Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments, from Lowest to Highest

This is a list of common sauces and condiments, ranked from low calorie to high calorie. If you’ve read any of our other calories ranked posts, you know that we are interested in everyday foods for normal, everyday people. When you want control of your calorie intake, keep an eye on the condiments. Because sometimes, a big splodge of mayo on the side is all you need to go from deficit to surplus for the day.

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From Lowest to Highest, Popular Sauces and Condiments

It is possible to enjoy sauces and condiments when sticking to a low calorie plan. These are the sauces and condiments from your local supermarket ranked from lowest calories to highest, so you can make good food choices next time you stock your pantry:


Cornwell’s Apple Cider Vinegar 15 Calories

We won’t include all of the vinegar brands, but we’re showing this to give you the idea: non-balsamic vinegar is the lowest calorie condiment available. Depending on the type and brand, vinegar is between 75% to 95% water, so there is just no way for there to be meaningful calories in it. Cornwell’s Apple Cider Vinegar contains 15 calories, or 65 kilojoules, per 100ml.

Tabasco is low calorie

Tabasco Chilli Sauce Red Pepper 16 Calories

Besides the possible weight-loss effects of eating spicy food, the incredibly low calories are a good reason to choose Tabasco Sauce. Since it is basically just pepper powder and vinegar, Tabasco Sauce contains a measly 16 calories (67 kilojoules) per 100ml.

Cholula Hot Sauce 18 Calories

Another simple, spicy, chili vinegar hot sauce, Cholula Hot Sauce has just 18 calories/78kJ per 100ml, so feel free to douse your meal in it with no calorie worries.

Frank’s Hot Sauce Original 23 Calories

Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce has 23 calories, equivalent to 97 kilojoules, per 100ml. A good choice if you like to feel the burn whilst managing your calorie intake.

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce 26 Calories

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce contains 26 calories (110 kilojoules) per 100ml, which is more than 10% more calories than Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce.

Byron Bay Chilli Co. Chilli Sauce Green Jalapeno 57 Calories

Byron Bay Chilli Co. Chilli Sauce Green Jalapeno has 57 calories, or 239 kilojoules per 100ml. You’ll notice that this chunkier spicy sauce has more than double the calories of the thin Tabasco-esque type. Something to bear in mind when you’re factoring in which condiment to slather on your steak tonight.

Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena 78 Calories

An example of why it is important to read the nutrition label, Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena contains 78 calories (328kJ) per 100ml. Whilst still low-calorie in the scheme of things, balsamic vinegars generally have far more calories than the distilled or spirit type.

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 80 Calories

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce has 80 calories, or 335 kilojoules, per 100ml. It is wonderfully flavourful and goes so, so well with Pho, but bear in mind that it packs a massive 1500mg sodium per 100ml.

Heinz American Mustard 81 Calories

With just a smidge more calories and less sodium, Heinz American Mustard is a viable substitute for Sriracha if you can’t handle the heat. There are 81 calories, or 340kJ per 100ml in Heinz American Mustard.

Masterfoods Reduced Salt & Sugar Tomato Sauce 92 Calories

Masterfoods Reduced Salt & Sugar Tomato Sauce contains 92 calories, or 389 kilojoules, per 100ml. Read on to see how this reduced sugar version compares to the regular type of Masterfoods tomato sauce!

Beerenberg Tomato Sauce 93 Calories

Beerenberg Tomato Sauce has 93 calories (390kJ) per 100ml, making it the lowest calorie “full-flavour” popular tomato sauce. It is also the last item on this list which might be considered a low calorie sauce or condiment.

Masterfoods Tomato Sauce 103 Calories

Masterfoods Tomato Sauce contains 103 calories (435kJ) per 100ml, which means that it has just under 12% more calories than the reduced sugar version (see above). In the scheme of things, that is not much, so you don’t need to feel guilty for choosing this full-flavoured sauce over the reduced sugar variant.

Praise 99% Fat Free Squeeze Mayonnaise 114 Calories

Praise 99% Fat Free Squeeze Mayonnaise has a surprisingly low 144 calories (480kJ) per 100ml, considering that it is mayonnaise. Perhaps the 99% fat-free thing has something to do with it? For comparison, scroll down to the very bottom of this list to see what sort of calorie load regular mayo packs.

Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup 117 Calories

Probably the most popular sauce yet featured on this list, Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup has 117 calories, equal to 490 kilojoules, per 100ml.

Fountain Tomato Sauce Squeeze 118 Calories

With just one more calorie than Heinz, Fountain Tomato Sauce Squeeze comes next with 118 calories (497 kilojoules) per 100ml.

Ozesauce Tomato Sauce 119 Calories

Ozesauce Tomato Sauce has 119 calories, equivalent to a round 500kJ, per 100ml. yes, its the one that Dick Smith made.

Rosella Organic Tomato Sauce 129 Calories

This fancy Rosella Organic Tomato Sauce is a big step up in calories from the more “regular” type of tomato sauce. 100ml contains 129 calories, equal to 541 kilojoules.

Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce 172 Calories

Making a 40 calorie jump from tomato sauce levels, the sweet chilli type sauces come next. They have ten times the calories of the more basic Tabasco-esque type of hot sauce. Why? These sauces are high in sugar. Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce starts us off with 172 calories (720kJ) per 100ml.

ABC Chilli Sauce Extra Hot 194 Calories

ABC Chilli Sauce Extra Hot contains 194 calories, or 813 kilojoules, per 100ml. That’s about 10 calories per 5ml teaspoon, so not exactly a low calorie condiment.

Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce 199 Calories

Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce has 199 calories (836kJ) per 100ml, so pouring 50ml over your wedges is the calorie equivalent of scooping a mashed banana onto them.

Nando’s Perinaise Sauce Hot 237 Calories

Nando’s Perinaise Sauce Hot is the first “full fat” mayo-type condiment on this list, but it is not the last. If you must have mayo, try to stick with the blended types like this. 237 calories (993kJ) is hefty, but for mayo it is entry-level.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce 250 Calories

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce packs two and a half calories into each sweet, sweet milliliter (250kcal/1046kJ per 100ml).

Masterfoods Barbecue Sauce Smokey 254 Calories

The soft, tapered Masterfoods Barbecue Sauce Smokey bottle is super-easy to squeeze. Getting 100ml (254 calories/1064kJ) onto a couple of sossie rolls is not exactly mission impossible.

Trident Sweet Chilli Sauce 291 Calories

Trident Sweet Chilli Sauce is the sweetest and highest calorie sweet chilli sauce in the supermarket. Each 100ml has 291 calories, or 1220 kilojoules. Think about all those calories before dipping an otherwise low-calorie fresh rice-paper spring roll into a bowl of it!

Praise Burger Sauce Aioli 399 Calories

The thing about mayonnaise is: the main ingredient is oil. You can call it aioli, burger sauce, tartar sauce, remoulade, or salsa golf, but mayo is mayo and it is up to 80% pure oil. Case in point, this Praise Burger Sauce with 399 calories (1670kJ) per 100ml.

Taco Sauce is not low calorie

Masterfoods Chipotle Taco Style Sauce 534 Calories

Masterfoods Chipotle Taco Style Sauce is another flavoured mayonnaise, good for 534 calories or 2238kJ per 100ml. Adding this to your tacos will radically transform their calorie count.

Praise Traditional Mayonnaise 623 Calories

Praise Traditional Mayonnaise in an easy-squeeze (easier to squirt even more out!) jar contains 623 calories (2610kJ) per 100ml.

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise 700 Calories

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise is made with rice vinegar rather than regular distilled vinegar, so it tastes deliciously tangy. There is a cute baby on the packaging. What’s not cute is the 700 calories (2930kJ) per 100ml.

Not low calorie condiment

Hellmann’s Real Mayo Jar Real Mayonnaise 709 Calories

Hellmann’s Real Mayo Jar Real Mayonnaise is 77% vegetable oil, 8% egg yolk, and a 100% unapologetic high calorie food. When you eat this 709 calorie/2970kJ condiment, do so with your eyes open so that you don’t spread it too thick. It is what it is, so make an informed choice before indulging.

Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments Concepts

The big takeaway from this list is that there is a huge range of difference in calories between condiments. A basic vinegar-based sauce has 2% of the calories of the heaviest mayonnaises. When you are trying to avoid high calorie condiments, avert your gaze from the mayo and sweet chilli aisles. Choose distilled vinegars over balsamic ones, and understand that barbecue sauce has twice the calories of tomato sauce. The best choice (if you can handle the heat) are thin hot sauces like Tabasco.