El Jannah Menu Calories

El Jannah is a popular restaurant chain, specialising in charcoal-grilled chicken made the Lebanese way. El Jannah means “heaven” in Arabic. Unfortunately for us, this family-owned enterprise does not openly publish their nutrition information. We are still hunting the correct data, and when we find their calorie and nutrient information, we will update our database.

El Jannah Menu

The best we can do at this stage is show you their menu. You can find equivalent foods from other restaurants to get an idea of what sort of calories El Jannah’s products pack:

El Jannah Menu

Here’s a list of their menu items from our food information resources. Click the relevant image or link to see calorie, kilojoule, and other nutrition details for the item:

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    El Jannah Menu Calories Information

    We try to keep this El Jannah menu calories information up to date, but sometimes we get it wrong. Restaurants are always changing things up, so if you notice an update, please let us know. Meanwhile, have a look at these other interesting things: