Berocca for Weight Loss? Good or Bad?

The email asked is Berocca good for my weight loss plan? After a quick reply, we thought we’d share our answer here in case anyone else had the same nagging question. After all, Berocca is a massively popular supplement since its introduction in 1969 and loads of calorie counters take it.

Berocca has calories

Berocca has Calories

There are currently ten different Berocca-branded products, each with between 6 to 8 calories per tablet (including the Twist and Go type). This is less than one percent of a 1500 calorie weight loss plan, so the calories in Berocca will not affect your progress negatively. If Berocca does slow weight loss, it is not because of the calories in it, but how about…

There is Aspartame in Berocca

Aspartame is used to sweeten all but one Berocca products, and there may be evidence to show that aspartame may prevent, rather than promote, weight loss. It may even cause an increase in cortisol levels. So, whilst it might not be as bad as BVO, aspartame is probably not the best choice for weight loss. The people at Berocca must be well aware of aspartame’s shortfalls, because they do make one (Berocca Performance Raspberry Blackcurrant) which does not contain aspartame!

Caffeine in Berocca is Good for Weight Loss

Berocca contains Caffeine

With the exception of Berocca Performance and Berocca Focus, there is caffeine and guarana in Berocca. Each Berocca tablet has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, and caffeine does promote weight loss.  

Berocca promotes activity

Berocca Energises

Many people who take Berocca get a “boost” of energy. Whether this rush come from the B Vitamins, the caffeine, or the formulation as a whole, there is a real uptick in body activity. There may even be enough of a boost to encourage actual physical activity like a quick walk around the block! More exercise will have a positive effect on weight loss.

Micronutrient Supplementation

It is possible that Berocca might reduce food cravings, if the cravings are in part caused by a shortage of the micronutrients contained in Berocca. Berocca has so much Vitamin B that most of it simply passes through your system, unused. Unused Vitamin B2 is excreted in urine, making for a deep yellow, pungent experience at the toilet.

Ultimately, is Berocca good for weight loss?

On balance, we believe that Berocca is good for weight loss. It has low calories, it stimulates activity, and it supplements micronutrients. The biggest drawback that we can see is the aspartame in all but one of the Berocca products.

Berocca Vitamins and Minerals

Berocca contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals, according to their promotional material:

Bonus Question: Why is Berocca banned in the United States?

After we published this post originally, we got a follow-up question from another of our valued calcounters: “Why is Berocca banned in the United States?”. Surprised and confused, we did some research and found that this was not an uncommon query! Like the question of Colgate and onion being good for belly fat, it is a real internet concern!

The truth is that Berocca is not banned in the United States of America, or anywhere else to our knowledge. Since its inception in Switzerland (1969), it has been marketed successfully in about 70 different countries, including the USA! It is available from most drugstores and supermarkets like Walmart in the supplements aisle.