Best Meal Kits in Australia (Compared)

Meal kits are a popular and convenient way for busy individuals to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals. Like other prepared meal delivery companies, meal kit providers deliver food boxes (meal kits) to your door, but you have to cook the food yourself. The food box contains ingredients which are prepared for you, so all you have … Read more

fresh vs frozen food

Fresh versus Frozen Food (which has more calories?)

One of our regular readers recently asked: “Why does there seem to be a huge difference in calories between Coles fresh and frozen seafood marinara mix?”. Aren’t they the same product? Why is there a 30-calorie difference between the two? We explained that frozen food typically has a much higher water content, which reduces its … Read more

White Meats VS Red Meats

White Meats VS Red Meats, which is better?

How do white meats compare to red meats in terms of calories, protein, iron and other nutrients? Time for a quick post with quick answers to a quick question! First up, let’s define which is which, that is, what’s a red meat and what is a white meat? White Meats White meats are those with … Read more

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, Meal by Meal!

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, how do they compare, on a per meal basis? Which of these pre-pack meal companies delivers the least calories and most protein per meal, on a like-for-like basis? Let’s find out with this quick visual guide: MACROS Beef Chilli compared to MYMC Beef Chilli Both companies deliver a Chilli Con … Read more

Man Shake versus Lady Shake

The Man Shake VS The Lady Shake

The Man Shake and The Lady Shake are probably the most popular gender-specific weight loss shakes available in Australia. These meal replacement products are made and marketed by Cranky Health, a NSW company founded by Adam MacDougall. Adam “Mad Dog” MacDougall is a former League player (Knights, Roosters, and Rabbitohs) and the face of The … Read more

Chickpeas VS Chicken

Protein in Chickpeas VS Chicken (and Calories, Nutrition)

It’s another of our comparison posts, this time chickpeas vs chicken! Why chickpeas compared to chicken? Because chickpeas are known as the high protein vegetable, and chicken is meat, and both chickpeas and chicken have “chick” in their names. It is a bit of fun and we think it might be insightful to see the … Read more