sugar and salt, used to produce a hot beverage by mixing with hot water.
Coffee mixDry product that is a mixture of ingredients such as sugar, maltodextrins, vegetable oil and coffee (around 10%), used to produce a hot beverage by mixing with hot water.
Coffee substituteDried extract of roasted cereals (generally containing barley and rye), used to prepare a hot beverage by the addition of hot water. Commonly used as a substitute for coffee.
Coffee whitenerDry product composed of glucose syrup, vegetable fat, sodium caseinate and food additives. Can be added to hot beverages in place of dairy milk.
CointreauAlcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of sweet and bitter orange peels, blended with alcohol, sugar and water.
ConeWafer shaped into a cone or similar shape, used for serving ice cream. Typical ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate. May contain other flours, wheatgerm and colours.
ConfectionerySweets, for example almonds coated in a layer of chocolate.
CordialNon-alcoholic beverage prepared by mixing 1 part of a concentrated sugar syrup containing 25% citrus fruit juice with 4 parts of water.
Cordial baseConcentrated sugar-based syrup containing a minimum of 25% citrus fruit juice (typically orange or lemon juice), used to prepare a beverage by dilution with water.
CorianderFresh leaves and stems of the coriander plant. Uncooked.
Coriander seedDried and ground fruit or seed of Coriandrum sativum, used as a spice.
Corn chipsSnack food product that consists of chips made from ground corn and fried in vegetable oil. Contains added cheese flavour.
Cornmeal (polenta)A type of flour ground from dried kernels of yellow or white corn. Uncooked.
CouscousCream coloured pellets made from approximately 2 parts semolina, 1 part wheat flour and salt and water, then steamed and dried. No further cooking.
CrabFlesh from crabs purchased freshly cooked by boiling or steaming.
CrabmeatFlesh extracted from crabs and canned in brine, undrained. Product as imported into Australia.
CrackerUnspecified savoury cracker with cheddar-style cheese.
CranberryA small, round, bright red berry with a tart flavour.
CreamAustralian produced dairy cream with a higher fat content (approximately 49%) than regular cream and sold labelled either as double cream or rich cream.
Cream of tartarPurified, crystallised potassium bitartrate, used as the acid component of some fast acting baking powder mixtures.
Crepe or pancakeHome prepared batter made from common household ingredients including milk, wheat flour, banana, sugar and egg. Poured onto buttered hotplate and cooked.
CrocodileRaw meat from the tail of a crocodile.
CroissantCrescent-shaped pastry prepared from ingredients such as wheat flour, butter (salted or unsalted) or margarine, yeast, sugar, egg, milk powder and food additives, then baked. Sodium content likely to vary widely depending on ingredients.
CrumbleA home prepared baked dessert made from stewed, peeled apples, topped with a crumble commonly containing rolled oats, brown sugar, plain flour, margarine spread, dairy blend or butter, nuts and cinnamon.
CrumpetCommercially prepared, batter-based product containing white, wheat flour, approximately 10 cm diameter and 1cm thick. Batter is leavened with yeast or with chemical agents and contains added salt and preservatives. Cooked on one side only and has an open honeycomb structure on the top surface. Contains added folic acid. Ready to eat.
CucumberLong and cylindrical in shape with white skin and white flesh with a crisp texture. Uncooked.
Cumin (cummin) seedDried and ground fruit or seeds of Cuminum cymimum, used as a spice.
Cumquat (kumquat)Small round orange fruit, similar in appearance to oranges but much smaller.
CurrantPackaged dried grapes, known as currants.
CurryMixed dish containing beef, curry paste, oil, water, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, capsicum, mushroom, green beans, chili, salt and fish sauce, in a coconut milk sauce, as prepared in restaurants, cafes and takeaway food outlets.
Curry or casseroleA home prepared mixed dish with sauce described only as ‘beef and pasta’ or ‘beef and noodles’ during the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey component of the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey.
Curry powderDried and ground mixture of spices for use in the preparation of Indian-style meals. Typical ingredients include the spices cumin, coriander seed and turmeric.
Curry puffCommercially prepared mixture of beef mince with vegetables including potato and onion, wrapped in puff pastry and deep fried in oil.
CustardCommercially produced regular fat banana flavoured custard. Major ingredients include whole milk, sugar, flavour and thickener. Custard does not contain eggs.
Custard appleLight green to bluish green skin covered in irregular smooth bumps with white-cream flesh.
Custard or yoghurt dessertCommercially produced regular fat fruit flavoured custard or yoghurt designed for infants. Major ingredients include whole milk, fruit juice, sugar and cornflour. Does not contain eggs.
Custard powderYellow powder used for making custard. Ingredients include cornflour, salt, colours and flavours.
Custard puddingCommercially produced regular fat vanilla flavoured custard with sugar-based sauce or topping. Major ingredients include whole milk, sugar, flavour and thickener. Custard does not contain eggs.
Custard pudding or creme bruleeA baked, flavoured custard commonly made with egg yolks, dairy cream and sugar. Topped with sugar after baking and then grilled to form a crunchy top.
Foods beginning with the letter C

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