Broccoli Calories

How many calories does broccoli have? Take a quick scroll through this short post to find out how many calories there are in a head of broccoli, and how broccoli compares to other similar veggies.

Calories in a Head of Broccoli

Each 100 grams of raw broccoli contains 31 calories, or 131 kilojoules.  A medium sized head of broccoli has about 100 calories. This means that broccoli has fewer kilojoules than pumpkin, but more calories than cauliflower, and much more food energy than lettuce. Broccoli is a low-calorie food, as might be expected, but it is not a low-calorie vegetable. There are many other types of vegetables which rank lower than broccoli in food energy terms.

A Whole Broccoli Calories

The number of calories in one head of broccoli depends on the weight of the bunch. A small head of broccoli weighs about 220g and contains 68 calories (288kJ), whereas a large one could be 600 grams with 186 kcal and 786 kilojoules. A cup of broccoli weighs between 80 to 100g, depending on how it is cut, which equates to 25-31 Cal.

Calories in a Head of Broccoli

Is Broccoli Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, broccoli is good for weight loss because it is low in food energy and high in fibre. The dietary fibre in broccoli swells with water absorption, stretching the stomach to make you feel fuller for longer. Furthermore, the type of carbohydrates in broccoli tend to last longer than fast-burn sugars. Some research indicates that glucoraphanin in broccoli may even help to reduce unhealthy liver fat by breaking it down.

Eating Broccoli Every Day

Despite what you might have heard, it is not good to eat large amounts of broccoli every day. Broccoli, like all cabbages, is a cruciferous vegetable which contains many heavily researched chemicals which may fight cancer. Unfortunately, some of these compounds can provoke allergies when consumed in large quantities for sustained periods. Another problem is that the high fibre content of broccoli can irritate the bowel and cause bloating and excessive gas. It is best to eat a wide variety of vegetables, including broccoli, as part of a balanced diet.