Cup A Soup List Calories Ranked

Lowest Calorie Cup A Soup, to Highest!

Which is the Lowest Calorie Cup-a-Soup? Yup, this is another of our calories ranked posts! This is the Continental Cup A Soup range, listed from lowest to highest calories so you know what to have, and which one to avoid.

Cup A Soup Calories

Cup A Soup is an instant soup product from Unilever, marketed under several brand names including “Continental” in Australia and New Zealand. Instant soup is formulated dried, powdered soup with added flavours, emulsifiers, and colours. Add hot water to the powder to rehydrate the soup, activate the ingredients, and get a fast cup of steaming, satisfying soup. Each soup flavour has different ingredients, so some have far more calories than others:

Lowest Calorie Cup A Soup

Chicken Noodle Cup a Soup has the Lowest Calories

Possibly the most famous and popular Cup A Soup, Classic Chicken Noodle is the flavour with the lowest calories with just 46 calories (193kJ) per serve. Slurp away!

Hearty Beef Cup-A-Soup 54 Calories

Hearty Beef flavour Cup A Soup has 54 calories, equal to 226 kilojoules, per serve. This one proves that not all of the cup-a-soups with “Hearty” in the name are higher in calories.

Classic Spring Vegetable Cup A Soup

Classic Spring Vegetable Cup A Soup is another lower calorie option for those who prefer the taste of veggie soup to beef and chicken.

Tomato Soup is a Big Step Up

Classic Tomato Cup A Soup is more than 25 calories more per serve than the preceding three flavours. At 80 calories (336kJ) per serve, it is still comparatively lightweight though.

Chicken with Lots of Noodles Cup A Soup

Breaking the 100 calorie per serve barrier, Chicken with Lots of Noodles Cup A Soup contains 108 calories, or 451 kilojoules, per serve.

Tasty Tomato has Way more calories than Classic

Tasty Tomato Cup A Soup has 39% more calories than Classic Tomato Cup A Soup. One serve of Tasty Tomato Cup A Soup has 111 calories, or 463 kilojoules.

Pepper Steak & Mushroom with Croutons

The Pepper Steak and Mushroom with Croutons Cup A Soup has 114 calories per serve.

Hearty Pea and Ham Cup A Soup Calories

The Hearty Pea and Ham Soup is a classic flavour good for 115 calories in each serve.

Homestyle Pumpkin Cup A Soup

Homestyle Pumpkin Cup A Soup has the same calories as Hearty Pea and Ham 115 calories, or 481 kilojoules, per serve.

Cup A Soup Beef with Lots of Noodles

Next up is Cup A Soup Beef with Lots of Noodles, with 117 calories per serve. That equates to 491 kilojoules per cup.

Creamy Chicken and Corn with Croutons

Chicken flavour is by far the most popular Cup A Soup. This chicken variant is Creamy Chicken and Corn with Croutons which has 121 calories, or 507kJ per cup.

Creamy Mushroom with Croutons Cup A Soup

Creamy Mushroom with Croutons Cup A Soup has 121 calories, equivalent to 507 kilojoules, per serve.

Creamy Chicken with Lots of Noodles 122 Calories

Another Creamy Chicken flavour, Creamy Chicken with Lots of Noodles Cup A Soup has 122 calories, or 509 kilojoules, per cup.

Dutch Curry with Rice Cup A Soup

Real Dutch Curry is a sauce that you pour out of a bottle onto vegetables at the table, but this Cup A Soup Dutch Curry with Rice does captures the right flavour. Each serve contains 123 calories, or 514 kilojoules.

Cup A Soup Mild Chicken Curry with Lots of Noodles

Yet another chicken flavoured variant, Cup A Soup Mild Chicken Curry with Lots of Noodles has 125 calories, or 521 kilojoules per serve.

Asian Thai Red Curry Cup A Soup

Each cup of Asian Thai Red Curry Cup A Soup has 131 calories, or 550 kilojoules.

Italian Minestrone Cup A Soup Calories

Along with Chicken Noodle, this is perhaps the most well-known Cup A Soup. Italian Minestrone has 133 calories, or 556 kilojoules per serve.

Hearty Vegetable and Beef Cup A Soup

Hearty Vegetable and Beef Cup A Soup is possibly the strongest flavoured product in the range. Each cup has 133 calories, equivalent to 558 kilojoules.

Asian Laksa Cup A Soup

Considering that traditional Laksa is made with coconut milk and lots of oil, it is unsurprising that Cup A Soup Asian Laksa is good for 143 calories (598kJ) per serve.

Calories in Cup A Soup

Chinese Chicken and Corn with Lots of Noodles

Chinese Chicken and Corn with Lots of Noodles is one of the most calorific Cup A Soups, with 144 calories (604kJ) per cup.

Creamy Chicken with Croutons Cup A Soup

You are not going to find the lowest calorie Cup A Soup in the one with “creamy” and “croutons” in its name. Cup A Soup Creamy Chicken with Croutons has 145 calories, or 607 kilojoules, per serve.

Creamy Garden Vegetable Cup A Soup

It may be vegetable based, but Creamy Garden Vegetable Cup A Soup does not have veggie-level calories. Each cup has 157 calories, equal to 656 kilojoules.

Highest Calorie Cup A Soup

The Most Calories: Hearty Roast Chicken

The Cup A Soup with the most calories is Hearty Roast Chicken, with 165 calories, or 691 kilojoules per serve. Putting that in perspective, you would need to drink three and a half cups of Classic Chicken Noodle Cup A Soup to match the calories in Hearty Roast Chicken Cup A Soup. This is the one to avoid if you want to keep your options open at main meal time.

Lowest to Highest Calories Cup A Soup

The lowest calorie Cup A Soup is Classic Chicken Noodle, followed by Classic Hearty Beef and Classic Spring Vegetable. These first three are decidedly low calories options, whilst every other type yields at least banana-level calories. There is a fairly steady increase as the range progresses from 80 calories/serve (Classic Tomato) to 165 calories/serve (Hearty Roast Chicken). Clearly, Cup A Soup options are not much of a muchness so choose wisely!

Lowest Calorie Chocolate

Lowest Calorie Chocolate in Australia

When you just cannot resist indulging, it is good to know what the lowest calorie chocolate in Australia is. Time for another calories ranked post, this time we’ve selected from 292 chocolate bars and blocks to make this easy reference list of chocolate sorted by calorie count. As usual, we’re sticking to chocolates that are readily available from the supermarket, so don’t expect to see any obscure artisanal brands here.

Low Calorie to High Calorie, Chocolate!

Truth be told, there is no such thing as low calorie chocolate. Pure cocoa (the stuff that comes from cocoa beans) is itself high calorie (228 calories per 100g). This means that even if a manufacturer tries to make chocolate with zero calorie sweeteners and fat-free binding and texture ingredients, their product will still be high in calories. If you happen to find a truly low calorie chocolate, please understand that it is not real chocolate.

That said, there are degrees of high calorie chocolate, since no commercially available chocolate is pure cocoa (it is far too bitter to eat on its own). There are many types of chocolate, and many fillings and flavourings. Rather than choose calories per serve, we’ve opted to show calories per 100 grams because we all know that a bite-sized bar has fewer calories than a family-sized block! Here’s your list:

Fry’s Turkish Delight

Like we said, there is no such thing as a low calorie chocolate. However, Fry’s Turkish Delight with 372 calories per 100g is as just about low as it goes when it comes to chocolate bars and blocks. The main reason for Frys’ lightness is the very thin (some might say token) layer of chocolate around a Turkish Delight centre.

Milky Way is Low Calorie Chocolate?

It is true, compared to other bars, Milky Way is a low calorie option, with 444 calories per 100 grams. No, you cannot responsibly eat a handful of these responsibly whilst on a calorie controlled diet, but you could do much, much worse than a Milky Way.

Cadbury Crunchie

The best thing about a Crunchie bar (besides the crunch) is that the “honeycomb” has so much air in it. Air does not have any calories, so this seemingly bulky option contains “just” 444 calories per 100g.

Mint Pattie is less Fattie

Nestle Mint Pattie, with 446 calories per 100g, is only slightly more calorific than Milky Way. If you like minty, chocolatey flavours, perhaps this is the option for you.

Mars Bar, comparatively Low Calorie!

The famous Mars Bar has 454 calories per 100g, placing it on the lighter side of the chocolate bar calorie spectrum. How can something so exceedingly sweet be this high up our list? It is because the nougat centre is aerated, effectively reducing the overall calorie density of the bar.

Allen’s Bites Mini Chocolate Coated Raspberries

So, the raspberries in Allen’s Bites Mini Chocolate Coated Raspberries are not actual raspberries, but still it is a relatively low calorie chocolate with 454 calories per 100g.

Curly Wurly Calories

Cadbury Curly Wurly has 458 calories per 100g, making it one of the less calorie-dense chocolates on the market today.

Lindt Fruit Sensations Mango & Passionfruit

The first (but certainly not the last) Lindt product on this calorie ranked list, Mango and Passionfruit Dark Chocolate has 458 calories per 100g. All of the other flavour variants in the Lindt Fruit Sensation line have more calories than the Mango & Passionfruit option.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight

The difference between Cadbury Fry’s Turkish Delight and Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight? About 100 calories! Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight has 470 calories per 100 grams.

Old Gold Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate Peppermint is the lowest calorie chocolate in the Old Gold range, with 470 calories per 100 grams.

M&M’s Caramel Chocolate Calories

Caramel is the lowest calorie M&M’s, with 470 calories per 100g.

Nestle Chokito Bar

Yet another chocolate bar with 470 calories per 100g, Nestle Chokito is an Aussie classic since the 1970’s.

Darrell Lea Liquorice Block

The Milk Chocolate Liquorice Block is the first Darrell Lea chocolate on our list, with 473 grams.

Cherry Ripe

The famous Cherry Ripe has 478 calories per 100 grams, the same as Smarties. Looking for Cheery Ripe Double Dipped? Scroll down.

Smarties Calories

Nestle Smarties have 478 calories per 100g, so one 5g pack is good for 239 calories.

Snickers Chocolate Bar

Snickers has 482 calories per 100g, which is about 6% more calories than Mars Bar.

Darrell Lea Peppermint Party Time Dark Chocolate

The second Darrell Lea product on our calories ascending list, Peppermint Party Time Block has 489 calories per 100g.

Lindt Dark No Sugar Added is not Low Calorie

Perhaps there is no sugar added to Lindt Dark No Sugar Added Block, but that does not mean that it is a low calorie chocolate. 100 grams (one block as sold) will add 492 calories to your daily count.

Bounty Bar

Coconut confectionery Bounty Bar has 492 calories per 100 grams

Cherry Ripe Double Dipped

Proving that extra chocolate means extra calories, Cadbury Cherry Ripe Double Dipped has 494 calories per 100g.

Chomp has Lots of Calories

Perhaps surprisingly for such a seemingly innocuous choc, Chomp has 494 calories per 100g, putting it on a par with Kitkat Gooey Caramel.

Kitkat Gooey Caramel, the lowest calorie Kitkat

Kitkat Gooey Caramel is the lowest calorie Kitkat, with 494 calories per 100g.

Twix Chocolate Bar, the last sub-500 calories chocolate

Twix is the final sub-500 calorie chocolate on this list, with 499 calories per 100g. From this point on, no amount of rationalisation will work to define chocolate as low calorie.

Boost Bar

Cadbury Boost Bar is a crunchy, slightly gooey chocolate bar with 513 calories per 100 grams.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Probably the most iconic chocolate in Australia, Cadbury Dairy Milk is no lightweight with 533 calories per 100g.

Whittaker’s Peanut Slab Milk Chocolate

Whittaker’s Peanut Slab contains a hefty 535 calories per 100 grams.

Cadbury Crispy Mint Creme

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispy Mint Creme has 547 calories per 100 grams. See the Mint Pattie above for a much lower calorie chocolate/mint option.

Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg

Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg has 553 calories per 100g. Give your kids Milky Ways instead.

Cadbury Creamy Hazelnut Crunch

The Cadbury Dairy Milk range is a high calorie chocolate option, unless you choose the Turkish Delight. Case in point, this Hazelnut Crunch with 566 calories per 100g.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

This one is a bit deceptive, because even though Ferrero Rocher Chocolate has a massive 591 calories per 100g, they are marketed to be eaten in small 12g serving sizes. You’re fine if you stick to the serving size, but eating them by the trayful is not okay.

Raffaello Chocolate is High Calorie

Raffaelo coconut covered chocolate is a high calorie product, with 614 calories per 100g.

Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Block

The block with the most, Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Block contains a meal plan destroying 638 calories per 100 grams. Remember that white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. Cocoa butter, also known as Theobroma Oil, is the fat component of the cocoa bean. Thus, the best white chocolate has calorie levels approaching that of pure butter.

Lowest Calorie Chocolate means the Least Chocolate

The big takeaway from this list of chocolates (or candy bars as the Americans call them) is that the ones with the least chocolate have the lowest calories. This makes sense, because all chocolate is calorie dense, especially the white chocolate types. Look for chocolates with lots of fillers, like gelatin, wafer and aerated “honeycomb”. The best chocolate filler of them all is air, as in the case of light nougat. If you can, try by all means to resist the lure of solid white chocolate!

Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments

Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments, from Lowest to Highest

This is a list of common sauces and condiments, ranked from low calorie to high calorie. If you’ve read any of our other calories ranked posts, you know that we are interested in everyday foods for normal, everyday people. When you want control of your calorie intake, keep an eye on the condiments. Because sometimes, a big splodge of mayo on the side is all you need to go from deficit to surplus for the day.

From Lowest to Highest, Popular Sauces and Condiments

It is possible to enjoy sauces and condiments when sticking to a low calorie plan. These are the sauces and condiments from your local supermarket ranked from lowest calories to highest, so you can make good food choices next time you stock your pantry:


Cornwell’s Apple Cider Vinegar 15 Calories

We won’t include all of the vinegar brands, but we’re showing this to give you the idea: non-balsamic vinegar is the lowest calorie condiment available. Depending on the type and brand, vinegar is between 75% to 95% water, so there is just no way for there to be meaningful calories in it. Cornwell’s Apple Cider Vinegar contains 15 calories, or 65 kilojoules, per 100ml.

Tabasco is low calorie

Tabasco Chilli Sauce Red Pepper 16 Calories

Besides the possible weight-loss effects of eating spicy food, the incredibly low calories are a good reason to choose Tabasco Sauce. Since it is basically just pepper powder and vinegar, Tabasco Sauce contains a measly 16 calories (67 kilojoules) per 100ml.

Cholula Hot Sauce 18 Calories

Another simple, spicy, chili vinegar hot sauce, Cholula Hot Sauce has just 18 calories/78kJ per 100ml, so feel free to douse your meal in it with no calorie worries.

Frank’s Hot Sauce Original 23 Calories

Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce has 23 calories, equivalent to 97 kilojoules, per 100ml. A good choice if you like to feel the burn whilst managing your calorie intake.

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce 26 Calories

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce contains 26 calories (110 kilojoules) per 100ml, which is more than 10% more calories than Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce.

Byron Bay Chilli Co. Chilli Sauce Green Jalapeno 57 Calories

Byron Bay Chilli Co. Chilli Sauce Green Jalapeno has 57 calories, or 239 kilojoules per 100ml. You’ll notice that this chunkier spicy sauce has more than double the calories of the thin Tabasco-esque type. Something to bear in mind when you’re factoring in which condiment to slather on your steak tonight.

Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena 78 Calories

An example of why it is important to read the nutrition label, Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena contains 78 calories (328kJ) per 100ml. Whilst still low-calorie in the scheme of things, balsamic vinegars generally have far more calories than the distilled or spirit type.

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 80 Calories

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce has 80 calories, or 335 kilojoules, per 100ml. It is wonderfully flavourful and goes so, so well with Pho, but bear in mind that it packs a massive 1500mg sodium per 100ml.

Heinz American Mustard 81 Calories

With just a smidge more calories and less sodium, Heinz American Mustard is a viable substitute for Sriracha if you can’t handle the heat. There are 81 calories, or 340kJ per 100ml in Heinz American Mustard.

Masterfoods Reduced Salt & Sugar Tomato Sauce 92 Calories

Masterfoods Reduced Salt & Sugar Tomato Sauce contains 92 calories, or 389 kilojoules, per 100ml. Read on to see how this reduced sugar version compares to the regular type of Masterfoods tomato sauce!

Beerenberg Tomato Sauce 93 Calories

Beerenberg Tomato Sauce has 93 calories (390kJ) per 100ml, making it the lowest calorie “full-flavour” popular tomato sauce. It is also the last item on this list which might be considered a low calorie sauce or condiment.

Masterfoods Tomato Sauce 103 Calories

Masterfoods Tomato Sauce contains 103 calories (435kJ) per 100ml, which means that it has just under 12% more calories than the reduced sugar version (see above). In the scheme of things, that is not much, so you don’t need to feel guilty for choosing this full-flavoured sauce over the reduced sugar variant.

Praise 99% Fat Free Squeeze Mayonnaise 114 Calories

Praise 99% Fat Free Squeeze Mayonnaise has a surprisingly low 144 calories (480kJ) per 100ml, considering that it is mayonnaise. Perhaps the 99% fat-free thing has something to do with it? For comparison, scroll down to the very bottom of this list to see what sort of calorie load regular mayo packs.

Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup 117 Calories

Probably the most popular sauce yet featured on this list, Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup has 117 calories, equal to 490 kilojoules, per 100ml.

Fountain Tomato Sauce Squeeze 118 Calories

With just one more calorie than Heinz, Fountain Tomato Sauce Squeeze comes next with 118 calories (497 kilojoules) per 100ml.

Ozesauce Tomato Sauce 119 Calories

Ozesauce Tomato Sauce has 119 calories, equivalent to a round 500kJ, per 100ml. yes, its the one that Dick Smith made.

Rosella Organic Tomato Sauce 129 Calories

This fancy Rosella Organic Tomato Sauce is a big step up in calories from the more “regular” type of tomato sauce. 100ml contains 129 calories, equal to 541 kilojoules.

Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce 172 Calories

Making a 40 calorie jump from tomato sauce levels, the sweet chilli type sauces come next. They have ten times the calories of the more basic Tabasco-esque type of hot sauce. Why? These sauces are high in sugar. Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce starts us off with 172 calories (720kJ) per 100ml.

ABC Chilli Sauce Extra Hot 194 Calories

ABC Chilli Sauce Extra Hot contains 194 calories, or 813 kilojoules, per 100ml. That’s about 10 calories per 5ml teaspoon, so not exactly a low calorie condiment.

Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce 199 Calories

Fountain Sweet Chilli Sauce has 199 calories (836kJ) per 100ml, so pouring 50ml over your wedges is the calorie equivalent of scooping a mashed banana onto them.

Nando’s Perinaise Sauce Hot 237 Calories

Nando’s Perinaise Sauce Hot is the first “full fat” mayo-type condiment on this list, but it is not the last. If you must have mayo, try to stick with the blended types like this. 237 calories (993kJ) is hefty, but for mayo it is entry-level.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce 250 Calories

Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce packs two and a half calories into each sweet, sweet milliliter (250kcal/1046kJ per 100ml).

Masterfoods Barbecue Sauce Smokey 254 Calories

The soft, tapered Masterfoods Barbecue Sauce Smokey bottle is super-easy to squeeze. Getting 100ml (254 calories/1064kJ) onto a couple of sossie rolls is not exactly mission impossible.

Trident Sweet Chilli Sauce 291 Calories

Trident Sweet Chilli Sauce is the sweetest and highest calorie sweet chilli sauce in the supermarket. Each 100ml has 291 calories, or 1220 kilojoules. Think about all those calories before dipping an otherwise low-calorie fresh rice-paper spring roll into a bowl of it!

Praise Burger Sauce Aioli 399 Calories

The thing about mayonnaise is: the main ingredient is oil. You can call it aioli, burger sauce, tartar sauce, remoulade, or salsa golf, but mayo is mayo and it is up to 80% pure oil. Case in point, this Praise Burger Sauce with 399 calories (1670kJ) per 100ml.

Taco Sauce is not low calorie

Masterfoods Chipotle Taco Style Sauce 534 Calories

Masterfoods Chipotle Taco Style Sauce is another flavoured mayonnaise, good for 534 calories or 2238kJ per 100ml. Adding this to your tacos will radically transform their calorie count.

Praise Traditional Mayonnaise 623 Calories

Praise Traditional Mayonnaise in an easy-squeeze (easier to squirt even more out!) jar contains 623 calories (2610kJ) per 100ml.

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise 700 Calories

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise is made with rice vinegar rather than regular distilled vinegar, so it tastes deliciously tangy. There is a cute baby on the packaging. What’s not cute is the 700 calories (2930kJ) per 100ml.

Not low calorie condiment

Hellmann’s Real Mayo Jar Real Mayonnaise 709 Calories

Hellmann’s Real Mayo Jar Real Mayonnaise is 77% vegetable oil, 8% egg yolk, and a 100% unapologetic high calorie food. When you eat this 709 calorie/2970kJ condiment, do so with your eyes open so that you don’t spread it too thick. It is what it is, so make an informed choice before indulging.

Low Calorie Sauces and Condiments Concepts

The big takeaway from this list is that there is a huge range of difference in calories between condiments. A basic vinegar-based sauce has 2% of the calories of the heaviest mayonnaises. When you are trying to avoid high calorie condiments, avert your gaze from the mayo and sweet chilli aisles. Choose distilled vinegars over balsamic ones, and understand that barbecue sauce has twice the calories of tomato sauce. The best choice (if you can handle the heat) are thin hot sauces like Tabasco.

Low Carb Bread ranked

Low Carb Bread in Australia (lowest to highest)

Our simple list of low carb bread available in Australia, ranked from lowest to highest carbohydrates per 100 grams. We pulled up over 2000 types and brands of bread available in Australian supermarkets, restaurants, corner shops, artisanal markets and online stores. In keeping with our focus on everyday food for regular people, we chose only the breads widely available almost anywhere in Australia.

Lowest to Highest Carbs in Australian Bread

We sorted the data by carb content from the lowest to the highest and chose the top seventeen. Then, we added the one at the bottom of the list (most carbs per 100g) for comparison purposes.

macro low carb bread

Macro Lower Carb Linseed & Sunflower Bread Rolls

Whilst not actually a loaf of bread, we could not very well leave these lowest carb bread rolls out on a technicality! Macro Lower Carb Linseed and Sunflower Bread Rolls contain a measly 4.5 grams of carbs per 100g. They’re high in protein with about 85% less carbs by weight than typical bread. Each serve contains 20 grams of protein.

Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread

Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread contains just 5.4 grams of carbohydrates per 100g, making it the second lowest carb bread in Australia. Impressively, this loaf delivers fully 25.6g protein per 100 grams.

Burgen Bread Wholemeal & Seeds

There is a massive step-up from the second to the third-least carbs bread in Australia. Even so, Burgen Wholemeal and Seeds bread boasts a low 23.2 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams.

Burgen low carb bread

Burgen Bread Soy-Lin

Another Burgen bread comes in at number 4, probably indicating that they keep things uniform over at Tip Top. Burgen Soy-Lin has 24 grams of carbs per 100 grams, just managing to stay below the quarter mark.

Helga’s Low Carb Wholemeal & Seed Bread

Helga’s Lower Carb Wholemeal & Seed has 30% less carbohydrate (27.2g/100g) and 50% more protein (12.9g/100g) than Helga‘s Traditional Wholemeal Bread (carbohydrate: 40.6g/100g, protein: 8.1g/100g).

Helga’s Lower Carb Bread 5 Seeds

Next up is Helga’s Lower Carb 5 Seeds, which has 30% less carbohydrate (28.2g/100g) and 30% more protein (13.4g/100g) than Helga‘s Mixed Grain Bread (carbohydrate: 42.7g/100g, protein: 8.4g/100g).

Helga's Low carb bread

Helga’s Lower Carb Bread Soy & Toasted Sesame

Another Helga option, this Soy & Toasted Sesame one also has 28.2 grams of carbs per 100 grams.

Youfoodz low carb bread

Youfoodz Banana Bread

Okay, so Youfoodz Banana Bread is not really “bread”, but with just 29 grams of carbs per 100g we think its worth including on this list. You can read all about this product and the entire Youfoodz range on their website.

Macro Ancient Grain & Sprout Bread

One 80g serve of Macro Ancient Grains Wholemeal Bread is made with ancient grains and sprouted seeds. A high protein and very high fibre bread that comes in at just under 30 grams of carbohydrates per 100g.

Burgen Wholegrain & Oats Bread

The final Burgen bread on this list is Burgen Wholegrain & Oats. It contains 29.8g carbs per 100g.

HAS NO Gluten Free Seeded Bread

This creatively named bread has no gluten and is the first of the bunch to crack into the 30g carbs per 100g range.

Low Carb bread King Henry

King Henry’s Bakehouse Rye Bread

King Henry’s Bakehouse Rye bread is made from whole rye meal flour and contains 30 grams of carbohydrates in each 100 gram weight.

Coles Gluten Free Soy & Linseed Bread

Coles Gluten Free Soy & Linseed Bread is 30% carbohydrates by weight (30g carbs/100g).

Aldi Kornig Seeds & Grains Bread

“Kornig” means “grainy” in German, as in “Aldi Grainy Seeds & Grains Bread”. This wholegrain bread has 31 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of bread.

Coles low carb bread

Coles Gluten Free Five Seed Bread

The Five Seed variant of Coles’ Gluten Free bread range contains 31 grams of carbs per 100g. This means that it has just 3% more carbs than the Soy and Linseed product.

Tip Top 9 Grain Wholemeal Bread

2, 3, 4, even 5 grains not doing it for you? Here’s 9! Tip Top 9 Grain Wholemeal Bread has 30.6 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. Now, if only there was a 10, or 11, or 12, or….

La Famiglia Garlic Bread Entertainer Slices

This La Famiglia Kitchen Garlic Bread (32g carbs/100g) is a cheeky addition, because the flavoured butter topping dilutes the carb content even whilst taking the overall calorie count into the stratosphere. The actual bread content of this product is not low carb. We included this to give you an insight into why food labels alone can be deceptive. Any bread can be part of a low carb diet if it makes up a relatively small proportion of said diet.

Coles Not Low carb bread

NOT Low Carb! Coles Bakery Multigrain

We’ve included this final entry to give you an idea of what high carb bread looks like. With a massive 64 grams of carbs per 100g, Coles Bakery Multigrain Bread has the most carbohydrates by weight. This is exactly twice as many carbs as the garlic bread featured on our list.

Low Carb Bread can be Deceptive

When you are following a low carbohydrate diet and refuse to give up bread, there are some real options like the first two items on this list. However, for all the others, the real issue becomes one of portion control and food choice. If you eat one hundred grams of low carb bread, you are eating the same carbs as someone who eats 50 grams of the high carb type. Thus, 50g of high carb bread plus 50g of roast beef (100g) has the same carbs as 50g of low carb bread with a 50g topping of banana (also 100g). In both scenarios, you would eat about 30g carbs!

Coles Low Calorie Snacks

Low Calorie Snacks from Coles (-100 kcal/serve)

Next time you do a pantry refill, consider this list of low calorie snacks from Coles. Arranged from low to high, these Coles brand snacks contain less than 100 calories per serve. Remember that, whilst the per serve calorie count might be low, the standardised 100g count could be much higher. In other words, stick to the one serve recommended on the pack to get the low calorie effect.

100 calories is about 5% toward a daily target of between 1500 and 2000 calories. None of the pantry snacks listed here would make any nutritionist’s “most nutritious foods” list, but there are many worse options out there. People in the real world eat snacks bought from the supermarket and stored on shelves in their home. Such people, like us, have the option of choosing low calorie items rather than high calorie ones like these 289 calorie behemoths.

Click the food name to visit its calcount Nutrition Facts panel:

Coles Original Rice Cakes 24 kcal

Coles low calorie snack Rice Cakes

Coles Original Rice Cakes have 24 calories per serve. They might be the lowest calorie snack, but they are quite insubstantial. It is very hard to eat just one serve.

Coles Wafer Thin Original Crackers 41 kcal

Coles Wafer Thins

With 41 calories per serve, Coles Wafer Thin Original Crackers are an archetypical diet food. You will be satisfied if you like your crackers bland and crunchy.

Coles Malted Milk Biscuits 43 kcal

Coles low calorie Malted Milk snack

Coles Malted Milk Biscuits contain 43 calories per serve and make a good company with an afternoon cuppa.

Coles Gingernut Biscuits 56 kcal

Coles Ginger Nuts

Coming in at twice the calories (56 per serve) of rice cakes, Coles Gingernut Biscuits are possibly the lowest calorie properly flavoured bikkies available.

Coles Dark Chocolate Chocolatey Moments 70 kcal

Coles Dark Choc Moments

Coles Dark Chocolate Chocolatey Moments Biscuits have 70 calories per serve. They’re the lowest chocolate flavoured Coles biscuits.

Coles Cracker Squares 76 kcal

low calorie Coles snack Cracker Squares

Each serve of Coles Cracker Squares has 76 calories.

Coles Ultimate Salt Caramel Chip Cookies 79 kcal

Coles Ultimate Salt Caramel Chip Cookies contain 79 calories per serve. A person with a sweet tooth will find it hard to eat just one serve.

Coles Ultimate Triple Choc Chip Cookies 80 kcal

Just pipping its caramel cousin, Coles Ultimate Triple Choc Chip Cookie has 80 calories per serve.

Coles Fruit Sticks 81 kcal

low calorie snack from Coles Fruit Sticks

Coles Fruit Sticks are the first non-biscuit snack on this list, with 81 calories per serve.

Coles Lightly Salted Microwave Popcorn 81 kcal

Compelled to eat in front of a screen? You could do a lot worse than Coles Lightly Salted Microwave Popcorn. each serve has 81 calories.

Coles Vanilla Puffed Rice Bars 82 kcal

Basically flavoured puffed rice, Coles Vanilla Puffed Rice Bars contain 82 calories per serve.

Coles Finest Kale and Onion Crispbread 85 kcal

For those who like their low calorie snacks to be fancy, there is Coles Finest Artisan Kale and Caramelised Onion Crispbread. The name’s a mouthful but the product packs just 85 calories per serve.

Coles Honeycomb Whirls Chocolate Biscuits 86 kcal

Coles Honeycomb Whirls Chocolate Biscuits have 86 calories per serve.

The key takeaway from this list is that, to stay below 100 calories per snack, it is important to eat just one serve. Of course you will do better to eat raw carrot sticks or celery or apple instead of bikkies and microwave popcorn, but you can still manage a low calorie plan if you stick to the serving suggestion!

Good Luck! You can do it!

Domino's Pizza Calories

34 Domino’s Pizza Calories: Lowest to Highest by Slice

You’ve seen our post on calories in generic pizza by the slice, and the one about Pizza Hut, and now you want to see how Domino’s compares? Here you go, calories in 34 Domino’s pizzas by the slice (click the pic to jump to its detailed Nutrition Facts panel):

1 Domino’s Spicy Vege Trio Pizza

Domino's Spicy Veg Pizza Calories

Domino’s Spicy Vege Trio Pizza is its lowest calorie pizza, with 111 calories (463kJ) per slice.

2 Domino’s Margherita Pizza

Domino’s Margherita Pizza contains 115 calories (481kJ) per slice.

3 Domino’s Ham & Cheese Pizza

Domino's Ham and Cheese Pizza calories

One slice of Domino’s Ham & Cheese Pizza contains 117 calories (489kJ).

4 Domino’s Vegorama Pizza

Each slice of Domino’s Vegorama Pizza contains 122 calories (512kJ).

5 Domino’s Simply Cheese Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Simply Cheese Pizza contains 125 calories (523kJ).

6 Domino’s Avocado Veg Pizza

Domino's Avocado Veg Pizza

The Avocado Veg has just 128 calories (536kJ) per slice.

7 Domino’s Cheesy Garlic Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Cheesy Garlic Pizza contains 128 calories (534kJ).

8 Domino’s Garlic Prawn Pizza

Domino's Garlic Prawn Pizza calories

Domino’s Garlic Prawn Pizza contains 129 calories (540kJ) per slice.

9 Domino’s Beef & Onion Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Beef & Onion Pizza contains 129 calories (538kJ).

10 Domino’s Hawaiian Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Hawaiian Pizza contains 131 calories (549kJ).

11 Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Beef & Onion Pizza

Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Beef & Onion Pizza contains 132 calories (553kJ) per slice.

12 Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza contains 132 calories (553kJ).

13 Domino’s Vegan Avocado Veg Pizza

There are 135 calories in one slice of Domino’s Vegan Avocado Veg Pizza (565kJ).

14 Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Firebreather Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Firebreather Pizza contains 136 calories (568kJ).

15 Domino’s The Godfather Pizza

Domino's Godfather Pizza calories

Domino’s The Godfather Pizza contains 141 calories (590kJ) per slice.

16 Domino’s Peri Peri Chicken Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Peri Peri Chicken Pizza contains 142 calories (594kJ).

17 Domino’s Vegan Firebreather Pizza

Domino’s Vegan Firebreather Pizza contains 142 calories (593kJ) per slice.

18 Domino’s Loaded Pepperoni Pizza

A slice of Domino’s Loaded Pepperoni Pizza contains 145 calories (607kJ).

19 Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Godfather Pizza

Each slice of Domino’s Vegetarian Plant-Based Godfather Pizza contains 146 calories (612kJ).

20 Domino’s Supreme Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Supreme Pizza contains 147 calories (614kJ).

21 Domino’s Vegan Godfather Pizza

There are 152 calories in one slice of Domino’s Vegan Godfather Pizza (638kJ).

22 Domino’s BBQ Chicken & Rasher Bacon Pizza

Domino’s BBQ Chicken & Rasher Bacon Pizza contains 152 calories (635kJ) per slice.

23 Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Pizza

One slice of Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Pizza contains 153 calories (639kJ).

24 Domino’s Garlic Chicken Bacon & Ranch Pizza

Domino's Garlic Chicken calories

Domino’s Garlic Chicken Bacon & Ranch Pizza has 158 calories (662kJ) per slice.

25 Domino’s Loaded Supreme Pizza

Each slice of Domino’s Loaded Supreme Pizza contains 161 calories (675kJ).

26 Domino’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

There are 164 calories in one slice of Domino’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (689kJ).

27 Domino’s Chicken Bacon & Avocado Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Chicken Bacon & Avocado Pizza contains 170 calories (707kJ).

28 Domino’s Mega Meatlovers Pizza

Domino’s Mega Meatlovers Pizza contains 170 calories (712kJ) per slice.

29 Domino’s Chicken & Camembert Pizza

One slice of Domino’s Chicken & Camembert Pizza has 175 calories (727kJ).

30 Domino’s The Big Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Each slice of Domino’s The Big Ham & Pineapple Pizza has 270 calories (1130kJ).

31 Domino’s The Big Cheese Pizza

One slice of Domino’s The Big Cheese Pizza contains 281 calories (1180kJ).

32 Domino’s The Big Pepperoni Pizza

Domino's New York Pizza calories

Domino’s The Big Pepperoni Pizza contains 282 calories (1180kJ) per slice.

33 Domino’s The Big Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom Pizza

One slice of Domino’s The Big Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom Pizza contains 290 calories (1210kJ).

34 Domino’s The Big Three Meats Pizza

Domino’s The Big Three Meats Pizza has the most calories per slice: 310 calories (1300kJ).

What is the Lowest Calorie Domino’s Pizza by Slice?

Domino’s Spicy Vege Trio Pizza is the lowest calorie pizza by slice, it has 111 calories (463kJ).

Which Domino’s Pizza has the Most Calories per Slice?

Domino’s The Big Three Meats Pizza is the most calorific by slice. Each slice has 310 calories (1300kJ).

Calories in Whopper

Calories in Hungry Jacks Whoppers

The Whopper is the big one from Hungry Jacks, but how big are the calories? Let’s take a quick look at that legendary burger which calls Hungry Jack’s (a.k.a. Burger King) home. The Whopper is a famously big burger with at least one large “flame-grilled” beef patty in a sesame seeded bun with “the lot”.

It is important to know just how calorie-dense fast food burgers like the Whopper are. Eating more than a couple of Whoppers per month could be the difference between gaining and losing weight. When you throw in a large fries and a fizzy drink into the mix, these big burgers can obliterate anyone’s daily calorie target.

Whoppers come in at least 16 different configurations. Here they are, ranked from lowest to highest calories per burger. Click on the burger name to jump to its Nutrition Facts panel:

Calories in Hungry Jacks Whopper Jnr

Calories in Hungry Jacks Junior Whopper

The Whopper Junior is the lowest calorie Whopper available. One of these “mini” burgers will add 370 calories (1550 kilojoules) to your meal.

Whopper Jnr Cheese

The Whopper Junior with Cheese has 394 calories (1650 kilojoules). The slice of cheese alone contributes 24 calories to this burger primarily made for kids.


Calories in Whopper

The original Whopper is the lowest calorie “full sized” Whopper. It contains 657 calories (2750kJ), which is about one third of the daily recommended calories for the average adult.

Rebel Whopper

The Rebel Whopper is made with a plant-based patty (no meat!). It slightly more calorific than its meaty cousin, with 667 calories (2790kJ) per burger.

Calories in Hungry Jacks The Aussie

Calories in Hungry Jacks Aussie

The addition of beetroot and an egg to a Whopper with bacon makes this an Aussie. It has 685 calories (2780kJ).

Whopper Cheese

Adding cheese to the Whopper increases its calorie count to 743 calories (3110kJ).

Rebel Whopper Cheese

The meatless Rebel Whopper Cheese has 738 calories (3090kJ). Click the paragraph title to see the ingredients list and find out what the patty is made from!

Angry Whopper

Calories in Hungry Jacks Angry Whopper

It is called Angry Whopper because of the onions and jalapenos. Each burger has 813 calories (3400kJ).

Whopper Chicago Single

Calories in Hungry Jacks

One Chicago Single Whopper contains 827 calories (3460kJ).

Whopper Whiskey River Single

This Whiskey River Whopper features lots of condiments and a bacon rasher. It contains 874 calories (3655kJ).

Double Whopper

Calories in Hungry Jacks Double Whopper

The Double Whopper has two patties and packs in 891 calories (3730kJ) per burger.

Double Whopper Cheese

A single Double Whopper Cheese contains half a day’s worth of recommended calories: 1011 kcal (4230kJ).

Ultimate Double Whopper

The Ultimate Double Whopper Cheese has bacon and two patties. Each burger contains 1126 calories (4710kJ).

Whopper Whiskey River Double

A Double Whiskey River Whopper manages to squeeze 1182 calories (4945kJ) into each burger.

Triple Whopper

If you happen to finish a full Triple Whopper Cheese, understand that you have just eaten 1381 calories (5780kJ).

Calories in Hungry Jacks Whopper Whiskey River Triple

Calories in Hungry Jacks Triple Whiskey River Whopper

The biggest Whopper of them all. One Triple Whiskey River Whopper has 1490 calories (6234kJ). This single burger is fully 72% of the recommended daily calorie intake for an adult.

Seeing all the Hungry Jacks Whopper calories in an ordered list like this helps to put their food energy differences into perspective. The Junior and classic single patty variants have a fraction of the calorie count of the multi-patty Whoppers. If you just love the taste of a Whopper, try to stick with the basic ones to give yourself the best chance of staying within your daily calories.

Many thanks to Hungry Jack’s for the burger pictures and nutrition information!

Calories in Cream

What is Double Cream?

What is double cream? Here’s your answer:

Cream is Fatty Milk

In the past, cream was “made” by skimming the top off milk which had been allowed to settle. Since unhomogenised milk is an imperfect emulsion of water and oil, much of the fat separates and, being less dense, rises to the surface. This top layer of fat/oil mixed with other milk solids and water is what we call “cream”. Hence, the expression “the cream always rises to the top”.

Cream comes from Milk

Today, dairy processors make cream by combining standardised amounts of dairy fat with standardised ratios of pasteurised, homogenised milk. The amount of fat in the cream determines its type.

Manufacturers make sour cream, crème fraiche, and other such tangy cream products by adding lactic acid to different types of cream.

Not Thickened Cream

Thickened cream is made from milk and thickeners, food stabilisers and emulsifiers. The “thickness” in thickened cream comes from the food additives, more than the fat. Double cream’s thickness comes from the extra dairy fat (a.k.a. butter) in it.

