Chicken Treat Menu: Calories from Lowest to Highest

Ever wanted to know how the Chicken Treat menu items compare to, say, KFC calories? Well, look no further than this illustrated list of their main offerings calorie ranked from low to high in terms of calories per serve! Yes, this post is written for our WA readers mostly, but anyone could find value in knowing what your typical chicken and chips place packs for a quick fast food fix:

Chicken Treat Menu Nutrition

Remember that limiting portion size is essential to managing calorie intake. Small portions, even of high-calorie foods, typically have lower calories than large portions. This is why Chicken Treat’s snack menu kicks off our calorie rankings!

Chicken Treat Mash & Gravy 82 calories

Chicken Treat Lowest Calories

Chicken Treat Mash and Gravy is the lowest calorie item on their menu, with 82 calories, equivalent to 345kJ, per 140g serving.

Chicken Treat Pineapple Fritter 119 calories

The Pineapple Fritter snack, with 119 calories or 500kJ per 56g serving, is a small volume yet high calorie option. Each pineapple ring has cookie-level calories.

Chicken Treat Tempta Boneless Chicken 136 calories

Chicken Treat’s boneless chicken snack has 136 calories (570kJ) per 64g serving.

Chicken Treat Onion Rings 221 calories

Next up, another snack-sized item: onion rings with 221 calories, equivalent to 920kJ, per 66g serving.

Chicken Treat Cheesy Mac & Cheese Balls 255 calories

Chicken Treat Mac & Cheese Balls have 255 calories, or 1,070kJ, per 84g serving.

Chicken Treat Deep Fried Bananas 255 calories

Unlike unfried bananas, these Chicken Treat Deep Fried Bananas pack a big 255 calories (1,070kJ) in a small 138g portion.

Chicken Treat Nuggets 256 calories

Can’t have a fast-food chicken place without nuggets! Chicken Treat nuggets have 256 calories, or 1,070 kilojoules per 97g portion.

Chicken Treat Cheezy Jalapeño Bites 272 calories

Chicken Treat Cheezy Jalapeño Bites have a spicy 272 calories, equivalent to 1,140kJ per 94g serving.

Chicken Treat Snack Cup Chicken Twists 281 calories

Staying in the snacks category, Chicken Treat Snack Cup Chicken Twists have 281 calories, equivalent to 1,180kJ, per 120g serving.

Chicken Treat Cheeseburger 370 calories

Chicken Treat Cheeseburger the highest calorie snack item on their menu, with 370 calories, equivalent to 1,550kJ, per 151g serving. That’s way more calories than the Maccas cheeseburger!

Chicken Treat Fried Chicken Pieces 374 calories

Fried chicken (Crunchified!) is possibly the most popular Chicken Treat product. A typical piece weighs 160g and contains 374 calories (1,560kJ).

Chicken Treat Famous Chips 403 calories

Chicken Treat Famous Chips have 403 calories, or 1,710 kilojoules per 168g portion.

Chicken Treat Famous Chicken Roll 566 calories

A bread roll with chicken and mayo filling constitutes Chicken Treat’s 240g Famous Chicken Roll, good for 566 calories (2,370kJ).

Chicken Treat Tempta Deluxe Burger 583 calories

Chicken Treat Tempta Deluxe Burger has 583 calories, equivalent to 2,440kJ, per 302g serving.

Chicken Treat Classic Rotisserie Wrap 593 calories

Despite a common misconception, wraps are calorie-dense. Take this Chicken Treat Classic Rotisserie Wrap for example, with 593 calories (2,470kJ) in one 288g serve.

Chicken Treat Quarter Chicken Dinner 602 calories

Possibly Chicken Treat’s most renowned meal, the Quarter Chicken Dinner has 602 calories, equal to 2,500kJ, per 643g serving.

Chicken Treat Chicken Bacon & Cheese Roll 633 calories

Adding bacon and cheese to Chicken Treat’s chicken roll ups its calorie count to 633 calories (2,650kJ) per 240g roll.

Chicken Treat Beef Roadhouse Burger 645 calories

There’s beef on the Chicken Treat menu. This Beef Roadhouse Burger has 645 calories, or 2,790 kilojoules in 342g of burger.

Chicken Treat Baconary Burger 679 calories

Chicken Treat Baconary Burger has 679 calories, equivalent to 2,840kJ, per 240g serving.

Chicken Treat Quarter Chicken & Chips 728 calories

The classic quarter chicken and chips meal from Chicken Treat weighs 335 grams and contains 728 calories (3,030 kilojoules).

Chicken Treat Chicow Burger 901 calories

For some, the combination of chicken and beef on a burger is a study on untrammelled hedonistic excess. For others, its just Chicken Treat Chicow Burger with 901 calories (3,770kJ) in a 375g handful.

Chicken Treat Cheezy Spicy Loaded Chips 1,152 calories

Want to destroy any real hope of sticking to a 1500 calorie meal plan? Then eat a 460g Chicken Treat Cheezy Spicy Loaded Chips with 1,152 calories (4,880kJ)!

Chicken Treat Beef Baconary Box (Regular) 1,570 calories

The Chicken Treat Beef Baconary Box (regular size) is a combination of menu items adding up to 1,570 calories, or 6,570 kilojoules.

Chicken Treat Celebration Feast 7,475 calories

Chicken Treat highest calories

Chicken Treat Celebration Feast is intended to be shared by several people. The whole spread weighs over 3.8kg and contains 7,475 calories (31,220kJ), which is about 4 full days-worth of food for one person. It is the highest calorie item on Chicken Treat’s menu.

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