Calories and Carbs in Beer (ALL the Beers)

People ask us all the time: “How many calories in beer?”. It is our pleasure to present you with a comprehensive illustrated answer, the list of popular beers in Australia, ranked by calorie count. So, before you buy that case of Little Creatures IPA, read this to understand how many carbs, calories, and kJ there are in a beer!

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Calories in a Beer and per 100ml

Since beers come in many different sized bottles, cans, glasses, and mugs, the only way to fairly compare calories is to use the same fixed volume. This list is arranged from least calories per 100ml, to most calories per 100ml. We also include the total calories per beer (calories per serve). Read this to find out how many calories there are in a stubby, can, or bottle of beer.

How Many Carbs in Beer?

We’ve also included information for carbs in beer, with a big infographic (scroll all the way down to see it!).

Remember, you can drill into more detail by finding the beer in the Food Search Box. If you click the beer images you’ll go to the BWS or Woolworths online store.

PS: To see the infographic charts with carbs and calories, Scroll to the bottom to see them!

Pure Blonde Premium Mid – 19 calories/100ml

Pure Blond Premium Mid

The beer with the least calories, Pure Blond Premium Mid is a “mid-strength” beer with 3% alcohol and just 0.3 grams of carbohydrate per 100ml. One 355ml bottle contains 67 calories, or 282kJ. Calories in mid-strength beer are usually lower than “full-strength” beer, because they have less alcohol (ethanol) and alcohol has calories in it.

Hahn Super Dry 3.5 – 24 calories/100ml

calories in hahn superdry beer

Another mid-strength beer, Hahn Super Dry 3.5 has 2.2 grams of carbohydrates in a 330ml bottle. The bottle contains 78 calories, which equates to 326 kilojoules.

 James Boag’s Premium Light – 24 calories/100ml

Carbs in James Boags Beer

James Boag’s Premium Light beer has a per-100ml calorie count equal to Hahn Super Dry 3.5 (24 calories/100ml), equivalent to 100kJ/100ml. A 375ml can of this 2.7% alcohol beer contains 90 calories, or 376 kilojoules.

Cascade Premium Light – 25 calories/100ml

Cascade Premium Light is a 2.6% alcohol beer which contains 9 grams of carbohydrates in a 375ml can. Each 375ml serve has 94 calories, equivalent to 386kJ. Generally, there are fewer calories in light beer than there are in regular beers, because of the lower alcohol content. But you have to be careful because its not always the case. Not the case for Cascade Premium Light, but some light beers compensate for less alcohol flavour with more carbs (sugar).

Carlton Dry Mid – 26 calories/100ml

With 3.5% alcohol and 1.4g carbohydrate per 100ml, a 375ml can of Carlton Dry Mid has 98 calories/409 kilojoules.

Pure Blonde Low Carb – 26 calories/100ml

Calories in Pure Blonde

Beer carbs are just as calorific as “regular carbs”, so lower-carb beers are often lower in calories than high-carb beers. Pure Blonde Low Carb boasts “full strength” (4.2% alcohol) and just 0.5g carbohydrates per 100ml. One 375ml can of this beer holds 98 calories, or 409kJ and 1.88 grams of carbohydrates.

Carlton Light – 27 calories/100ml

Somewhat surprisingly, Carlton Light has slightly more calories than Carlton Dry Mid, despite having just 2.7% alcohol strength. A 375ml can of Carlton Light has 10 grams of carbs and 101 calories, which equates to 424kJ.

Great Northern Brewing Co Super Crisp Lager – 27 calories/100ml

Carbs in Great Northern Beer

This 3.5% alcohol beer contains 1.4g carbs per 100ml, or 5.25 grams per 375ml can.

Powers Gold – 27 calories/100ml

Powers Gold is a light tasting cheap beer with 101 calories/428kJ per 375ml can.

VB Gold – 27 calories/100ml

Yet another beer with 27 calories per 100ml, VB Gold comes with 9.4 grams of carbohydrates in each 375ml can.

XXXX Summer Bright Lager – 28 calories/100ml

XXXX Summer Bright Lager is a 4.2% alcohol beer with a mere 0.8g carbohydrates per 100ml. A 375ml can of this refreshing drop contains slightly more than 3g carbs.

Carlton Zero – 28 calories/100ml

Carbs in Carlton Zero

Carlton Zero is alcohol-free (zero alcohol), but it has a big 7g carbs per 100ml. Drinking one 375ml can of Carlton Zero will add 26 grams of carbohydrates/sugar to your diet. It is by far the highest carb beer on this list, which makes it one of (if not the) highest carbohydrate mass-market beers in Australia!

Carlton Cold Filtered – 28 calories/100ml

There are 105 calories, or 439kJ in a 375ml can of Carlton Cold Filtered beer.

Foster’s Light Ice – 28 calories/100ml

Fosters Light Ice is a low-alcohol (2.3%) beer with 3.5g carbs per 100ml.

XXXX Gold – 29 calories/100ml

Calories in XXXX Beer

XXXX Gold, the pride of Queenslanders everywhere, contains 109 calories or 454 kilojoules per 375ml can.

Pacific Radler Lemon – 29 calories/100ml

The carbs in Pacific Radler lemon are all sugar (13 grams worth in a 375ml can), contributing the bulk of the 109 calories/454kJ per can.

Emu Draft – 30 calories/100ml

Emu Draft is a 3% alcohol beer with 30 calories, or 125 kilojoules, per 100ml. One 375ml can of Emu Draft contains 10.5g carbs, 0.4g of which is sugar.

Hahn Super Dry – 30 calories/100ml

This impressive (but bland tasting) beer boasts 4.6% alcohol and just 0.7g carbs per 100ml.

Carlton Dry Fusion Lime – 31 calories/100ml

Carlton Dry Fusion Lime surprisingly has fewer calories than Carlton Dry, despite the flavourings. One 375ml can contains 116 calories, equivalent to 488 kilojoules.

Great Northern Brewing Co Original – 31 calories/100ml

4.2% alcohol and 1.7g carbs per 100ml yield 116 calories (488kJ) per 375ml can of Great Northern Brewing Co Original.

Matilda Bay Lazy Yak – 31 calories/100ml

Calories in lazy yak Beer

Matilda Bay Lazy Yak is a 3.5% alcohol beer with 2.7g carbohydrates per 100ml. A 375ml can of Lazy Yak contains 166 calories, equal to 488 kilojoules.

Stella Artois Legere – 31 calories/100ml

Carbs in Stella Artois Legere Beer

Stella Artois Legere is the lower alcohol (3.5% vs. 4.8%) variant of the “original” Stella Artois. 100ml of Stella Artois Legere has 2.6g carbs, 31 calories, and 128 kilojoules.

Emu Bitter – 33 calories/100ml

With 8.1g carbs and 4% alcohol, Emu Bitter delivers 137 calories or 515 kilojoules per 375ml can.

Emu Export – 33 calories/100ml

Emu Export has the same calorie count as Emu Bitter, despite being a 4.2% alcohol beer (Emu Bitter has 4% alcohol). The difference is in the carbs, where Emu Export has 7.6g per 375ml can, compared to Emu Bitter’s 8.1g.

Carlton Dry – 33 calories/100ml

Carlton Dry contains 139 calories (521 kJ) per can, putting it on a par with Carlton Mid, despite having more alcohol.

Carlton Mid – 33 calories/100ml

Carlton Mid has a hefty 3.2 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml, comparable to some heavier ales. Despite the comparatively high carbs, this beer stays in the 33-calorie range on account of 3.5% alcohol.

 Fosters Classic – 33 calories/100ml

Fosters Classic, promoted overseas as being Australia’s favourite, contains 33 calories/517kJ per 100ml. If you do happen to stumble upon a 375ml can of Fosters at the Ambassador’s residence, understand that it contains 9.4g carbs.

Matilda Bay Frothy – 34 calories/100ml

The Matilda Bay brand’s answer to lager, Frothy comes with 4.2% alcohol, 9.4g carbs, 143 calories, and 536kJ per 375ml bottle.

Swan Draught – 35 calories/100ml

This ancient (in Australian terms) lager packs 4.4% alcohol and 7.9g carbs into each 375ml bottle of Swan Draught for a total of 146 calories, or 546 kilojoules.

Cascade Bitter – 35 calories/100ml

This Tassie special is a 4.4% alcohol beer with 35 calories or 146 kilojoules per 100ml. One 375ml can of Cascade Bitter contains fully 9 grams of carbohydrates.

Matilda Bay Wild Yak – 35 calories/100ml

Matilda Bay Wild Yak is a 4.2% alcohol American-style pale ale which weighs in at just over 10 grams of carbs per 100ml. One 345ml bottle of Wild Yak has 131 calories which is equivalent to 551 kilojoules.

West End Draught – 35 calories/100ml

Taking this left turn results in a 375ml can of West End Draught containing 552kJ (147 calories) and 8.2g of carbohydrates.

James Boag’s Draught – 36 calories/100ml

This Tasmanian beer came to light in 1990 following the “draught beer” craze of the period. James Boag’s Draft, with 36 calories/152kJ per 100ml, contains fewer calories than James Boag’s Premium.

Tooheys Extra Dry – 36 calories/100ml

A 345ml bottle of crispy clean TED contains 125 calories, or 523 kilojoules.

Tooheys Old – 36 calories/100ml

Tooheys Old is a dark ale modelled on the first beer brewed by the Tooheys in 1869. Obviously, they didn’t care too much about beer carbs back in the 19th century. One 375ml bottle contains 9.3g carbs, 136 calories and 569 kilojoules.

Bulimba Gold Top Pale Ale – 36 calories/100ml

It is called Gold Top because they used to put gold-coloured bottle caps on the beers they started pasteurising in 1898 (the non-pasteurised ones had red tops). Bulimba Gold Top Pale Ale has 12g of carbohydrates in each 375ml can.

Richmond Lager – 36 calories/100ml

An American-style beer, 4.5% alcohol Richmond Lager contains 2.6g carbs, 36 calories, 152kJ per 100ml.

James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale – 37 calories/100ml

This easy-drink beer is a 4.2% alcohol cloudy pale ale containing 9g carbs in each 345ml bottle.

Little Creatures Rogers – 37 calories/100ml

Little Creatures Rogers is a red ale brewed in Fremantle. One 330ml bottle contains 122 calories, equivalent to 509 kilojoules. The density of Rogers is reflected in the 11 grams of carbohydrates in each bottle.

Abbots Lager – 37 calories/100ml

An ill-fated, ill-conceived, and ill-tasting brew, when available Abbots Lager is a 4.5% alcohol beer which contains 10.5g carbs per 375ml bottle.

Carlton Draught – 37 calories/100ml

Calories in Carlton Draught Beer

The massively popular and outrageously good tasting Carlton Draught contains 139 calories, or 581 kilojoules per 375ml can. There are 2.7g of carbohydrates per 100ml in this 4.7% alcohol beer.

Miller Chill – 37 calories/100ml

Do not be fooled by the “low carb” marketing, Miller Chill packs almost 4 grams of sugar in 9.9g carbohydrates per 330ml bottle. 37 calories per 100ml of this 4% alcohol sickly sweet, flavoured lager-style beer equates to 155kJ.

Matilda Bay Beez Neez – 38 calories/100ml

It is surprising that Beez Neez honey flavoured pale ale has comparatively little sugar – just 0.2g per 100ml. One 375ml bottle of this 4.7% alcohol beer contains 10.13g carbohydrates, 143 calories, equal to 589 kilojoules.

Cascade Draught – 38 calories/100ml

Cascade Draught is another 4.7% alcohol beer, with a touch more than 10 grams of carbs per 100ml, good for 38 calories/158kJ.

Tooheys New – 38 calories/100ml

Tooheys New is a delicious 4.6% alcohol lager which has been “NEW” since 1931. One 375ml bottle of Tooheys New contains 9.2g carbs, 143 calories, or 593 kilojoules.

Ballarat Bitter – 38 calories/100ml

Beautiful Ballarat Bitter featuring Ballarat Bertie on the label is a fine drop if you can find it. Each 375ml can packs 4.6% alcohol, 10.88g carbs, 143 calories, or 593kJ.

Kent Old Brown – 38 calories/100ml

The rich aroma of Kent Old Brown promises so much more than its taste delivers. 3.2g of carbohydrates, 4.4% alcohol, 38 calories/158kJ per 100ml make for an ultimately underwhelming beer.

Melbourne Bitter – 38 calories/100ml

Melbourne Bitter, virtually unknown outside of deep Victoria is a 4.6% bitter lager hopped with “Pride of Ringwood” hops. Each 375ml stubbie contains 143 calories, or 593kJ and almost 11 grams of carbohydrates.

Little Creatures Pilsner – 38 calories/100ml

This Fremantle beer is a refreshingly bitter 4.6% alcohol pilsner. One 330ml bottle of Little Creatures Pilsner contains 126 calories, or 528 kilojoules.

Carlton Black Ale – 38 calories/100ml

Carlton Black Ale contains 12.4 grams of carbohydrates per 375ml bottle, contributing to 143 calories, or 603kJ.

Cascade Lager – 38 calories/100ml

Cascade Lager (“Blue” to the initiated) is a simple 4.8% alcohol lager containing 10.13g carbs, and 143 calories/603kJ per 375ml bottle or can.

Budweiser – 39 calories/100ml

This weak tasting 4.5% alcohol pale lager is apparently quite popular overseas. A 330ml bottle of Budweiser has 129 calories, or 531 kilojoules.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale – 39 calories/100ml

Kosciuszko Pale Ale turns out to be the real deal – a cloudy, fruity ale with a decidedly Australian character. Each 330ml bottle contains 9.1g carbs, 162 calories, or 535 kilojoules.

James Boag’s Premium – 39 calories/100ml

A full 5% alcohol beer, James Boag’s Premium is a Tassie stunner with subtle flavour and a deliciously smooth finish. Besides extreme drinkability, you will find 8.7g of carbohydrates and 146 calories/611kJ in each 375ml bottle.

Kirin Megumi – 39 calories/100ml

Kirin Megumi, another 5% alcohol beer, contains 7.9g carbs per 330ml bottle. “Megumi” means “Blessing” or “Grace” in Japanese, and whilst not a religious experience per se this first press lager does not disappoint. 130 calories/542kJ per bottle.

James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale – 40 calories/100ml

James Squire The Chancer is arguably the most golden-coloured beer in Australia. Each 4.5% alcohol 345ml bottle contains 138 calories, equivalent to 576kJ.

Stella Artois – 40 calories/100ml

The world’s best-selling Belgian beer weighs in at 3.2g carbs, 40 calories, 168kJ per 100ml.

Miller Genuine Draft – 40 calories/100ml

If you like the taste of good beer, and you do not like the taste of bad beer, then don’t drink Miller Genuine Draft. One of the problems of judging beer nutritional information is that you might equivocate Miller Genuine Draft with a good beer which has a similar nutritional profile. Don’t do that, and don’t drink Miller Genuine Draft.

Victoria Bitter – 40 calories/100ml

Big VB is a 4.98% alcohol lager with 11.63g carbs, 150 calories, 634 kilojoules per 375ml stubbie. Yes, VB carbs are surprisingly high, even more than White Rabbit White Ale (see below). But its hard to go past a VB if you like VB. Enjoy responsibly!

Matilda Bay Fat Yak – 40 calories/100ml

Matilda Bay Fat Yak is a low-sugar, high carb, fruity pale ale in a 345ml bottle. One bottle holds 150 calories, 634kJ, 12.75g carbs, and 0.08g sugar.

White Rabbit White Ale – 41 calories/100ml

White Rabbit White Ale is a German-style wheat beer with 4.5% alcohol, 11.3g carbs, 134 calories,or 562kJ per 330ml bottle.

Cascade Pale Ale – 41 calories/100ml

Cascade Pale Ale lays claim to the title “Oldest Beer in Australia”. It is an uncomplicated ale with 5% alcohol and 11.25g carbs per 375ml bottle.

Crown Lager – 41 calories/100ml

Crown lager’s fancy bottle and upper-class marketing belie an insipid brew. Each 4.9% alcohol 375ml bottle contains 154 calories, or 642 kilojoules.

