Lose Weight Naturally, do this 1 Thing

This is a short (very short) post about how to lose weight naturally by doing just one thing.

Do one thing to lose weight

And no, it is not one of those gotchas where the “one thing” is following our set of 47 recommendations or starting a meal replacement system.

If you do this one thing you will surely lose weight naturally, painlessly, and gradually.

Here’s the thing: eat a bit less.

Eat a bit less every time. A tiny little bit less each time. So that you don’t miss the lost bite, but you do get into the mental state of eating less.

One less forkful of pasta. One biscuit at 3 o’clock rather than two. The medium sized latte rather than the big one. Swap the double burger for a single.

one bite less to lose weight naturally

When you do this, you will naturally cut your calorie intake without really feeling the pinch.

True, your weight loss will be slow, but it will surely happen. If you look each meal in the eye and choose to eat just a bit less than you otherwise would.

It will take months or years, but it will work. You could speed things up with proper calorie counting, but you don’t have to. You do have to do this one thing though, no matter what else.

Eat less.

Eat less to lose weight naturally