Freemans Organic Farm

Calories in Freemans Organic Farm Produce

Freemans Organic Farm, located in Queensland’s Currumbin Valley deep in the Gold Coast Hinterland is nothing short of a national treasure. The farm has been growing some of the finest fruit and vegetables in the country for generations (since 1915 in fact!).

Organic produce, unlike the regular type, is produced according to certified standards of practice involving the cycling of resources, promoting ecological balance, and conserving biodiversity. In Australia, the NASAA standards apply.

All well and good, but what sort of calorie (or kilojoule) counts do organic fruit and veg of the type produced by the Freeman’s have? After calculating your calorie deficit, you will want to know how much of this good stuff you can eat per day. Use the calcount Food Search Box or take a quick look at this table:

ProduceCalories per 100 grams
Bananas – New Guinea Cavendish92 Calories (385kJ)
Bananas – Lady Fingers113 Calories (474kJ)
Avocados207 Calories (867kJ)
Kale26 Calories (109kJ)
Carrots31 Calories (133kJ)
Capsicums21 Calories (92kJ)
Sweet potato70 Calories (297kJ)
Mandarins45 Calories (191kJ)
Onions – Brown28 Calories (120kJ)
Broccoli31 Calories (131kJ)
Zucchini 14 Calories (61kJ)
Silverbeet17 Calories (72kJ)
Tomatoes17 Calories (73kJ)
Beans31 Calories (130kJ)
Squash26 Calories (110kJ)
Eggplant21 Calories (89kJ)
Paw Paw / Papaya33 Calories (142kJ)
Pumpkin44 Calories (186kJ)
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As expected, the calcount database holds that organic fruit and vegetables are low in calories and nutrient rich. One expects that the depth of micro-nutrients found in organically grown produce exceeds that of “regular” produce. In the case of Freeman’s farm, the highly arable volcanic soil undoubtedly transfers a plethora of minerals into the product of their sustainable labour.

The next time you are up Tomewin Mountain Road, why not stop over at this magnificent 25 acre organic farm and sample some of the produce? The crew at Freemans Organic Farm have been conducting guided tours and manning their stall for years. Head on over to their website for more information!