MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, Meal by Meal!

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef, how do they compare, on a per meal basis? Which of these pre-pack meal companies delivers the least calories and most protein per meal, on a like-for-like basis? Let’s find out with this quick visual guide:

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef Chilli

MACROS Beef Chilli compared to MYMC Beef Chilli

Both companies deliver a Chilli Con Carne meal: MACROS Sizzling Chilli Con Carne, and My Muscle Chef Beef Chilli Con Carne with Basmati Rice. The MACROS option has more calories (504 compared to 461) and less protein (30g compared to 35g).

MACROS Curry Tofu, MYMC Curry Tofu

My Muscle Chef offers a yellow curry, whilst MACROS has a green curry, and both feature tofu as the signature ingredient. MYMC Thai Yellow Curry with Tofu & Brown Rice has 477 calories and 20 grams protein per serve, compared to 405 calories and 20 grams protein in MACROS Green Curry Tofu Bowl.

Chicken Satay

MACROS Classic Chicken Satay has 513 calories and 28 grams of protein, whereas My Muscle Chef Satay Chicken with Basmati Rice & Green Peas also has 513 calories, but much more protein (42 grams).

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef Spaghetti

My Muscle Chef Spaghetti Bolognese compared to MACROS

MYMC Spaghetti Bolognese contains 501 calories and 38g protein, compared to 26g protein and 417 calories in MACROS Spaghetti Bolognese.

Massaman Curry Compared

MACROS Massaman Beef Curry has 508 calories and 32 grams of protein, compared to My Muscle Chef Beef Massaman Curry with Brown Rice with 545 calories and 40 grams protein.

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef Salmon

Salmon Meals

My Muscle Chef Chia Crusted Salmon with Soy Glaze, Broccolini & Rice is good for 536 calories and 37g protein, whilst MACROS Japanese Miso Salmon has 31g protein and 502 calories.

MACROS vs My Muscle Chef: TLDR

It is difficult to compare different meals on a like-for-like basis, simply because no two meals could ever have identical ingredients. That said, it is possible to divine the distinct nutrition philosophies of these two brands by comparing similar meals. From our analysis, on balance My Muscle Chef meals have more protein and calories than MACROS meals. Protein your focus? Go with MYMC. Calories per serve more important? Choose MACROS.

Do your own MACROS vs My Muscle Chef comparisons with their full menus here: