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  • A super-easy to use food diary
  • Your very own personally created food database
  • Convenient mobile app (no app store or Play download required – just click the “add to home screen” button!)
  • Personalised recommended calorie and macronutrient intake by meal, based on your inputs
  • Searchable, sortable graph and table reports showing your progress towards target, with notes
  • Monthly in-app reminders to check in and record your weight and/or other measurements
  • The Photos feature: upload pictures of yourself to see a gallery of “before and after” results! Watch how your time and dedication pays off as you transform your body!

Lose Weight with calcount FREE!

Everyone knows that ultimately, the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. It sounds simple and straightforward, but the devil is in the details: How many calories to eat? Over what time period? Do the calories change over time? How do you know that you are making real progress? What does your weight change trend line look like? Does this or that meal contain more calories than the other? Are you losing real weight or are those just body water changes? Are you becoming more toned? Which part of your body is being affected by weight changes the most? Why did you lose one kilo in February but only half as much in March?

Well, you could crunch the numbers yourself, or you can use calcount Calorie Tracker for FREE instead! No cost, no commitment and best of all, no incessant marketing emails!

Your data is safely hosted in Australia, where it is subject to Australian law and under your personal control.

Our Calorie Tracker is super easy to use because the more you use it, the easier it gets! You get make your own personal database of foods and watch how the entries and note you use all come together to give you a meaningful understanding of your progress.