In Australia, thickened cream may contain between 18% to 36.5% fat, compared to double cream which must have a minimum of 48% fat. The heavier Australian double creams can contain up to 60% fat. Make your own at home by simply mixing melted butter into regular cream.

Double Cream Yoghurt has no Double Cream

“Double Cream” has recently become the go-to marketing phrase for manufacturers who want to level-up the perceived decadent indulgence of their products. We thus have double cream Greek yoghurts, soft cheeses and ice-creams.

In most cases, the name is not being used to indicate its use as an ingredient, it is just marketing. The products are not necessarily made with the eponymous ingredient, but they do have a significantly higher fat content than the “regular fat” products.

Use the calcount Food Search Box to find examples and compare brands.

What is Double Cream

What use is Double Cream?

Whipped toppings, coffee whitening, desserts, and creamy curries are some of the things you can use double cream for. It is exactly like normal cream, only more so. Richer, heavier, fatter, and much more calorific. It has many, many more calories. Refer to our helpful infographic comparing creams to see just how chest-tighteningly energy-dense it is:

Cream Calories Compared

Calories in Pizza Hut

Calories in 28 Pizza Hut Pizzas (with pictures)

Here, we riffle through the Pizza Hut menu to find out how many calories there are in their large pizzas. You might have read our post on calories in generic pizza by the slice and wondered how Pizza Hut compares. Well, read on to find out!

Pizza Hut was born in a Hut

It is called Pizza Hut because the very first Pizza Hut was established by two Uni-student brothers in 1958, in a small cottage-like “hut” located in Wichita Kansas, USA. Whilst it has gone through a rocky patch over here in Australia, Pizza Hut is still the world’s largest pizza chain by number of locations.

Pizza Hut first location

Calories in Pizza Hut Pizzas

Any way you slice it, pizza is a high-calorie food. You cannot expect anything less than lots of calories when you combine lots of dense bread with lots of processed cheese. Pizza from big pizza-chains is also notoriously high in sodium. To make matters worse, chains like Pizza Hut offer endless “extras” like “stuffed crusts”, extra cheese, extra meat, the addition of which quickly transforms a reasonable meal into a calorific monster.

That said, there is nothing wrong with enjoying pizza from Pizza Hut on occasion. Read this list of Pizza Hut large pizzas, ranked from lowest calories to highest, so that you make an informed choice the next time you order online. Note that these are the regular large pizza options, not including any extras. The full pizza values are given, so divide by eight or use our Food Search Box to get nutrition information by the slice or gram:

Pizza Hut Vegan Margherita Pizza

Pizza Hut Vegan Margherita Pizza

One light and breezy Vegan Margherita pizza contains 6009 kilojoules, equal to 1436 calories. The whole pizza has 67 grams of protein and 39 grams of fat.

Pizza Hut Vegan Deluxe Pizza

The Vegan Deluxe from Pizza Hut has 6091kJ, or 1456 calories including 68g protein and 39g fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut Vegan Cheese Lovers Pizza

A full Vegan Cheese Lovers pizza totals 6203 kilojoules/1483 calories, with 66g protein and 45g fat. Pizza Hut uses “cheese” made from soy for this pizza, which allows it to have 40% less calories than the original Cheese Lovers pizza (look further down this list to see the original).

Pizza Hut Vegan Mediterranean Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Vegan Mediterranean pizza has 6308kJ, equivalent to 1508 calories, with 68g protein and 47g fat.

Pizza Hut Margherita Pizza

The least calorific non-vegan pizza sold by Pizza Hut is the Margherita, with 6793kJ (1624 calories) and 91g protein and 51g fat.

Pizza Hut Americano Pizza

Americano pizzas have 7088 kilojoules, or 1694 calories each. A whole Americano has 94g protein and 61g fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut Hot And Spicy Veg Pizza

With 7218 kilojoules, or 1725 calories per pizza, the Hot and Spicy Veg from Pizza Hut is one of their least calorific. Each pizza contains 92g protein and 59g fat.

Pizza Hut Ham Lovers Pizza

Pizza Hut Ham Lovers pizza has 7256kJ, or 1734 calories per pizza, along with 106g protein and 59g fat.

Pizza Hut Garlic Prawn Pizza

The Garlic Prawn Pizza contains 7308 kilojoules, equal to 1747 calories, and 108g protein with 57g fat.

Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza

One whole Hawaiian pizza has 7391kJ/1766b calories, with 102g protein and 58g fat.

Pizza Hut Surf and Turf Pizza

A single large Surf and Turf pizza contains 7388 kilojoules, which is equal to  1766 calories. It also has 114g protein and 57 grams of fat.

Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme Pizza

The Chicken Supreme pizza has 7468 kilojoules, or 1785 calories and 109 grams protein with 59g fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut Epic Pepperoni Pizza

A full Epic Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut has 7535kJ, 1801 calories, and 98g protein with 72g fat.

Pizza Hut BBQ Chicken Pizza

One BBQ Chicken pizza has 7587 kilojoules, or 1813 calories, and 75 grams of protein with 64 grams of fat.

Pizza Hut BBQ Beef Pizza

Pizza Hut’s BBQ Beef pizza contains 7607 kilojoules, equal to 1818 calories, with 71g protein and 72g fat.

Pizza Hut Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pizza

The Creamy Chicken and Bacon pizza has 7628kJ, 1823 calories and includes 90g protein with 80g fat.

Pizza Hut Hot And Spicy Chicken Pizza

A large Hot and Spicy Chicken pizza contains 7676kJ, or 1835 calories, with 108 grams protein and 64g fat.

Pizza Hut Super Supreme Pizza

One of Pizza Hut’s Super Supreme pizzas is worth 7990kJ (1909 calories), 111g protein, and 74g fat.

Pizza Hut Smoky Chicken And Bacon Pizza

The Smoky Chicken and Bacon pizza has 8145 kilojoules, or 1947 calories, including 116 grams of protein and 72 grams of fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

Calories in Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Lovers pizza contains 8153kJ, 1949 calories and 104g protein with 86g fat.

Pizza Hut Ultimate Hot & Spicy Pizza

One Ultimate Hot and Spicy pizza has 8205kJ, equivalent to 1961 calories. The pizza contains 108 grams of protein and 80 grams of fat.

Pizza Hut BBQ Meatlovers Pizza

The BBQ Meatlovers pizza packs 8411 kilojoules (equal to 2010 calories), 82g protein and 89g fat.

Pizza Hut Creamy Garlic Prawn Pizza

One large Creamy Garlic Prawn pizza has 8424kJ, equivalent to 2013 calories, and 89g protein with 80g fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza Hut BBQ Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza Hut’s BBQ Cheeseburger pizza contains 8421 kilojoules, or 2013 calories. The pizza has 89 grams of protein and 80 grams of fat.

Pizza Hut Veggie Sensation Pizza

A whole Veggie Sensation pizza contains 8423kJ (2013 calories), and 109g protein, and 84g fat.

