How Many Calories Are In A Sausage Roll

How Many Calories Are In A Sausage Roll? Well, that depends on the sort of sausage roll you are talking about. Generally though, the average homemade sausage roll weighs 180g and contains 459 calories. The type you buy at the Footie like a Four ‘N Twenty could weigh 280g and have 789 calories! Party-sized sausage rolls (42g each) contain 116 calories.

Calories in Sausage Roll

The important thing to remember about sausage rolls and their calories is that there is a huge difference between brands and types. A sausage roll made with cheese and bacon could have twice the calories as a similar sized one made with plant-based ingredients. The type of pastry can also make a big difference, so opt for thin, puff-pastry types rather than dense short crust types.

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