Low Calorie Snacks from Coles (-100 kcal/serve)

Want some low calorie snacks? Next time you do a pantry refill, consider this list of low calorie snacks from Coles. Arranged from low to high, these Coles brand snacks contain less than 100 calories per serve. Remember that, whilst the per serve calorie count might be low, the standardised 100g count could be much higher. In other words, stick to the one serve recommended on the pack to get the low calorie effect.

Low Calorie Packaged Snacks from Coles

100 calories is about 5% toward a daily target of between 1500 and 2000 calories. None of the pantry snacks listed here would make any nutritionist’s “most nutritious foods” list, but there are many worse options out there. People in the real world eat packaged snacks bought from the supermarket and stored on shelves in their home. Such people, like us, have the option of choosing low calorie items rather than high calorie ones like these 289 calorie behemoths.

Click the food name to visit its calcount Nutrition Facts panel:

Coles Original Rice Cakes 24 kcal

Coles low calorie snack Rice Cakes

Coles Original Rice Cakes have 24 calories per serve. They might be the lowest calorie snack, but they are quite insubstantial. It is very hard to eat just one serve.

Coles Wafer Thin Original Crackers 41 kcal

Coles Wafer Thins

With 41 calories per serve, Coles Wafer Thin Original Crackers are an archetypical diet food. You will be satisfied if you like your crackers bland and crunchy.

Coles Malted Milk Biscuits 43 kcal

Coles low calorie Malted Milk snack

Coles Malted Milk Biscuits contain 43 calories per serve and make a good company with an afternoon cuppa.

Coles Gingernut Biscuits 56 kcal

Coles Ginger Nuts

Coming in at twice the calories (56 per serve) of rice cakes, Coles Gingernut Biscuits are possibly the lowest calorie properly flavoured bikkies available.

Coles Dark Chocolate Chocolatey Moments 70 kcal

Coles Dark Choc Moments

Coles Dark Chocolate Chocolatey Moments Biscuits have 70 calories per serve. They’re the lowest chocolate flavoured Coles biscuits.

Coles Cracker Squares 76 kcal

low calorie Coles snack Cracker Squares

Each serve of Coles Cracker Squares has 76 calories.

Coles Ultimate Salt Caramel Chip Cookies 79 kcal

Coles Ultimate Salt Caramel Chip Cookies contain 79 calories per serve. A person with a sweet tooth will find it hard to eat just one serve.

Coles Ultimate Triple Choc Chip Cookies 80 kcal

Just pipping its caramel cousin, Coles Ultimate Triple Choc Chip Cookie has 80 calories per serve.

Coles Fruit Sticks 81 kcal

low calorie snack from Coles Fruit Sticks

Coles Fruit Sticks are the first non-biscuit snack on this list, with 81 calories per serve.

Coles Lightly Salted Microwave Popcorn 81 kcal

Compelled to eat in front of a screen? You could do a lot worse than Coles Lightly Salted Microwave Popcorn. each serve has 81 calories.

Coles Vanilla Puffed Rice Bars 82 kcal

Basically flavoured puffed rice, Coles Vanilla Puffed Rice Bars contain 82 calories per serve.

Coles Finest Kale and Onion Crispbread 85 kcal

For those who like their low calorie snacks to be fancy, there is Coles Finest Artisan Kale and Caramelised Onion Crispbread. The name’s a mouthful but the product packs just 85 calories per serve.

Coles Honeycomb Whirls Chocolate Biscuits 86 kcal

Coles Honeycomb Whirls Chocolate Biscuits have 86 calories per serve.

The key takeaway from this list is that, to stay below 100 calories per snack, it is important to eat just one serve. Of course you will do better to eat raw carrot sticks or celery or apple instead of bikkies and microwave popcorn, but you can still manage a low calorie plan if you stick to the serving suggestion!

Good Luck! You can do it!