Pizza Hut BBQ Mega Meatlovers Pizza

The BBQ Mega Meatlovers pizza from Pizza Hut has 8702 kilojoules, equal to 2080 calories, 94g protein and 90g fat.

Pizza Hut Butchers Block Pizza

The infamous Butchers Block pizza contains 9242 kilojoules, or 2209 calories, and has 95g protein with 104g fat.

Calories in Pizza Hut Cheese Lovers Pizza

Calories in Pizza Hut Cheese Lovers Pizza

The big Cheese Lovers pizza from Pizza Hut contains a chest-tightening 9909kJ, equal to 2368 calories, and 144 grams of protein with 114 grams of fat.

Calories in 1 Slice of Pizza

Calories in 1 Slice of Pizza: 9 Pizzas ranked Lowest to Most

How many calories are there are in one slice of pizza? We’ve ranked 9 popular pizzas from least to highest calories. Now, you’ll know which one to avoid the next time you indulge in this quick comfort food!

How much is one pizza slice (grams and calories)?

Before we dive into the list, let’s clarify a couple of measurement issues. The first issue is defining what a slice of pizza is. A wide slice cut from a big, thick pizza cannot be compared to a tiny slice of small, thin pizza. Therefore, we have settled on a standard 92-gram slice cut from a typical 12-inch pizza. Our standard slice weighs 92g, so that we can compare different pizzas on a weight-for-weight basis.

To get an exact weight estimate for your particular slice instead, use the calcount Food Search Box to find your pizza nutrition facts, and then adjust the weight quantity slider accordingly.

The second issue is that no two pizzas, even when they come from the same standardised restaurant, are ever identical. The pizza bases and toppings are randomly thick and unevenly spread, so depending on how the knife falls, calorie counts will differ even if a perfectly round pizza is cut into exact slices. To get around this problem, we are using scientifically prepared sampled food data from Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Specifically, we are looking at nutrition information for thick-base pizzas sourced from fast-food restaurant chains.

Now that we have our definitions, let’s compare:

1 Seafood Pizza

Calories in a Slice of Seafood Pizza
There are 202 calories in a slice of Seafood Pizza

There are 202 calories in one slice of Seafood Pizza. Perhaps seafood pizza is the least calorific type because seafood has a strong, distinctive flavour so that a little goes a long way. Pizza chefs know that shellfish and anchovies in the topping can easily overpower the more subtle cheese and crust flavours. To avoid this and be more economical, they tend to disperse the ingredients widely. If you enjoy the taste of seafood, choose this! It is probably going to be the pizza with the lowest calorie count on the menu.

2 Vegetable Pizza

Calories in a Slice of Vegetable Pizza
There are 210 calories in a slice of Vegetable Pizza

One slice of Vegetable Pizza contains 210 calories. The calories are not in the vegetables, they are in the cheese and crust. You may wonder how it is possible that the veggie option has more calories than the seafood pizza. Again, the issue comes down to taste. The blandness of the vegetables causes chefs to compensate with extra cheese and sauce to up the flavour levels.

3 Bacon and Egg Pizza

Calories in a slice of Breakfast Pizza
There are 226 calories in a slice of Breakfast Pizza

Bacon and Egg Pizza has 226 calories in one slice. This is the so-called breakfast pizza usually indulged in as a brunch treat. It is a good idea to pick out the bacon to reduce the calorie count. The bacon flavour will still be infused in the topping, so you can enjoy the pizza without the extra calories and sodium.

4 Chicken and Bacon Pizza

Calories in Chicken and Bacon Pizza
There are 229 calories in a slice of Chicken and Bacon Pizza

There are 229 calories in one slice of Chicken and Bacon Pizza. This type of pizza usually arrives on your menu as a Barbecue Chicken option or something similar. The chicken is usually in the form of strips or cubes of lean chicken breast. As with any type of pizza which contains bacon, you can reduce the calorie count of this pizza (even whilst retaining flavour) by simply removing the bacon.

5 Supreme Pizza

Calories in a slice of Supreme Pizza
There are 235 calories in a slice of Supreme Pizza

The typical Supreme Pizza has 229 calories in one slice. This is the same calorie value as the Chicken and Bacon pizza, so feel free to make a straight swap if you are so inclined. Bear in mind that, like pretty much any pizza type, there is wide variation in the interpretation of what a Supreme Pizza is. If you see one loaded with cheese and lots of preserved meats, understand that it will probably have more than 229 calories per slice.

6 Pineapple and Ham Pizza

Calories in a slice of Hawaiian Pizza
There are 235 calories in a slice of Hawaiian Pizza

One slice of Pineapple and Ham Pizza has 235 calories in it. Pizzas with pineapple on them tend to come with the “Hawaiian” moniker. Hawaiian pizzas are sometimes disparaged by pizza aficionados, due to their probably inauthentic origins. Nutritionally, the introduction of pineapple to a pizza increases its sugar content, particularly if the pineapple is the canned, sweetened type. We did a quick survey of the calcount team and the consensus opinion of pineapple on pizza was don’t do it!  

7 Cheese Pizza

Calories in a slice of Cheese Pizza
There are 248 calories in a slice of Cheese Pizza

There are 248 calories in one slice of Cheese Pizza. Yes, the plain cheese pizza contains more calories than the Supreme, Hawaiian, Breakfast, Barbecue and Vegetable pizzas. This is simply because cheese has more calories than most other toppings, and plain cheese pizzas usually contain more cheese to compensate for the “missing” ingredients.

8 Meat Lovers Pizza

Calories in a slice of Meat Lover's Pizza
There are 256 calories in a slice of Meat Lover’s Pizza

A Meat Lovers Pizza has 256 calories in one slice. It may come as a surprise to some people that the Meat Lover’s Pizza is not the one with the most calories, given that it typically includes all the meat ingredients from the other toppings. The reason for this lack of calorie pre-eminence is that some of the meat in this pizza is not the preserved/dried type. Dried meat, especially sausage, is significantly more calorific than fresh meat.

9 Pepperoni Pizza

Calories in a slice of Pepperoni Pizza
There are 272 calories in a slice of Pepperoni Pizza

One slice of Pepperoni Pizza contains 272 calories. Pepperoni is a dried sausage, and thus can be thought of as a “super sausage” because the calorie and other nutritional value has been condensed through water loss. Being a traditionally preserved food, it is also highly salted. This gives it an overpowering taste which must be diluted with extra cheese. The double-whammy of pepperoni and extra cheese makes the Pepperoni Pizza the calorie champ of “classic” fast food pizzas.


Any way you slice it, pizza is a high calorie food choice. The bulk of pizza calories comes from the cheese and crust, but certain toppings like preserved meats (bacon, pepperoni, anchovies) add significantly more calories than others like seafood, lean chicken, and vegetables. If you are counting calories, stay away from extra options like stuffed crusts and extra cheese, as these can easily double the calories in some pizzas.