Calories in an egg: 127 calories of pure nutrition

boiled egg

How many calories in egg? There are 127 calories per 100g in raw egg. Is it a good idea to eat eggs? Yes it is. Can they help with weight loss? They certainly can. Read on for detailed insights! The original super-food for adults Comparing calories in egg to the overall nutrition in egg, it is easy … Read more

5 Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacks. For some, just hearing the word brings an emptiness to the stomach and water to the mouth. For others, the word means joy and guilt and yum and regret. Snacks are special because they are just for you, unless you want to share, and when you do it is meaningful and kind of intimate. … Read more

4 Unusually Yummy, Unexpectedly Easy Breakfasts

People eat breakfast; or they skip breakfast; or they have a Breakfast with a capital “B”. A rushed slice of Vegemite toast and milky, spilly, coffee; nothing but water until the tummy rumbles have to be answered at noon; or a large sit-down gutbuster Full English with sourdough and extra bacon. Whatever you have or don’t … Read more

How to Weigh Yourself

It is not as simple as stepping on a scale and reading the numbers. When you set out on any weight management journey, your single most important measure of success or failure is what the scale says. It is therefore important to understand how they work, what they measure, and how you can use the … Read more

Classic Coconut Oil Recipe

Coconut oil has taken the internet by storm. Don’t believe us? Just Google it! It is the new “superfood” on the block. Wading through all of the pages and pages of trendy article after trendy article, you would be forgiven in thinking that coconut oil was discovered last year in an ancient crystal treasure chest … Read more

Dessert Diet 1,300 Calories

This is a meal plan for one full day of nothing but indulgent desserts. Have dessert for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner! This post details a 1,300-calorie meal plan for one day where each meal is a dessert. Sounds crazy? Well it is, because we would never put this sequence of meals … Read more

Meditate to Lose Weight

Everyone knows that if you eat too much for a sustained period, you will gain more weight than you want and need. We all know that if you eat less than normal, you will lose weight until there is a balance between what you eat and what you weigh. More in than out equals weight … Read more

3 Chicken Salads for Summer

Summer is rolling in with a vengeance, so many of us are starting to adjust our daily routines to suit the balmy weather and long, bright days. Push the hot chocolate mix to the back of the cupboard and put some ice-trays in the freezer. It is going to get hotter and stickier so wave good-bye … Read more

The Stir-Fry and You

The Stir-Fry is the name given to meals prepared in the ancient Chinese cooking style of frying ingredients in a small amount of very hot oil whilst stirring. The oil is very hot so that the food is cooked quickly. The food is stirred so that every part of it touches the high heat for … Read more

Quick Ref: Calories in Christmas Foods

Hard to believe but in just a couple of weeks it will be Christmas! Yes, the Silly Season is well and truly upon us with all the customary pleasures and stresses it brings with it. There will be much back-slapping, laughter, hugs, and of course eating and drinking as we take time to commune with those … Read more