Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Calories ranked Lowest to Highest

Zero alcohol beer, wine, and mixed drinks (“mocktails”) are good options for people who want the experience of drinking the hard stuff without actually ingesting alcohol, but what about the calories? We’ve already covered calories in regular beer, now let’s take a look at the calories in popular alcohol-free (or very low-alcohol) drinks in Australia.

We’ve listed some of the best-selling non-alcoholic beverages for grown-ups and arranged them in order from lowest calories to highest calories:

Zero Alcohol Beer and Wine Calories: Check the Label!

One of the best things about alcohol free beer, wine, and mixed drinks is that they do not contain all of the calories that is usually contained in the alcohol component of the drink. Unfortunately, some zero alcohol beverages make up for the loss with extra sugar! That is why it is important to always check the nutrition label of your no alcohol drink if you are trying to maintain a calorie deficit.