Matilda Bay Redback Original – 41 calories/100ml

Perhaps Australia’s first ever “craft” beer, Matilda Bay Redback Original is a wheat beer with 4.7% alcohol, 3.6g carbohydrates, and 41 calories/172kJ per 100ml.

Becks – 42 calories/100ml

Becks is a thoroughly inoffensive German-style pilsner with 5% alcohol and 3g carbs per 100ml.

Corona Extra – 42 calories/100ml

Despite its light, refreshing persona, 4.5% ABV Corona Extra is stuffed with carbs (fully 4g/100ml!). One 355ml bottle of this beer contains 14.2g of carbohydrates to generate 149 calories, or 624kJ.

White Rabbit Belgian Pale Ale – 44 calories/100ml

White Rabbit Belgian Pale Ale is brewed in Healsville, not (Aus, not Belgium). 4.9% alcohol content with 146 calories/609kJ per 330ml bottle.

Matilda Bay Ruby Tuesday – 44 calories/100ml

Matilda Bay Ruby Tuesday is an American-style dark wheat beer with 4.4g carbs per 100ml. One 345ml bottle contains 152 calories, or 635 kilojoules.

Hoegaarden White – 45 calories/100ml

Hoegaarden White is the grandaddy of Belgian white wheat beers, with a 600 plus year history. Back then, people were not concerned with calories in beer and it shows in this 4.9% ABV lip smacker. One 330ml bottle contains 11.8g of carbohydrates which contribute to the 149 calories/617kJ.

Abbotsford Invalid Stout – 45 calories/100ml

Drink this 5.2% ABV beer if you like the taste of vegemite. A 375ml bottle of Abbotsford Invalid Stout contains 14.25g of carbs, 169 calories/701kJ, but just 0.04g of sugar.

White Rabbit Dark Ale – 45 calories/100ml

White Rabbit Dark Ale is an award-winning brown ale with 12.6g of carbohydrates in a 330ml bottle. Each bottle contains 150 calories, or 625 kilojoules.

Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale – 47 calories/100ml

Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale contains so many carbs that it is almost chewy. One 345ml bottle of this bitter, fruity, 5.2% alcohol beer contains 14.8g of carbohydrates and 162 calories/676kJ.

Little Creatures Pale Ale – 47 calories/100ml

Little Creatures Pale Ale is an utterly delicious beer, so it is a pity that it packs such a potent calorie punch. One 330ml bottle (5.2% ABV) contains 12.8g carbs and 156 calories/651kJ.

Carlton Hard – 48 calories/100ml

Carlton Hard makes it easy to drink 180 calories (746kJ) and 10g carbs in one 375ml can of 6.5% ABV beer.

Matilda Bay Dogbolter – 50 calories/100ml

Run away if you see this Dogbolter – it is fully 5% carbs paired with 5.2% ABV. A 345ml bottle of Matilda Bay Dogbolter has 17.25g carbs and 173 calories, equal to 714 kilojoules.

Cascade Stout – 51 calories/100ml

Cascade Stout is a rich 5.8% alcohol beer that should really be sold in a smaller bottle. How can we justify 375ml when one serve yields 16.88g carbohydrates and 191 calories (799kJ)?

 Little Creatures IPA – 53 calories/100ml

Yes, Little Creatures IPA tastes heavenly, but the calories are positively sinful. 6.4% ABV, 2g sugar and 3.5g carbs per 100ml mean that each 330ml bottle packs a whopping 174 calories, or 729 kilojoules. It is the beer with the most calories on this list, which puts it in the running to be the highest calorie mass-market beer in Australia!

Carbs in Beer

This chart shows a comparison of carbohydrates in Australia’s popular beers, ranked in ascending order. Pure Blond Premium Mid has the least carbs per 100ml, whilst Carlton Zero has the most. To see more detailed beer nutritional information for a specific beer, ale, or anything else, just search for it with our Food Search Box:

Carbs in beer

Beer Calories Infographic

See the chart below to see a quick comparison of calories in popular Australian beers, ranked from fewest calories per 100ml to most. It’s a big beer calories per 100ml chart! Pure Blond Premium Mid has the smallest calorie count, Little Creatures IPA has the most.

Calories in Beer