Will I lose Weight if I Stop Eating Rice?

Will you lose weight if you stop eating rice? Well, it depends. Generally though, yes, you will lose weight if you stop eating rice,

But only IF:

  • You usually eat rice more than 5 times per week.
Eat rice all the time
  • When you eat it, rice is the main carbohydrate (starch) component of your meals.
Rice is the main Starch Source
  • You do not replace the missing rice portion with an equal or greater source of calories. For example, by replacing a cup of rice with a cup of corn.
Corn swapped for Rice
  • Less food is eaten overall as a result of the skipped rice. If you stop eating rice, but start eating extra afternoon snacks at the same time, you might not change your overall calorie intake much.
Stop Eating Rice, replace with Cake
Riceless timeframe

So yes, you will generally lose weight if you stop eating rice. However, cutting rice out altogether is not recommended, because doing so might make your diet too low in carbs. Instead, you can follow these 3 steps to make your rice less calorific.