15 Popular Toast Toppings ranked from Lowest to Highest Calories

Lowest Calorie Toast Toppings

Toast toppings are an everyday staple, so when you’re watching your weight you need to know which has the lowest calories! In this article we provide an illustrated list of Australia’s most popular bread spreads ranked from lowest to highest calories, so you can choose wisely. 1.  Marmite Per 100g Calories: 165 Carbohydrate: 16.8g Protein: … Read more

16 Popular Australian Breakfast Cereals Calories Ranked from Lowest to Highest!

Cereal calories ranked low to high

Looking for low calorie cereal? This is where we rank breakfast cereals from lowest to highest calories, based on their calories per 100 grams values. We also delve into some of the key ingredients and features of each cereal. So, whether you are looking for lighter options or just validating your current cereal choices, this … Read more

Low Calorie Snacks from Woolworths (-100 Calories/serve)

Low Calorie Snacks Woolworths

It’s a list of low calorie snacks from Woolworths, covering Woolies-branded snacks which fit into the sub-100 calories per serve bracket. We covered the same thing for Coles, so in fairness we’re doing it for Woolworths too! Woolworths Low Calorie Snacks (by Serve) Perhaps the most important thing to remember when reviewing this list is … Read more