Calories and Carbs in Beer

Calories and Carbs in Beer

People ask us all the time: “How many calories in beer?”. It is our pleasure to present you with a comprehensive illustrated answer, the list of popular beers in Australia, ranked by calorie count. So, before you start sinking that pint of Great Northern, read this to understand how many calories there are in a … Read more

Flour in Australia Q & A

Flour in Australia

In Australia we often come across recipes, food labels, and informative articles about flour which make us go hmmmm? Flour is different around the world, so finding the right nutrition information can be a challenge. Let’s try to clear some confusion with a quick flour Q&A: Q: What is Cornstarch? A: Grind the starchy part … Read more

Coke No Sugar vs. Diet Coke

Diet Coke versus Coke No Sugar

Coke No Sugar and Diet Coke are sugar-free and contain less than one calorie, so are they really different? Let’s take a closer look at both drinks to find out if so and which one is healthier. Different Histories Malcolm Fraser was the Prime Minister in 1982 when Diet Coke was launched. In 2017, Malcolm … Read more